Rebotec ECO 120 – Forearm Crutches

(57 customer reviews)

Strong, lightweight, attractive, made in Germany (pair)

Forearm Crutches are constructed of lightweight aluminium tubes for light, easy, and comfortable maneuverability.

ECO 120 forearm crutches are height adjustable, attractive and strong. Smartly designed and manufactured in Germany.

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Rebotec ECO 120 – Forearm Crutches are sold as a pair (2pc)

  • Strong non-twisting forearm cuff
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Crutch handle reflector
  • Solid ferrule with a high diameter
  • 10 height adjustment levels

ADJUSTABLE. There are 10 height adjustment levels plus another available adjustments in height from handle to cuff. Equipped with effective locking mechanisms for height adjustment.

EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG & STABLE. Able to support up to 120 kg, this forearm crutch is remarkably strong. Also, it is equipped with a strong non-twisting forearm cuff and a non-sliding rubber “big foot” grommet that adds to its superb stability.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL. As manufactured in Germany, Rebotec provides safe, comfortable, solid and steady support forearm crutches for all-day use. Constructed with high quality, lightweight aluminum tubes, this is guaranteed to be durable and withstand long term use.

LIGHTWEIGHT. With its smart German design and manufacturing, being lightweight, strong and sturdy at the same time, these crutches are absolutely comfort and functional wise.

COMFORTABLE. With an extra wide cuff, a strong non-twisting forearm cuff, and an ergonomic handle, this pair of crutches offers stability and comfort for the patient. Built with a crutch handle reflector and made up of lightweight material, patient can easily use the crutches and feel confident.

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Height from handle to cuff:24cm
Height of handle:72 cm – 95 cm (adjustable)
Diameter Ø in mm:22/19
Country of origin:Germany (Design & Manufactured)

Customer Questions

Are these 1 piece crutches? Or does the arm rest separates from the crutch itself?

The Rebotec crutches are all 1 piece construction. It is a strict requirement to achieve CE (Conformité Européenne) product safety certification. All Rebotec crutches meet and exede medical device safety standard in all countries including but not limiting to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and UK.. etc. The armrest is part of the crutch.

How quickly can you ship? I need them now.

Ships in next business day, and usually arrives in 1-4 by courier depending on the address.

Is this a pair? How many crutches are included?

2, they come as a pair.

What do you want to know about this product? I am 160cm will these adjust to my height?

I am 155cm and they adjusted to my height beautifully. I’m sure they will adjust to yours.

What is the weight capacity of these forearm crutches?


About Rebotec

REBOTEC forearm crutches quality designed and made in GERMANY

Well trained, responsible and looked after staff at REBOTEC prioritise reliability, consistency and quality control over simply high numbers and profit.
REBOTEC uniquely designs, build own tooling, manufactures and assembles out of Quakenbrück Germany. Everything is quality made in Germany.
German engineering is culturally synonymous with high quality, durable craftsmanship and sound, efficient design. Choose REBOTEC, a better quality option.
Design, tooling and production: precise build in house tooling and low manufacturing tolerances produce an exceptionally high quality product.

Based on 57 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Willie Kleinhans

    The only complaint about the Rebotec ECO 120 – Forearm Crutches, is that my hands sweat a lot holding onto the hand grips.

    Walking with it is comfortable.

    Willie Kleinhans

  2. Ellen Beck

    Use them all the time, easy to get your arm out. I love these. Get compliments on the color too. (I have the blue).

    Ellen Beck

  3. Sophie Cotterill

    I am recovering from ankle fusion surgery and am at the point of being able to use a little weight on my foot. These crutches are great for this purpose. Light weight and easy to use, much better than under the arm crutches.

    Sophie Cotterill

  4. shayke

    My mom fell and broke her arm and leg, she used it for three week. delivery was prompt.


  5. Parker Dupre

    I have to be off my foot for six weeks, so I decided to go ahead and purchase a good pair of crutches rather than rent from a local chemist. I’m so glad I did! These are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Oh yea, probably cost me 1/2 the price of actually hiring crutches. they are chapper to buy then hire!

    Parker Dupre

  6. Briscoe

    I must apologise for the former bad review. Our physical therapist had not set the right height for me and it made a difference when he corrected it. So sorry. The crutches are just fine now.


  7. Batista

    Fast delivery, as described.


  8. Briscoe

    Great crutch for the price, nice and lightweight


  9. Mich Lee

    So easy to move around with these.

    Mich Lee

  10. MelvinHinton

    Overall, very satisfied by the build. They also have great cushioned grips that help with my hands as they hold my body weight.


  11. Ryan Chan

    Thank you for this excellent product and shipping

    Ryan Chan

  12. Elmer K.

    Very nice

    Elmer K.

  13. billy

    After two months since my Achilles tendon surgery, I used these crutches for 2 months. They were much better than the regular crutches for my wrists, as I had mild Carpal Tunnel syndrome for both hands. I didn’t have any problem with them.


  14. Victoria R.

    durable. comfortably and light weight. They work.

    Victoria R.

  15. latesukiyaki

    Super fast delivery. Excellent all around. Highly recommend!


  16. Kelly Leach

    Just received the package with 2 forearm crutches. I must say, that the shipping was fast. They are light and look beautiful.

    Kelly Leach

  17. Ali Austin

    As good as expected!

    Ali Austin

  18. AProvost

    Completely accurate description.


  19. Chris McClellan

    Quick delivery. Highly recommend. Thanks very much.

    Chris McClellan

  20. Tracy Osborne

    I love the wite(ish) colour. The handles are a nice ruberry material, comfortable and seems durable. The crutches appear to be made of aluminum and plastic, they are ergonomic, sturdy and very light. The tips are hodling up well during the brief period I’ve had them. And unlike my previous chromed model these are quiet, no clanging. Definitely an upgrade!

    Tracy Osborne

  21. Arie Shaver

    light, comfortable, adjustable and strong enough. I am pleased with these.

    Arie Shaver

  22. Onita

    Worked great for my husband. He weighs 90kg and supported him perfectly.


  23. Carlie A

    strong and sturdy

    Carlie A

  24. BenBronFan

    Perfect crutches for my Dad, recovering from hip replacement surgery. Just what the doctor ordered.


  25. Pete Gromov

    very prompt and good value

    Pete Gromov

  26. Alice J.

    I have only had them for a short time, but they make me feel more confident about walking already. And they are a really neat looking colour. I like ’em!

    Alice J.

  27. ushaojeda

    The crutces are fine. Fast delivery. I wish I did not need them.


  28. Victor Levitin

    Well I haven’t fallen over yet 😉

    Victor Levitin

  29. oretsi

    great buy . different but confy


  30. kenneth hwang

    After several injuries where these gey silver chinese crutches made recovery longer and more stressful, I bought a pair of these crutches. They work well for injuries where some weight bearing can be tolerated. I would get a pair with a full cuff if I was to be non weight bearing but the design is much more practical and useful for any recovery from a foot or knee injury

    kenneth hwang

  31. Oleg Moisev

    Super fast delivery.

    Oleg Moisev

  32. Danielle B.

    Light but strong. Takes a little getting used to but much less trouble than regular crutches. I like the colour too, if I’m stuck using crutches might as well be good looking.

    Danielle B.

  33. sabra gooch

    I had twisted ligaments in my knee by falling and this crutch was so much better than my old under arm crutch.

    sabra gooch

  34. mckay

    I get around so much better now.


  35. Janie Swartz

    Fantastic product, ommunication and super fast delivery

    Janie Swartz

  36. hamel

    Awesome product and super fast delivery thanks so much


  37. A. Olson

    I’ve had these for several months now. They are a great replacement for a cane as the added forearm support lets me relax my grip on the handle, which eases my rheumatoid arthritis pain.

    A. Olson

  38. pan.cen

    Happy with purchase and its prompt delivery!! Thank you


  39. Ashlee Acosta

    Have never used forearm crutches before, but Doc suggested they might be better than using two canes… I am mobility challenged and cannot walk unassisted. These are comfortable and appear to be very sturdy. I do not use them a lot, but they are great when I do.

    Ashlee Acosta

  40. wendy humphrey

    Great crutches

    wendy humphrey

  41. Nico Reeves

    Very well made and helpful. The shipping and handling was quite fast.

    Nico Reeves

  42. Rob Simpson

    Prompt and fast delivery. Important for people in need asap.Thank you.

    Rob Simpson

  43. Kami

    Very good price. Fast postage and they work great for me.


  44. Sean Wood

    They have different colours. Everywhere I go people compliment them. I tell where to get them.

    Sean Wood

  45. mi

    Good build quality


  46. Alys Moody

    Good, fast deliver. Surpeised. Thnak you.

    Alys Moody

  47. Hal Jordan

    Great Transaction, No issues.

    Hal Jordan

  48. ram.mital

    These are much better than standard crutches if you have strong upper body like I do, although it takes couple of days to acquire the sense of balance. Easier to maneuver, easier to store.


  49. Elmer K.

    Order came quickly and in excellent condition

    Elmer K.

  50. L.Cummings

    Fantstic forearm crutches! Well padded hand grip, lightweight, and fully adjustable. If you are going to be on crutches for a while, these will be an enormous help.


  51. KaciMelb

    good product


  52. vaught

    + Very reasonable price
    + Lightweight
    + Well made
    + Fun blue color instead of boring institutional steel-brown-grey
    + Shipped fast
    + Easy to store


  53. Thi Hahn

    An ankle injury put a trip to Europe in jeopardy until I found these crutches. I was only 8 weeks post op and had plans to tour the Vatican,Coliseum and shopping in Venice. I was dreading the standard crutches under my arm pit for two weeks of touring and shopping. I was able to do it all with these crutches.

    Thi Hahn

  54. C. Wheeler

    Very functional lightweight crutches. Sturdy during short term use for hip replacement rehab. More fun to have a color choice.

    C. Wheeler

  55. Jaime P.

    light, inexpensive, very happy

    Jaime P.

  56. gustafson

    Great crutches that not only function well but look fine too. Well constructed and sturdy, light. Can be adjusted to suit height.


  57. Chantelle Eris

    I think they are an excellent product, especially for the price.

    Chantelle Eris

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