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Pressure relief gel and memory foam cushion, make sitting comfortable.

Gel & foam chair cushions are very effective for people who need a little extra padding when sitting for extended time periods.

Pressure sores are an issue when sitting immobile where our gel cushion is supporting and contouring for relief from the constant pressure.

Includes wipeable, liquid resistant cover.

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In stock

Relieve Pressure and Discomfort with the Advanced Gel & Foam Wheelchair Cushion

Designed for individuals who spend extended periods seated in a wheelchair, this high-performance cushion combines the pressure-relieving benefits of gel and foam to provide superior comfort and protection against pressure injuries.

Gel chair cushion is a layered design of “cushion skin” that is waterproof for easy cleaning, breaths well, has high flexibility and strength as well as being soft to touch.

Followed by a thick, generous layer of high grade, premium supporting silicone gel, which is incredibly soft and supporting, molding to your body shape instead of bulking under it. Thanks to the energy neutral gel properties your body is also kept cool and comfortable, you will feel great without a compromise.

Thick gel bladder conforms to your body’s contours, redistributing weight and eliminating painful pressure points. The gel dissipates heat and wicks away moisture for a cool, dry seating experience.

Under the generous layer of gel support cushion has a high density memory foam tier to support and control gel distribution around your body. This gives you a confident controlled feeling while sitting. This adds perfect weight distribution and durability to the gel wheelchair cushion.

High-resilience foam base provides additional cushioning while supporting weight distribution across the entire seating surface.

Breathable 3D Spacer Fabric Cover: The cushion’s cover utilizes advanced 3D spacer fabric technology for optimal air circulation, keeping you dry and comfortable for hours. The moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties inhibit odors, bacteria, and microbes.

Positioning Security: A non-slip base ensures the cushion stays firmly in place while seated. The pommel in the front gently positions you properly and securely on the cushion, preventing you from sliding or slouching.

Enhanced Pressure Relief: Designed with advanced pressure redistribution technology, this cushion effectively minimizes pressure points, especially in areas prone to discomfort and pain. Whether for short commutes or extended periods of sitting, users can enjoy prolonged comfort and support, enhancing overall well-being.

Engineered for Optimal Support: Our cushion features a dual-layer design, with a gel-infused top layer and a high-density foam base. The gel layer conforms to the body’s contours, evenly distributing pressure and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. Meanwhile, the foam base provides sturdy support, promoting proper posture and spinal alignment.

Relieve pressure, reduce shearing forces, and experience luxurious comfort for extended periods with this exceptional gel & foam wheelchair cushion – the ultimate solution for high pressure care needs.

Invest in the ultimate solution for high-pressure care and comfort with our Gel & Foam Wheelchair Cushion. Engineered with user well-being in mind, it offers unmatched support, pressure relief, and durability, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable wheelchair experience. Say hello to comfort, goodbye to discomfort.



Video review by: Damien K.

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Width 44 cm
Depth 44 cm
Height 9 cm
Capacity 120 kg

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  1. Lydia G.

    I ordered this for my father because it was recommended by his OT to prevent sore areas while sitting in his wheelchair. He loves it. Does what it was supposed to do. Quick delivery too.

    Lydia G.

  2. Alec Elyod

    I am putting it out for the world to read to try and help anyone else that might be afraid to purchase like I was. I am 6’0 tall and weigh 117kg. I am newly permanently wheelchair bound now and have to sit such long hours to do my daily tasks and work.

    The cushion is seriously FANTASTIC for anyone of weight and height. It is exactly as written and the pictures are spot on. The cushion has made my days sitting so much better and my lower back doesn’t hurt anymore because of the equal weight distribution in the chair.

    The material is waterproof, and it is so easy to apply to your chair. The locking strap is a great feature and the cushion does not move even the slightest. The gel keeps you cool and very comfortable, and I have been sitting now for over 8 hours with no problem with toileting intermittent.

    At my weight, the cushion is not at all showing any signs of malfunction, no movement from seat, no loose ends, and no gaps. Where my tailbone rests, the gel actually forms to that area and releases all pressure.

    If you are worried about the price and quality, I sure was, but I was miserable, and hurting, but I gave it a try, and it had truly changed my quality of life. I have been in nursing for over 32 years and have dealt with a lot of patients with pressure areas, but this cushion is really a huge help, and I hope it finds you comfort.

    Alec Elyod

  3. Jacky Durbin

    Have to use a wheelchair to get around. This cushion is great. Has a strap in the back that keeps it from moving around. Allows me to spend hours in my wheelchair. Very comfortable. Highly recommend.

    Jacky Durbin

  4. luv2read

    Bought this for my office chair after a back injury. Very comfortable and I sit on it all day. Would recommend


  5. MrMario



  6. P. Werley

    This cushion has kept Mom more comfortable in her chair and made it easier for her to get up and down. She uses it at home and in her transport chair when she goes out.

    P. Werley

  7. Alison Sheehan

    Prevention is worth a ton of cures when it comes to bedsores.

    My son has cerebral palsy and never complains of pain. When he does it’s usually something significant. He said his bottom was hurting. I checked him… but no bedsores. I immediately bought this to prevent them and it was delivered the next day. It immediately gave him relief.

    Alison Sheehan

  8. bigdaddy4442

    quick service can recomend this company


  9. Jenine B.

    This gel pillow is great for a wheelchair. Cushioning is great & it is very comfortable to use. I would purchase again if needed; last unlike the blow up ones.

    Jenine B.

  10. Lidia

    For anyone who must sit for long periods of time, this is the perfect supporting cushion. My husband broke his pelvis and ruptured his bladder in a horse accident (think old cowboy and a young horse). After weeks in intensive care and two more weeks in hospital John had lost 18 kilograms. He had an external fixator and was only able to lie on his back or sit up in a reclined chair. The cushion saved his ‘butt’ (sorry for the pun guys) and made recovery time more bearable.