Two Step Stool with Handrail

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Multipurpose double step stool with optional height adjustable hand rail support

Robust, Adjustable Handrail with non-slip hand grips. Customize the handle height based on the users physical capability and range of motion.

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When you need to reach something on the top shelf or step up to a higher level such as a kitchen cabinet or closet shelf, the DJMed 2 Step Stool gives you the height and stability you need. Unlike most step stools, this one is designed with a handle and a non-slip base to ensure your safety. Never worry about items being out of reach or stepping onto high places again.

RUBBER FEET: Reinforced, slip-resistant rubber tips keep step stool in place when in use.

CHROME PLATED STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Chrome-plated steel frame boasts a 140 kg weight capacity.

RUBERISED PTU HANDLE GRIP: Gives you added support when getting up and down from the step stool.

AMBIDEXTROUS: Hand rail can be installed on either side of the 2 step stool to fit your unique needs.

Step Stool Step Stool with Hand Rail
 Height of 1st Step 22 cm 22 cm
 Height of 2nd Step 42 cm 42 cm
 Width 34 cm 34 cm
 Depth 55 cm 55 cm
 Height of Hand Rail – 90 – 109 cm
 MaterialSteel, Polymer Steel, Polymer
 SWL140 kg 140 kg

Based on 16 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. Mary A.

    I bought this for my Elderly Mother after she broke her kneecap, and after doing much research, to help her get into my van again with the leg brace. She can’t bend her knee and can’t get up into the high van. I read many reviews on the best stepstools, so thought this one might be good. And it’s been a Godsend, to say the least. The height it perfect. The slip guard on top gives her comfort, as she has balance issues, and it is great.

    Will be buying another one for her house when she feels much, much better and can walk without the walker, and graduates to a cane, and then needs to start getting up to her high shelves. I will keep the original in the car for her.

    Mary A.

  2. Mary Masons

    This is a very well-made, commercial grade step stool similar to those used in the medical professional offices. It’s great when you just need about 20cm of additional height to reach something on that top shelf, or to clean a light fixture, change a bulb, etc.

    Mary Masons

  3. amy

    I use this footstool to help my pup get up on the couch and the bed – a step up. Also I use it to elevate his water bowls in the bedroom and family room. Lastly I use it in the basement to help me reach things. So I have several. They have never tipped and I feel very confident about using them.


  4. Tiny Beth

    We chose this stool because: it was the right height for our needs; it looked tip-resistant (not tipping so far!) Some of the stools we considered were stackable, foldable or otherwise portable. This is not at all. But it is super study and will probably last for years, unlike the plastic ones.

    A lot of other stools are geared to toddlers and preschoolers and have a low weight limit. if I were looking for a stool for my little ones, I’d choose this over those, because once they outgrow it, it will still be useful for other purposes. Also, it’s much less tip and slip prone than many of the kiddie stools I’ve seen.

    Tiny Beth

  5. BDog

    I use this foot stool in my work place to be able to see over dividers into adjacent carrels so that I can have conversations with office mates. We’ve all really liked the stool for this purpose. It’s sturdy and just the right height. Seems well made.


  6. Margaret

    This is a stool for life. So sturdy! Bought it for my dog to use to get up onto the sofa, but now I use it daily everywhere in the house.


  7. Jon L

    My wife needed a stool to get in and out of bed following extensive back surgeries. It was imperative that the stool be able to hold her full weight without a chance of slippage or of failure of a leg. This stool proved to be the sturdiest I have ever seen and we never worried about a leg bending out or her foot slipping off the well-textured top. Absolutely perfect for our needs.

    Jon L

  8. Amanda&Seth

    My kids haven’t been able to destroy it. That means it is very sturdy. They have destroyed many footstools.

    It also doesn’t flip upside down when I try to pick it up to move it. Lots of plastic footsteps are so top heavy that they flip easily when I am trying to move them with the only hand I have available most of the time.

    It is worth it to buy this if you have little kids or bigger kids. It can take the heat, so to speak.


  9. A.Evans

    After a total knee surgery you may need something to help you step into a bath tub and get out. This product is well balanced to assist a person in and out of the tub without tipping over. It is very sturdy. The handle can be used to balance yourself and hold your towel. When you are better, you could use this product to help yourself get in and out of your bed or reach for things in the kitchen cabinets.


  10. Bruce Horner

    I bought this stool with handle for my mother who lives alone. She holds the handle for stability with her left hand when she uses a long shoe horn to slip into sneakers. The metal tubing is better than the aluminum tubing used for bathing chairs. Overall, a quality product.

    Bruce Horner

  11. Donna D.

    Saw this in a Dr office. A little different but actually better. Good product.

    Donna D.

  12. Mary S.

    So much easier to use than a ladder. I needed this to reach my shelf in my clothes closet upstairs and this is perfect. Very study and lightweight to move around. I love the handle to hold on to. My handyman even used it to hang a picture. Great buy. Would highly recommend.

    Mary S.

  13. Engineer Sam

    Purchased for use when recovering from surgery. Great buy for lots of uses.

    Engineer Sam

  14. Ruth Moore

    I bought this for my husband to get in and out of my high SUV as he is handicapped. He weighs 95kg and is 191cm tall with neuropathy in his feet and legs. If I hold onto it, he can use it to climb into the car. 3/5

    We had our son look over the stool, he tightened up everything with a big screwdriver and strong hand, this has really improved the stability. 5/5

    Ruth Moore

  15. Tina Shawgo

    The step stool is as advertised. It is very sturdy and looks nice. My Husband is in the hospital now, so has not been able to try it out.

    Tina Shawgo

  16. SlowOwl

    Four Stars only because I wish it was 5 cm shorter. I have MS and I can finally get into my bed with out struggling and losing my balance. I wish I had ordered it several years ago. The stool is very sturdy and does not bend under my weight of 110kg