DJMed Laundry Wash Bags Set of 6

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Extend the lifespan of your delicates during the wash

Set of 6 DJMed medical laundry wash bags in a convenient 15″ x 11″ (40cm x 30cm) in white.

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Protect your delicates, compression garments, lingerie, sweaters, compression stockings, knits, bras, underwear, active-wear and baby clothes from tangles, pilling, snags or pulls in washer or dryer extending their lifespan and your investment.

SORT OUT CLOTHES: DJMed Laundry Bags are an excellent product for your dirty clothes. It is best to have at least two bags to separate dirty clothes such as garments, lingerie, sweaters, compression stockings, knits, bras, underwear, activewear and baby clothes based on colour.

OFFER A COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF STORAGE OPTIONS: DJMed Laundry Bags offer an extensive range of storage options. You can put your dirty clothes inside the bag until they get washed, store some of the clothes you are not wearing yet, and place the unwanted clothes you no longer wear. DJMed laundry bags are a great way to organise your clothes

CONVENIENT TO USE: DJMed Laundry Bags offer a more suitable substitute to baskets. When you are carrying laundry, and you are going somewhere, these bags will help you to take them quickly. Moreover, these bags are great to use when travelling and can store other garments or accessories.

PROTECT AND EXTEND LIFESPAN DURING THE WASH: These laundry bags for delicates protects your clothes both during washing and drying and extending their lifespan and your investment. These will help your garments from tangles, piling, snags or pulls in washer or dryer.

KEY FEATURES: We offer six sets of DJMed laundry wash bags in a convenient 15” x 11” (40cm x 30cm) in size. These bags are in white and are zipper closure type.

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  1. kartanya

    There are Laundry Wash Bags and there are Laundry Wash Bags right?
    Hard to choose a good quality wash bag from the plethora of wash bags right?
    DJMed Laundry Wash Bags are very good quality and I know they are more expensive
    than most laundry wash bags out there but nothing pokes out of them or into them either.
    I can wash anything which could get caught around the agitator with no problems.
    The bags are a strong but soft material and you tuck the zip into a small pocket for safety.


  2. Sanza_K

    Nice quality. Strong bags. Love them!


  3. angi

    great service,ordered and received within 3 days. very impressed.


  4. Bell Bell

    Very well made. I wondered if mesh was too fine to clean nylon socks, but it worked great. The zippers are protected, so no snagging other items in the wash. Good product for the price.

    Bell Bell

  5. Samantha S.

    You get a lot of bags with this, really well packaged. Looks very premium.

    Samantha S.

  6. greeneggs

    Best laundry bags ever. Small hooks and whatnot do not get stuck in the bag because the mesh fabric is smooth. Love that the zipper tucks away so it does not get stuck on other laundry in the machine. I bought two packages of these, very happy


  7. DB

    This was a good choice. The mesh bags were exactly what I was looking for, and the number of bags at this price was beyond my expectation.


  8. Janice

    Wish I’d found these sooner! Would’ve saved the wear and tear of washing on some of my clothes.


  9. Lezlee Gun

    It’s easy now to find socks and tiny clothes with these laundry bags. Especially tiny socks of my little kids were always difficult to find after laundry day. Excellent quality product for a reasonable price. Highly recommend.

    Lezlee Gun