Leg Cast & Bandage Protector

Durable & Reusable – Watertight Seal – Home & Hospital – Shower Friendly

This Leg Cast & Bandage Protector is designed to help relieve many of the frustrations that patients experience while wearing a leg cast. The Leg Cast & Bandage Protector eliminates risk to a patient’s cast that is caused by water damage, while incurred while taking a shower. Worn over the leg cast and sealing with a watertight seal, it allows patients to safely take a shower or walk in the rain.

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The Leg Cast & Bandage Protector is not limited only to protecting casts and bandages, but can also be used to shield patients who have sensitive burn or rash-ridden areas on their legs. The Leg Cast & Bandage Protector is ideal to aid recovery both at home or in the hospital.

The Leg Cast & Bandage Protector is manufactured from a highly durable, abrasion-resistant vinyl plastic compound that can be reused over and over. The clear vinyl is large enough to cover even the bulkiest of leg casts and connects to a hard plastic ring which forms the watertight seal with an adjoining latex-free rubber diaphragm.

The diaphragm stretches over the patient’s leg tightly to conform to their natural muscle and skin structure, forming a tight seal and preventing water from entering into the vinyl pouch. The combination provides incredible protection and great flexibility, significantly more security than wrapping plastic sheets or bags over a cast in a makeshift attempt to prevent water damage.

The Leg Cast & Bandage Protector is easy to put on, by a helper or the patient themselves. It is not intended for swimming purposes as the active use of leg muscles can create gaps in the seal and let water in.

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