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Thicker, wider and a more supportive knee pillow. Perfect for recovery, lower back pain, hip pain and sleep comfort.

  • Used for back pain, knee, hip, ankle and joint pains
  • Recommended by therapists for post hip replacement or knee surgery
  • Great during pregnancy and maternity

DJMed beautifully designed orthopaedic Knee & Leg pillow is made from solid yet soft memory foam that reacts fast to provide lasting relief and comfort.

Memory foam knee and leg pillow is an important tool in caring for people who spend a lot of their time unable to move around easily due to frailty, illness or recovery.

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NO MORE RESTLESS NIGHTS: Memory foam cushion with washable cover allows for a comfortable all night’s sleep by elevating your upper knee. This therapeutic side sleeper body positioner, encourages the correct posture.

SCIATIC NERVE PAIN: Eases back, leg, knee, ankle and hip joint pain by providing proper spinal alignment when sleeping. Just insert the bolster between your knees and sleep on the side you are most comfortable.

FOR SIDE SLEEPERS: Improves circulation for side sleepers, use as knee spacer during pregnancy or post surgery recovery.

TRUSTED: Recommended by physical therapists, doctors, sports trainers and chiropractors. Cushy Form is 100% Visco-elastic memory foam, hypo-allergenic.

ERGONOMIC SHAPE: Pillow contoured shape is fitted and curved for maximum comfort, this thoughtfully designed pillow helps get a good night’s sleep.

DJMed contour knee & leg pillow is hypo-allergenic, breathable and comes with a removable, machine washable beautiful soft white knitted cover.

Order your knee pillow today; it is a beautiful product and a ‘real lifesaver’ as all our customers attest to.

  • Promoting proper alignment of the spine, hips and knees and joints, to help relieve arthritis discomfort and stiffness
  • Beneficial to patients during their preparation and recovery after surgery
  • Prevention of pressure areas and bed sores and ulcers, separating the bony area between the knee
  • Leg pillow helps reduce lower back, leg, hip, ankle or joint pain
  • Ergonomically designed to provide ideal spinal and pelvic alignment benefiting expectant mothers dramatically.
  • Knee & Leg pillow improves circulation and reacts fast to provide instant relief and comfort
  • Perfect for preventing contraction of the legs.
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Customer Questions

Is this a memory foam cushion?

Yes, the DJMed knee pillow is 100% Visco-elastic memory foam.

Would it be just as easy as to use a pillow between my legs? Is this better than a regular pillow?

This is definitely better than a regular pillow or rolled up towel. This knee pillow keeps the distance between your knees for a consistent level of separation and positioning, so it’s does not lose its shape or collapsing as you sleep. Additionally you get the support and comfort from an ergonomic memory foam inside.

Can this pillow help relieve sciatic nerve pain?

From my experience, yes.

Does the pillow help with back pain while sleeping?

Yes, this knee pillow has really made a difference in reducing my lower back pain.

Does the knee pillow help with hip pain?

It does for me. I’ve been using a pillow like this for years after my hip surgery. It helps with my hip pain.

Does this pillow work for taking pressure of the hip bone when sleeping on a side?

It does for me because the hips stay aligned. I used to turn a lot more at night because my hip would get sore.


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Video review by: Julia Goldsmith

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4.9 overall

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  1. Tina L.

    Absolutely fantastic ❤️

    Tina L.

  2. DuffyD

    Perfect size and doesn’t go flat


  3. Joan Keeling

    Fantastic Pillow, this allows me to sleep all night without without that nagging leg pain. It is not “bulky” or to big to use. I. am very happy with it.

    Joan Keeling

  4. bonnlove

    Beautiful cushion, feels really nice and soft. My first memory foam pillow, I have been missing out.


  5. wanetagvivian

    I bought one of these for my friend who had been using a pillow. She absolutely loves it. It really does ease her back pain. May get one for myself.


  6. Nick

    Yes i sleep better now


  7. M.Blumsley

    Wonderful. This has helped so much with hip pain! Would def. say don’t hesitate buying it because it works!


  8. Leia J H

    Great quality, it holds firm and doesn’t squash tiny in between your knees. Terrific, soft , comfortable , memory foam knee pillow. The well-constructed soft cover has a zip closure.

    Leia J H

  9. Andrew 357

    This knee pillow has made a huge difference with my arthritis pain in my hips and knees. It is so much better then folding a regular pillow between my legs. It doesn’t slip out in the middle of the night and I would recommend it to anyone who is a side sleeper.

    Andrew 357

  10. Kelly

    I have used it for about a month in a half now. Comfortable and holds up great!


  11. Chantelle Gilbert

    Super fast delivery will be ordering again in future! Excellent service

    Chantelle Gilbert

  12. Diane Hatton

    Great, it has really helped relief my lower back pain.

    Diane Hatton

  13. axion

    Cushy and takes the pressure off my knees while I am laying down.


  14. Alex O’Rion

    I purchased 2 of these pillows, both the white and the blue one. One for myself, one for my wife. Great pillow.

    Alex O’Rion

  15. Sook Hee Choi

    Fast delivery! Very professional handling! Thank you. Perfetto.

    Sook Hee Choi

  16. Ann

    Love this. I am a plus sized woman, and I was worried that it wouldn’t support. It does, soft, yet firm. it helps with the pain during the night, and even when I lie flat, can elevate using this pillow


  17. A O’Connor

    I forget it’s there. Stays put, nice size.

    A O’Connor

  18. KMoss3

    I have lower back pain if I don’t sleep without a pillow between my legs, but was sick of it slipping out in the middle of the night. This pillow is thick enough to give you proper alignment in your hips and the shape allows me to roll around and keep it in place.


  19. Cathy Acevedo‎

    Thank you. Received quickly and safely. Exactly as described.

    Cathy Acevedo‎

  20. cori_kane

    I have only been using this for a few nights but already I can feel a difference in my back and hip pain. This keep my spine and hips in alignment. It’s also comfortable and lightweight.


  21. leemore

    It’s thick but very soft and pliable when it is between the knees. I love mine, it’s great when I lay on my side.


  22. Dermot

    So far this knee wedge has helped to relieve the pain from my knees and also some of the back discomfort I experienced at night. It works much better than a pillow because it stays in place.


  23. Tee

    This pillow has been wonderful. I use it in order to straighten my back out a bit while sleeping. You do not realize how well a pillow like this helps until you actually use it. I do not find it to be to soft or to hard. To me it is just right.


  24. Jasmine C.

    I would recommend this to anyone experiencing low back, sciatica and hip pain. It helps to keep your low back and hips properly aligned while lying on my side.

    Jasmine C.

  25. sfdee

    Great for bursitis and arthritis in hips. I give this pillow 5 stars.


  26. Zari R.

    Worth the expense, Holds up pretty good. Good product

    Zari R.

  27. Sharon Hodson

    It does help with my sciatic nerve for sure. Thanks

    Sharon Hodson

  28. JKL

    My occupational therapist recommended a knee pillow to help with hip/low back pain. It helps and feels very comfortable plus actually stays in place between knees. I’ve had it for almost 9 months and can think of no more than 3-4 times that I woke up without it still in place. I like that it has a zippered cover that can be removed for washing too.


  29. Leandro Galli

    This pillow makes my knees much more comfortable when resting or sleeping. It prevents them from rubbing together.

    Leandro Galli

  30. Mary M.

    Lets me to sleep on my side after surgery without pain and with perfect alignment support. HIGHLY recommend.

    Mary M.

  31. Angel Espinoza

    Best sleep aid ever. Great quality. Memory foam. Back saver. Fast delivery.

    Angel Espinoza

  32. Mariel D’eglise

    Great knee pillow! I have a very bad back and I’m a side sleeper. This has helped tremendously. The foam is soft, yet firm enough that it keeps its shape. I also have tendonitis in my ankle, which I’ve used the pillow for as well.

    Mariel D’eglise

  33. Christine O.

    I am a side sleeper and about one year after knee replacement I began waking up with both knees hurting where they had been resting on top of each other. Both knees would be stiff and it would take a few minutes to get them both working comfortably.

    I have tried not using it but will wake with that same knee pain if I don’t use it.

    I have had this cushion for many months now and don’t want to be without it. It has not flattened out and is just as comfy as the first use. Highly recommend.

    Christine O.

  34. KYeoh

    Very comfortable…and inexpensive. Exactly as advertised, exactly what I wanted.


  35. kimbow555

    Finally a great night’s sleep! For anyone with hip or knee issues, this little pillow is magic. Aligning joints for drug-free pain relief is the way to go.


  36. Anthony Kelly

    Bought it for a friend with bulging discs & he loves it. Said it helps alot.

    Anthony Kelly

  37. James Elias

    This was bought for a friend after her knee surgery, she said it’s the best thing happened to her so she’s able to keep her leg the way the therapist instructed. She’s in speedy recover now and is very happy with this pillow

    James Elias

  38. tesso12

    Have been using this pillow for a couple weeks now and my back doesn’t hurt as much in the morning. It does make a difference.


  39. Tiss

    I’ve had some issues that made it difficult to sleep, saw a chiropractor which helped, but of course it’s recommended to sleep flat on your back which I cannot do to save my life. The first night I used this pillow I could really tell a difference. It is firm enough to provide the support needed to release the pressure on my lower vertebrae while cushiony enough to not feel unnatural.


  40. aletseni

    Received thank you 🙂


  41. Robin Beers

    I have only used the knee pillow for three nights, but can already tell the difference in my lower back when I get up in the mornings. Excellent inner pillow material and very nice removable cover. Excellent product and an excellent price.

    Robin Beers

  42. Uliana I.

    Perfect… Ok ok ok

    Uliana I.

  43. mnaskovic

    Came today thanks. first class, thanks so much


  44. Suz P.

    Great for my bad back and knees. Very soft but firm enough to support my back and knees. Glad I found this.

    Suz P.

  45. Alex F.

    Great item brilliant value for money. Thank you highly recommend.

    Alex F.

  46. NilzZzoN

    This pillow is great not just because it is small and convenient to sleep with but also because it’s memory foam and unlike normal pillows that slip this is shaped particularly to rest in place between your legs. It keeps your knees and hips in alignment which provides stability for your back while you sleep. I’m not saying it’s a magic pillow but it helps and if you have back pain you know that any relief, sounds amazing.


  47. Riju Ramrakha

    Received the cushion very fast, spot on 👍🏼

    Riju Ramrakha

  48. hound_dog_owner

    tried this last night for the first time. I feel this will help out


  49. Brittany M.

    Excellent cushion, brilliant customer service highly recommend

    Brittany M.

  50. Heidi Stearns

    Quick service thank you

    Heidi Stearns

  51. Jabe T.

    received with thanks as described

    Jabe T.

  52. Mamara W.

    Fabulous cushion, thank you.

    Mamara W.

  53. Jaymi S.

    Speedy delivery. Not the knee cushion yet but look ideal. No worries here.

    Jaymi S.

  54. Kylie Palmer

    Leg Pillow: Great for side sleepers. Highly recommend.

    Kylie Palmer

  55. Julia Jensen

    Exactly as described, fast dispatch time, just perfect, very pleased.

    Julia Jensen

  56. Kate Fatafi

    Great value, cushion arrived quickly in excellent condition

    Kate Fatafi

  57. Anup s.

    Fast service

    Anup s.

  58. KAREN

    Great to deal with. Would recommend. Quick delivery. Thankyou


  59. Kim Johnston

    Very happy with the leg pillow and a great transaction, thanks!!! I have recommended this shop to 2 of my friends now.

    Kim Johnston

  60. Joseph

    Dear Jane ,Its Joseph Galati and I would like to say we have used the knee pillow and find it most useful. Thank for the opportunity to try this item.


  61. Jacob Russell

    Great leg pillow, bought it for my mom and she loved it and it got here really fast!

    Jacob Russell

  62. outandabout2010

    Used for rehabilitation purposes. Most useful. Would buy from here again.


  63. D. Wags

    I had a hip replacement 3 weeks ago, and have to keep a pillow between my legs when sleeping. This pillow is soft and comfortable and stays in place. I have bought non memory foam leg before back when living in London; they did not work out that well for me. This one is an awesome product for me. I am very pleased with it.

    D. Wags

  64. Sue Pine

    I got this originally because I had broken my knee walking down the stairs. I couldn’t take the pressure when sleeping on my side and resting one leg on another. But I have actually used this leg pillow now for maybe 2 years even though my injury is well healed by now. It’s just so comfortable to sleep with.

    Sue Pine

  65. Jay

    Very comfortable and easy to sleep with, this leg cushion pretty much ended the pain I was having in my hips which is wonderful. I’m a big man and I find it works fine. The shape makes all the differences. The shape also makes it a bit more likely to stay put. I like it.