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Lumbar Cushion for home, office or car with dual adjustable positioning straps.

Buckle elastic straps make for easy installation and removal.

The modest size, and very light weight of the cushion means it can fit easily into any regular size bag you already own if needed.

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In stock

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Sitting with poor posture can put strain on your body.  You can now experience better living, and increased comfort, nearly anywhere you sit. In your home, at the office, and even your car for long commutes. You have peace of mind when you know you can take comfort with you.

  • Adjustable at any height to meet your personal needs.
  • Cloth cover is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Buckle straps wrap around any seat back, and allow quick and easy installation and removal.
  • Raised sides cradle, and help keep you centered on the back rest.
  • Dark blue exterior is subtle and does not call attention to your use of the support cushion.
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Based on 13 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Carolyn

    This lumbar support in particular is perfect if you suffer low back pain. It is compact and looks nice. Easy fit anywhere. I highly recommend this product if there is any discomfort in the lower back.


  2. Just Me

    I am trying to improve the ergonomics of my home office and needed a support for my back. This is a nice support and definitely does the job. It also looks nice, which is important to me since I work at home.

    My only disappointment in the item is that the straps are too long to fit around my small chair properly so I have to adjust it every time I sit down. That is not a huge deal, but it would be better is the straps held it in place. Saying that the back of my chair is only 1/2 a centimetre thick.

    Just Me

  3. karma

    I like the pillow and it’s convenient because it keeps me from having to continuously prop up another pillow behind my head which falls down every time I get out of the my recliner. This one stays put and it’s great.


  4. Akshay Bhoite

    I have this on my office chair to improve my posture and add support. I spend too much time sitting there and this provides what I need without being awkward or intrusive. It was easy to attach to the chair back and has proved to be quite comfortable.

    Akshay Bhoite

  5. Nelson

    Feels good, soft and comfortable.


  6. J Riddle

    Good quality, good for my back, recommended.

    J Riddle

  7. Minik Minik

    Item as described thank you.

    Minik Minik

  8. araceli cruz

    I bought two after determining I have some serious lack of lumbar support in my Jeep Wrangler. I have a 60-70 km commute to and from work every day and the suspension is very loose, so I feel everything. I think between exercising and the constant sitting on the commute (and at work), I may have aggravated my SI Joint.

    First day to work and at my desk, the support on my back is amazing. I don’t feel like I am slouching down in my seat which was obviously causing me discomfort long term. This padding is a blessing. The material is plush and soft and the memory foam is not too tough. I recommend you try it!

    araceli cruz

  9. Sanderson

    My job is sitting job. While I do get up once in half an hour and take a minute or two stroll, it is not always a possibility. The chair I have isn’t great, esp for lumbar support. This is a perfect solution to the misery.

    Good things about this cushion
    – Memory foam, just as you expect. Not too squishy not too hard.
    – 2 adjustable straps in the back to hold it in place.
    – A mesh-like cover gives enough air flow and wicks the sweat pretty well.
    – The cover is washable, just remove the ‘pillow’ from the cover using backside zipper.

    Not so good things about this cushion
    – Since this is a memory foam, it doesn’t squish completely. When I try to do some sitting yoga, it kind of pushes ahead, making it a little uncomfortable.

    Conclusion – Does the job it is made for very well. Highly recommended.


  10. Rhia LLav

    Great product with excellent back support at a very reasonable price.

    Rhia LLav

  11. Chirag Patel

    I have a back pain because of the spine disk problem for several years. I can’t sit on the chair over 1hour because after 1 hour I started to feel pain in my spine. But after using this, I found myself spending several hours on the chair without the pain.

    Chirag Patel

  12. JenJen

    This pillow is fantastic. My husband was so pleased with this pillow for his tremendous lower back issues that he decided to purchase a second one so that he could keep one in the house and one in the car. Not only that, but we bought a THIRD for a friend of his with similar back problems.

    The pillow itself is firm and provides great support for the lumbar. It’s a perfect size for most any chair. The elastic on the back is perfect for attaching the pillow to a vehicle seat or an office chair.


  13. Mrs. V

    I have a very bad back and have tried five or six different kinds of supports, a mesh support, a couple inflatable supports, a blockier foam support. This one is the best by far.

    Mrs. V