M8 Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System

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Designed for high acuity patients with limited mobility and compromised skin integrity

M8 Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System assists you in managing your patient’s needs to minimise the risk and burden of pressure injury.

The M8 Alternating Air Mattress system has been designed as a cost-effective solution to aid in the prevention and management of pressure injuries.

The system offers advanced features for the delivery of high quality care to vulnerable patients and residents, whilst remaining easy-to-use for the carer and simple to clean and maintain.

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ALTERNATING PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY: Alternating pressure redistributes body weight and reduces constant pressure on specific areas, helping to prevent pressure sores and ulcers.

ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE LEVELS: The ability to adjust the pressure settings allows customization for individual patient needs, ensuring comfort and optimal pressure relief.

CELL-ON-CELL CONSTRUCTION: This design minimizes the risk of bottoming out, providing consistent support and comfort for patients.

LOW AIR LOSS: Low air loss technology helps maintain a dry and comfortable surface by wicking away moisture and regulating temperature.

CPR QUICK DEFLATION: In emergency situations, the mattress can be rapidly deflated to facilitate life-saving CPR procedures.

USER-FRIENDLY CONTROL PANEL: An easy-to-use control panel allows healthcare professionals or caregivers to adjust settings and monitor the system’s status with ease.

AUDIBLE ALARMS: Alarms alert caregivers or medical staff to issues such as low pressure, power failure, or system malfunction, ensuring patient safety.

ALTERNATING AND STATIC MODES: Benefit: The ability to switch between alternating and static modes provides flexibility in addressing different patient needs, including those with specific medical conditions.

WEIGHT CAPACITY: High weight capacity ensures that the system can support a wide range of patient sizes and weights, enhancing versatility.

EASY MAINTENANCE: The mattress replacement system is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, helping to ensure a hygienic environment.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT DESIGN: Efficient use of energy reduces operational costs and environmental impact.

MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL: Sophisticated control systems can monitor and adjust pressure levels dynamically, optimizing patient comfort and pressure relief.

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SKU: 307100 Category:
Mattress 90×200×20 cm, 7kg
Top Cover material4-way Stretch PU (welded)
Air cell materialNylon/PVC
Base materialNylon/PVC
Top Cover fix style2-way zipper
Cell No.20
Cell StructureCell-on-cell
CPRQuick Pull Valve
Max. Weight Capacity220kg
Flame retardant standardsEN597-1 ; EN597-2 ; BS7175 Crib 5
Controller29×19×14 cm, 2.1 kg
Compressor flow (lpm)8
Pump Pressure (mmHg)30~80
Cycle time10 min
Comfort LevelsAnalogue
Alternate mode1-in-2
Continuous Low Pressure (Pressure = 2/3)2/3 of Alt. pressure
Seat Inflate modeAlternate & CLP
AlarmsLow Pressure Alarm
Power Loss Alarm
Noise level≦30 dB

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  1. jessefillmore

    I bought this in 2018 when my mother became bedbound. It’s now 2023, my mother is going on 94 and this mattress and pump has been excellent. It has never failed. My mother has not left this bed even once in over 5 years. She suffered from pretty intense back pain before becoming bed bound. Ever since she went to the bed and this mattress, not a single day of pain. And no bed sores.


  2. Betti

    this mattress is perfect. It is easy to install


  3. C.Schulz

    Results were immediate, my relative’s red pressure spots that were not relieved by a foam toper went away by the next day. The alternating channels change every 10 minutes or so, you can’t see it but if you press on one channel when the mattress is fully inflated and then press on the channel next to you you can see the difference. Sound is not very loud from electronic pump.


  4. John_Corr

    We purchased this mattress for one of our clients in our residential facility. It has worked absolutely perfectly with no issues. Our now 96 year old client has remained pressure sore free and in my opinion as a nurse and care giver it was worth every penny.


  5. Kevin & Kim Costa

    My mother was bedridden and lost weight progressively over nine months until she died in May. My sisters and I were very concerned about bedsores and discomfort because she was so thin. When this arrived, she immediately commented on its being more comfortable than her traditional mattress. And she amazingly only got one bedsore during the whole nine months, and miraculously it healed.

    Kevin & Kim Costa

  6. Diana

    I have MS and have had an ‘air mattress’0 at my disposal since 1987. First diagnosed in 1979. In the entire 37 years, I have only 3 open lesions and each were on their way to being completely healed within 5-6 days. I have been a quadriplegic (Chronic Progressive ) for the last 28 years. I have had 3 ‘air mattress’. It has more than exceeded my expectations.


  7. Helden

    So far this mattress has worked well for us. It was easy to set up and the pump is very quiet. Every 10 mins alternating cells will deflate and then reinflate to adjust pressure areas on the body to reduce bed sores from forming. My father came home from the hospital with bed sores and with this mattress we were able to heal his bed sores and eliminate new ones from occurring.


  8. J. Chang

    Wow I thought this over a year ago and I almost forgot to put a review in it it works great for my dad it’s something I would buy again

    J. Chang

  9. Thomas Williams

    Life saver to heal up bed sores picked up at the hospital, even though they used a similar mattress there. Nurses just didn’t get around often enough. It is so wonderful. Cannot understand why some of these mattresses are so much more expensive. So it has been several months now and I sleep a few feet from the bed. The motor can barely be heard and does not bother me whatsoever. It has stood up well, and I am still very appreciative.

    Thomas Williams

  10. Rose

    Hospital grade.

    My mother was bed bound for nearly a year in various hospitals, where she spent her life on hospital-grade air mattresses. She finally got strong enough to come home, but still spends a large portion of her day in bed, so we tried this and she loves it even more than the air mattresses at the hospitals. This one has several chambers that each fill to whatever level firmness you set, but the cell linings themselves offer more support and body contouring than an entirely open cell bed like the hospital ones.

    It’s so good.


  11. PPR

    Great air mattress


  12. witton120

    Arrived on time. Appears to be helping heal bed sores. So far, it has not deflated after only weeks of use.


  13. Maria S.

    My Dad bought this mattress for my Mother after she had developed some bed sores in the nursing home. The nursing home recommended that she have a alternating pressure mattress and wanted to charge $22 per day to rent one. It arrived very quickly, and was super easy to set up. At first, it seemed a bit too hard for her as she was barely 45kg, but after changing the setting to the lowest, she found it comfortable. This mattress was what she needed and within the month, it had paid for itself.

    Maria S.

  14. Marthe

    Works great after over a year using hasn’t popped on anything easy to wipe. Highly recommend we just put it over metal hospital bed. Father is bed ridden and this mattress is the best.


  15. sVan

    These are great if you are prone to pressure ulcers. It’s so much easier to move, transfer, and position a person too. My dad was a pretty big guy and I could pull him up in the bed alone on this.


  16. Robert Morris

    This mattress is a great cost effective way to make a bedridden person more comfortable. We have had this for a year so far and my wife loves it and it’s been trouble free.

    Robert Morris

  17. Chris

    Worth the money


  18. C. Bailey

    I bought this mattress for my mother because she has a pressure ulcer (stage 4) on her coccyx that is not healing. That is another story in itself! However, she is loving this mattress. Comfort level is out of this world. Semi quiet and pain relief but the pain might be due to her pressure ulcer and location. I recommend this product. Only tip is that it does take time for the mattress to fully inflate.

    C. Bailey

  19. Raul

    Air mattress is too long for the bed. When the head of the bed is raised, the top of the air mattress catches on the head board. The pump is virtually vibration free, and noiseless. Let’s see how long it lasts. The mattress feels good, and adjusts easily , from the control located on the air air mattress pump housing , at the base of the bed. Quality of the materials used in construction of the product, seems quite good.