MyRide Self-propelled Wheelchair, Fully-featured

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Modern, fully featured, lightweight, Self-Propelled wheelchair.

Padded seat, flip up armrests for easy transfer, removable footrests, anti-tip wheels, puncture proof tires, dual breaks wheelchair.

Modern design, fully featured wheelchair in fresh colour scheme.

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EASY FLIP BACK ARMREST: For convenient and safe side transfer. Lift your wheelchair armrest up and completely out of the way when you need to.

ANTI-TIPPING SAFETY WHEELS: Keep you upright, prevent falling backwards when leaning back in the wheelchair, navigating an incline or taking off a little too quickly. Safe way to get use to wheelchair use and important for balancing the pivot point for above knee amputees.

REMOVABLE & FOLDING FOOTRESTS: Fold footplates out of the way when getting in or out of the wheelchair. Remove Leg rest altogether for storage or travel.

PUNCTURE PROOF TIRES: No need to ever check is your wheels are flat. Never worry of a puncture.

22 INCH DRIVE WHEELS Lean profile for high manoeuvrability 22-inch wheels make the chair more agile around furniture, people and other obstacles then a full 24-inch wheel.

PADDED SEAT AND BACKREST: Both backrest and seat are padding with breathable fabric and foam padding. Perfect for everyday comfort. Consider adding a foam and gel cushion for higher pressure care support.

DUAL BREAKS: Attendant and self-engaged wheel breaks are in place for any situation. Both are able to lock in to place or use to progressively to slow down.

SIDE FOLDING: Takes up very little space when not in use. Easy and quick to unfold when needed.

SEAT BELT: Lateral and forward safety and stability. Keep you safe and in the seat from sudden, stops, bumps and direction changes.

CALF REST: Keep your feet comfortably on the footrests but gently supporting your calves in place.

LIGHTWEIGHT, ALUMINIUM FRAME: Light and rigid frame, easy to transport, navigate and drive. The best wheelchairs are after all are Aluminium.

TGA REGISTRATION & CERTIFIED: Certified by TGA (Administration of Therapeutic Goods Australia) and meets all Australian standards for medical device. Peace of mind that you are buying a quality, registered product.

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Seat Width44 cm
Seat Depth41 cm
Seat Height49 cm
Backrest Height41 cm
Overall Height91 cm
Overall Width62 cm
Overall Length (with footrests)102 cm
Armrest Height (from ground)42 cm
Folded Height73 cm
Folded Width33 cm
Folded Length (without footrests)71 cm
Total Weight (with accessories)14 kg
Rear Wheels22 inch / 55 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
Lean profile for high maneuverability
Front Castors7 inch / 17 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
SWL120 kg
IncludedBackrest pad
Seat pad
Calf rest
Anti-tipping safety wheels (removable)

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  1. Ross Nethersole

    I am also very happy with the wheelchair & pillow plus the bag I bought here separately. It all works great together. My mother is getting used to it and starting to see the benefits of it. She is not sitting round and waiting for me, she is with me when I’m shopping or banking. But I’m not worried or stressed about her anymore.

    I have been along the waterfronts looking at the ocean and having seafood by the seaside. She is looking at clothes, she is not saying I’m tired, let’s go home. I’m glad I found you on the internet. Plus your prices for the gear I couldn’t get in Brisbane and I look around.

    Very Best Regards
    Ross Nethersole

    Ross Nethersole

  2. Kristie

    I’m a petite woman caring for an elderly parent and I’m trying to keep her as active as possible but going to the movies or a social function can be tedious and time consuming with just a walker. My mother gets short of breath and fatigued easily. I’ve been so worried about getting a wheelchair and not being able to carry or fold it and it not fitting in our cars. This wheelchair is so light and easy to open and close that my 10 year old son likes to take wheelchair duty. It’s easy to lift and carry and folds small enough to fit in all our car.


  3. Theresa

    I am 63 years old, right above the knee amputee, fairly fit, weigh about 75kg and I’m 175cm. I bought this wheelchair to keep in my SUV so that I had it handy whenever I go travelling or if I need it at work.

    The drive wheels are slightly smaller than I am used to but they are smooth and so turn as easily as my regular wheelchair. In crowded areas like supermarket this is much better then 24″ wheels. The wheelchair is very easy to collapse and reopen and, when it’s collapsed is easy for me to handle and lift even without my prosthesis, standing on one leg and doing my best to disregard gravity. The wheels are very easily removed and replaced and it can be done very quickly. I doubt I will use this feature a lot since I have room to store the wheelchair in my SUV with the wheels attached.


  4. P. Dodds

    More than adequate and not as expensive as other products out there. Chair is comfortable and foldable and easy to set up right out of the box. Support is good, when arrived I thought I was missing the calf rest. Turns out its in the back pocket of the chair.

    P. Dodds

  5. Sally S.

    Most comfortable wheelchair I’ve had so far 🙂

    Sally S.

  6. Rachel L..

    Great for the price. Love the extra cushions. Folds up for transport. Would buy again.

    Rachel L..

  7. mohawk

    Very comfortable. Very well made, light yet sturdy. Not so good on sand or gravel if I get off my driveway.


  8. Alice

    This chair is easy to fold and load in the trunk of the car. My husband uses it and says it’s very comfortable and easy to maneuver. The chair is great I’m glad I bought it.


  9. robert wolby

    Stylish, Sturdy. 100% worth it

    robert wolby

  10. Roo”s Mom

    Worth a buy? – Yes
    Only 4 stars because it took a week to arrive.

    Roo”s Mom

  11. Leslie Woodham

    I fell and when I returned to consciousness, I found out I had crippled myself. With the help of a wonderful therapist, I am improving. I realized how much my life had changed when the big thing I was looking forward to was a bright coloured wheelchair!

    Leslie Woodham

  12. sweetrose-0

    Great quality wheelchair, affordable price.
    This is actually my second wheelchair.
    This chair is super easy to open and close! My husband had to open my other chair for me as it was very difficult to get to open/close. But this chair opens very smoothly and easily.
    It’s reasonably comfortable. I do have a memory foam cushion that makes it more comfortable.
    It’s really easy to self-propel! My other chair felt more heavy and I usually needed my husband to push me when I used it. This chair feels a lot lighter to propel, and I can self-propel much longer than I could before.
    The arm rest design is fantastic. The placement of the arm rests is comfortable, and it is still easy to reach the wheels to self-propel without the arm rests getting in my way or just flip them up out of the way.


  13. winn

    All in all a good wheelchair. Light but sturdy, easy to collapse and unfold, solid brakes.


  14. Jan E Logan

    This was a very expensive purchase for me but worth it because my standard wheelchair was just too heavy. I’ve had this wheelchair for well over a month now and I’m still not accustomed to how lightweight it is.

    Jan E Logan

  15. Miranda Rey

    This chair made it a lot easier for me to enjoy a weekend-long convention, when I wasn’t sure how far I’d need to walk between hotel program rooms. My companion was able to push me around AND drag my bags at the same time.

    Miranda Rey

  16. flynstoneau

    thank you great seller 🙂 fits through where i needed it to perfect


  17. Kevin Wederell

    Orded my wheelchair on Monday received it on Thursday at 9 00am in a country town called corowa love the wheelchair and the colour

    Kevin Wederell

  18. Patricia (dumbblond2009)

    Wheelchair arrived today. Ordered Monday night, it’s Wednesday today, got it quick. I am sitting in it now. It is comfortable thank you

    Patricia (dumbblond2009)