DJMed Metatarsal Pads – Gel Ball Of Foot Cushions (Set of 4)

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Alleviates pressure and impact to the metatarsal, assisting with painful conditions such as Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis and bursitis and more.

Perfect for use inside enclosed footwear like sports shoes, ballet shoes, high heels, hiking shoes and work shoes for all-day comfort.

Metatarsal Pads are latex-free, allergy-friendly medical grade silicone gel. Universal sizing. Includes: 2 pairs / 4 pieces.

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Only 1 left in stock


Only 1 left in stock

$92.97 for 3 items

ADVANCED COMFORT: Alleviates pressure and impact to the metatarsal, assisting with common foot problems. Adding a metatarsal pad to your shoe can enhance your foot comfort. Perfect for use inside enclosed footwear like sports shoes, ballet shoes, high heels, hiking shoes and work shoes for all-day comfort.

RESTORE AND PREVENT COMMON FOOT CONDITIONS: Metatarsal pads prevent standard toe and foot problems such as Morton’s neuronal, Metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis and bursitis and more. These pads help to restore normal foot function.

REDUCED PRESSURE: Metatarsal pad helps to reduce pressure on the ball of your foot. These pads help to control the pressure by supporting the metatarsal bone.

AMAZING FEATURES: Made from latex-free, allergy-friendly medical grade silicone gel. Ball of foot pads are easy to use, soft, comfortable, reusable and high quality. Easy to apply and hold in place with a ring that fits over the second toe.

WASHABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Easily hand washable with warm soapy water for a bacteria-free environment. Rinse and dry well before use.

WidthAbout 82 mm
ThicknessAbout 3 mm
Whats in the box?2 Pairs, Set of 4 Pieces

Customer Questions

Can I use these inside of high heels?

Definitely Yes.

How long do they last, is it one use?

DJMed metatarsal ball of foot pads are multiple use. Hand wash them and air dry and use again and again.

Are they solid or liquid filled? Can they be cut to make a depression to fit over the neuroma?

They are solid but soft. I have a hammertoe and I wear it as it is. I think it could be hard to cut, but you could try. It is jelly fish like texture. They’re solid and yes they can definitely be cut.

Can these be worn under compression stockings please?

I would say yes. I have worn them under socks and stockings quite well.

Any latex in this product?

The metatarsal pads are latex-free.

I do not have a neuroma. i have morton's toe. does this work for a foot that doesn't have a neuroma?

Yes. The pads can be used even if you don’t have any Neuroma. They work very well as cushions for your foot.

Based on 51 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Betsy

    Very happy with these metatarsal cushions, good price and fast delivery.


  2. Guppie

    Very fast delivery and very happy happy


  3. amy_dont_fall

    I could not even have dreamed of them being this soft.


  4. Julia & Erik

    Thank you for your service. Item arrived safely and in great condition. 5 stars.

    Julia & Erik

  5. Connie

    Use these all the time.


  6. Tam Tam

    A quality product shipped with care. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you very much.

    Tam Tam

  7. RossL

    Really good value for month, there are a couple of pairs in the box. Thanks.


  8. A.Ford

    Works perfectly for me and my feet appreciate it.


  9. Bunnderlandau

    Very prompt postage! Slides around a little, better when wearing a sock or a little Hollywood tape.


  10. Nancy

    Great product! I can really tell a difference!


  11. Lou

    I bought this product and the thick metatarsal gel pad to alleviate the pain from a bruised metatarsal. I use this for shoes that fit fairly snugly to help hold the pads all day.


  12. Irina Bay

    Excellent . Just perfect , thanks guys

    Irina Bay

  13. JJ3

    These metatarsal cushions working great in my sneakers at work, under my socks. I have had issues with the ball of my foot hurting and figured I would try these. They stay in place well, and are easy to wash, and no stink either lol


  14. Lisa G.

    All good. Fast delivery.

    Lisa G.

  15. psmith

    You might want to get two orders of these if you own lots of shoes!


  16. V. McAuliffe

    These things are crazy good. I have plantar fasciitis and maybe tendonitis so my doctor asked me to get these and see if they help. I love how much cushioning they provide. I’m hoping after being off my feet for a few days, and using these when I am on them, with a few acupuncture treatments, I will be better

    V. McAuliffe

  17. Cp.2017

    Good for high heals as long as they’re not tight on the instep.


  18. Addie Rich

    I got these for my mom because she has problems with her feet,callouses and such. She heard that these would be helpful for her. Once she tried them she said that she loved them. They help her callouses and relieve the pressure she feels on the ball of her foot.

    Addie Rich

  19. janylokzo

    Yea, they do help. I have a high heel pair of boots that normally kill the balls of my feet. I wore the pad with the toe ring that holds it in place under a pair of tights.


  20. Leigh Ann

    this pad is great to use when in a hurry. no need to install in shoe, just slip it on. i keep one in my purse. really comfortable. Lots in the pack

    Leigh Ann

  21. copperzammer

    Finally found foot pads that work. Vomfortably wear everything from tennis shoes, to sandals, to old open-backed shoes, to high heels I haven’t been able to wear for years


  22. Brat To

    Fantastic product. I do trail running up in a mountain region on NSW. Running hiking trails can be brutal on your feet, these have me continue running.

    Brat To

  23. c.c.

    I can see how these might not work for everyone because it does take a little work to get them into place. I only use them with heels and dress shoes, so I don’t have any experience with socks or slipping. They make even my most uncomfortable shoes tolerable for hours.


  24. Meggy

    They’re helpful.


  25. basoGrund

    Would definitely recommend. Arrived in a timely fashion. Thanks.


  26. Jedi2091

    Perfect for recovery from running. I run a lot so I often have sore feet. This cushion has really helped with recovery. I just pop it on and it makes my day a lot more comfortable.


  27. Sunny.D

    These are great. And while they are definitely not going to help you if you punish your feet by an all day walk in heels with these on, they make walking so much more pleasant. Very comfortable, not very noticeable when on, if you have Morton’s neuromoma I would say give them a try.


  28. real_juanita

    Very helpful in stopping my chronic foot pain. My doctor recommended these and about a week later I am almost pain free. I use one pair for when I use socks and the other I stuck in my favorite pair of flats.


  29. Jannie P. L.

    These work pretty well, no worries.

    Jannie P. L.

  30. Do Boskey

    Absolutely no discomfort when wearing it. I’d definitely recommend this.

    Do Boskey

  31. rohit

    no dramas


  32. T.W.

    Really easy to use, can be worn with any shoe and inside your sock. Super easy to sanitize. Very good.


  33. Jann

    Worked, worked, worked and it was months of pain before trying these.


  34. R. Bachmann

    So far so good!

    R. Bachmann

  35. Kristen Staubitz

    As advertised and speedy delivery – very happy thank you!

    Kristen Staubitz

  36. Marianna R

    Very wearable and helpful foot pain relief aid.

    Marianna R

  37. irianpi

    Walking without ball of foot pain. Today is my first day wearing the metatarsal pads and they are great! I can walk without pain, without adjusting my gait, without cringing! I may become a subscriber.


  38. Cleo

    Very pleasantly surprised! I have a Morton’s neuroma on the bottom of my foot that developed from an incision site following a fibular seismoid resection. After wearing the pads for a solid two weeks, I have had great relief from pain during normal walking.


  39. Jack

    These silicone gel ball of foot cushions are a perfect pain relief kit for Morton’s Neuroma! The best I tried so far, hands down (or should i say feet down? lol)


  40. bato_green_woolf

    Were difficult for me to put socks over and the ones for flip-flop sandals made it difficult to put on my flip-flops. But really good work work shoes.


  41. Bonnie

    Very helpful for long walks and runs.


  42. Eda H.

    Provided relief immediately. Hoping that pain will eventually subside when not worn.

    Eda H.

  43. Jenn T.

    Super soft. I bought these cushions for my wedding. Love, love, love!

    Jenn T.

  44. Mika

    These inserts are super comfortable! The value is unbeatable. for the price you pay for all of these, you would only get one pair of another brand, with the same benefits.


  45. Bryan

    Seems good to me. Well packaged, as described super fast shippin. Thnaks.


  46. 1971

    Item received as described thank you.


  47. Lisa McRolland

    Fast delivery, actually got it next day, well wrapped and packed. Thank you.

    Lisa McRolland

  48. Mary lee

    Very happy with the product and delivered to Perth very quickly. Top job guys

    Mary lee

  49. Dennis Miner

    Thanks helped alot with foot pain!

    Dennis Miner

  50. Anita.M.

    It will be interesting to see if the pads work in the long run also. Need more time.


  51. James C

    My wife was told she needed surgery for her Nueroma. I bought these for her, now the pain and numbness is gone. She is on her feet 8-9 hours a day in heels. She is absolutely amazed. Thank you for a miracle product.

    James C

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