DJMed Metatarsal Open Toe Sleeve Pads (Set of 4)

Best Seller in Metatarsal Pads & Metatarsal Cushions
(28 customer reviews)

Provides padding and increase shock absorption to the fore foot and metatarsal joint.

Perfect for running, hiking, ballet, and other activities where footwear may cause friction or cushioning is needed. Made made with latex free, allergy friendly medical grade silicone gel.

Universal sizing, with one size soft stretch gel. Ventilated with small holes. Includes: 2 pairs, 4 pieces.

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$92.97 for 3 items

DJMed open toe metatarsal sleeves are made from soft medical grade gel.

Suitable for reuse. Gentle hand wash in warm soapy water is recommended. Dry well before use.

Suitable relief and comfort for painful foot conditions such as Corns, Calluses, Blisters, Bunions,  Hammer Toes, Plantar fascitis, Metatarsal pain, Hallux valgus, Mortons neuroma, Tailor’s bunion.

Easily hand washable with warm soapy water, rinse and dry well before reuse.

Customer Questions

Will these make your shoes feel more comfortable?

Yes, definitely. They definitely are great for bunion pain as the pads cover that area of the foot. Wear socks or stockings to keep pads in place.

Do these work with high heels?

Yes, they are thin and pliable and the top is curved for wearing with high heels. They may show though, depending on the heels you wear.

I have small feet. Size 5 in women's. Will these be too big?

You may want to wear them with snug-fitting socks or stockings to achieve the desired fit.

Are they latex free?

Yes, they are latex free.

Will this be good protection for steel men work boots?

Yes, I would say so.

I have one foot maybe half a size bigger than other. Will these work to make the larger shoe fit?

Yes they should work well this situation.

Based on 28 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Jo.Wills

    I have a inflamed sesamoid bone on my left foot, and these go a long way in making it more comfortable.


  2. William

    These are very comfy and have virtually eliminated the discomfort I was experiencing from loss of tissue at my metatarsals. The cushioning was just right.


  3. pollacattwo

    Very comfortable. They add cushioning to the ball of my foot. I thought I would be bothered by the material between my toes, but I am not.


  4. Kristen Young

    So far these are the best pads I have used. They keep the ball of my feet cushioned and relieve the pain as well as protecting my baby toes. They stay in place all day and I don’t even feel them on my feet.

    Kristen Young

  5. mdc

    Fast delivery and great service. thank you.


  6. Linda

    Husband is on his feet outside and always has thick, painful calluses. These really relieve that pain for him.


  7. Ai-Linh

    These are so comfortable. They add great cushioning to the ball of my foot. I thought I would be bothered by the material between my toes, but I am not. Little difficult getting socks over them, but worth the effort. I do wish they fit more snugly


  8. pixmatic

    These worked perfect for my uncle. Help with pain. Helpful!


  9. Jena.L

    They don’t slip off because they go around the foot like a small sleeve, and they are reusable and washable, so they’re not wasteful. Really glad I found these since I’m on my feet all the time!


  10. cheka59

    I am so impressed! I originally wasn’t sure if they’d be too bulky to wear.. they are not. I wear them under socks, in closed toe shoes… The material is unlike any other that I’ve tried, it’s so comfortable, and stretchy. Super easy to clean, finally found a solution I’m happy with.


  11. Narnnel

    The fit is perfect. They are holding up well.


  12. ted

    worth every cent


  13. 6x7days

    I am a repeat buyer of DJMed products, and I am always satisfied with the product quality


  14. helplineallday

    Very comfy. Did not take away my pain while wearing shoes, but does provide some support.


  15. K.L.

    I ordered these for my husband who has terrible foot issues. They are helpful but do not totally correct the problem.


  16. Kitty

    These gel pads are the greatest. I suffer from neuropathy in my feet. Not only did it release the swelling and the pain but it also cooled the bottoms of my feet in the area where they were burning.


  17. Alli

    Fast delivery and a great product. Thank you.


  18. linda singh

    These are wonderful. I have been wearing them everyday since I got them.

    linda singh

  19. Jake

    Bought for my wife, and she says they feel good on her feet.


  20. Annie

    I will definitely re-order. Great material for comfort.


  21. filipina.l.l

    great package, great price


  22. hug11

    protects my feet from rubbing and blistering


  23. Jessica TT

    Feels like a miracle to me. The ball of my feet kill me when not wearing shoes. But these take the pain away so I can do so much more now. They are comfortable and it is almost like they are not on.

    Jessica TT

  24. Tinna

    I work on my feet in a busy restaurant where I still need to look polished and elegant, and on my days off/evenings out I love to wear beautiful shoes, these are a god sent.


  25. S Sing

    They also help the shoes fit better. They help my feet retain the lotion I put on to help prevent dead skin build up and calluses.

    S Sing

  26. MaryE.

    The material is thin but cushions well. Fits into my dance shoes and I feel like I’m walking on feathers.


  27. Emily Badsvile

    solved pain in the ball of my foot

    Emily Badsvile

  28. Poly_P

    These are fantastic. They protect my pinkies from friction, cushion the ball of my foot for all day comfort, don’t crowd my toes, stay in place all day even without socks, and can even be worn with peep-toe shoes


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