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Children’s wheelchair with adjustive arm rests, footplates, include anti-tipping wheels, seat cushion and harness. 

Child, paediatric wheelchair, designed to enhance your child’s development and ability to explore. Lightweight MyRide kids wheelchair is versatile and offer a full range of all inclusive options and accessories to suit child’s style and needs.

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Out of stock

$1197 for 3 items

HEIGHT ADJUSTIBE ARM RESTS: Adjust armrest to comforts and grow with your chair.

TILT ON THE GO: Accommodates tilt of the chai even with anti-tip wheels in place for safer everyday use over bumpy street terrain like sidewalks and raid doorways.

ANTI-TIPPING SAFETY WHEELS: Keep you upright, prevent falling backwards when leaning back in the wheelchair, navigating an incline or taking off a little too quickly. Safe way to get use to wheelchair use.

ADJUSTIBE FOOTRESTS: Fold footplates out of the way when getting in or out of the wheelchair. Adjust footrest position to accommodate for growth and configure to the child’s comfort.

PUNCTURE PROOF TIRES: No need to ever check is your wheels are flat. Never worry of a puncture.

20 INCH DRIVE WHEELS Lean profile for high manoeuvrability 22-inch wheels make the chair more agile around furniture, people and other obstacles then a full 24-inch wheel.

PADDED SEAT AND BACKREST: Both backrest and seat are padding with breathable fabric and foam padding. Perfect for everyday comfort. Consider adding a foam and gel cushion for higher pressure care support.

DUAL BREAKS: Attendant and self-engaged wheel breaks are in place for any situation. Both are able to lock in to place or use to progressively to slow down.

SIDE FOLDING: Takes up very little space when not in use. Easy and quick to unfold when needed.

SOFT SAFETY HARNESS: Lateral and forward safety and stability. Keep you safe and in the seat from sudden, stops, bumps and direction changes.

CALF REST: Keep your feet comfortably on the footrests but gently supporting your calves in place.

LIGHTWEIGHT, ALUMINIUM FRAME: Light and rigid frame, easy to transport, navigate and drive. The best wheelchairs are after all are Aluminium.

TGA REGISTRATION & CERTIFIED: Certified by TGA (Administration of Therapeutic Goods Australia) and meets all Australian standards for medical device. Peace of mind that you are buying a quality, registered product.

SKU: 70791 Category:
Seat Width35 cm
Seat Depth35 cm
Seat Height44 cm
Backrest Height40 cm (74 cm from ground)
Overall Height90 cm
Overall Width54 cm
Overall Length (with footrests)87 cm
Armrest Height (from ground)60 – 65 cm
Folded Height60 cm
Folded Width32 cm
Folded Length (without footrests)72 cm
Total Weight (with accessories)12.5 kg
Rear Wheels20 inch / 50 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
Front Castors4 inch / 10 cm
Puncture proof solid tire
SWL80 kg
IncludedBackrest cushion
Ergonomic seat cushion
Body harness
Calf rest
Anti-tipping safety wheels

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4.9 overall

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  1. P. Smith

    I was looking for a fold up wheelchair to get my son placed in my car, this wheelchair is great and although it’s heavy enough to keep him from falling when he rocks- it’s light enough for me to get into my car with ease.

    P. Smith

  2. basestone

    Perfect for our needs. Dimensions and weight are perfect. The unit is well made and the finish perfect. She likes the color.


  3. donna and james


    donna and james

  4. 23strawbale

    It’s perfect for my 5 year old daughter!


  5. Pam S

    This is a well-made high end chair. I have a 14 year old with a CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) leak from a lumbar puncture. They can’t stand or sit up without debilitating vertigo, so we needed a chair with a harness that would let us do the basics (bathroom trips and some independent upright time, walks around the block, etc.) without breaking the bank.

    Pam S

  6. Deborah Tait

    Our daughter has dwarfism and is just over 3ft tall and just under 40 lbs. When she was tired from walking around the zoo, etc or recovering from surgery strollers worked well for us. But as she got older, and yet not any bigger it just didn’t seem age appropriate to keep putting her in a stroller as if she is a toddler or preschooler. She loves this wheelchair, it’s perfect for outings when she is too tired to walk far or after one of her many surgeries when she needs to be non-weight bearing during recovery.

    Deborah Tait

  7. Barbara JW

    Great chair my son cannot walk due to a severely broken leg. The chair helped him get around and continue life.

    Barbara JW

  8. Angela

    Fast delivery. Sturdy. The size was exactly what we needed, to fit down a very narrow hallway. Thank you!


  9. frank

    This wheelchair was a great investment and my 12 year old son loves it. This was the perfect size for him and he loves the color. My son has a rare neurological disorder that causes partial paralysis in his legs, he is able to get around on his forearm crutches (from Rebotec) but he struggles going long distances and he has a hard time doing anything requiring his hands unless he is sitting down because he needs to use his crutches to stand. once this chair was delivered he was so excited and wanted to try it out immediately. Its been about a month and he loves to go to the park with his brother and play basketball in it.


  10. Andrea L.

    This is exactly what we needed. 39kg adult female, narrow bathroom doorways. This works great.

    Andrea L.

  11. Denise M.

    I love it my Daughter was so happy thank you.

    Denise M.

  12. holgerx120

    I like the color of it, the sturdiness, the size, it’s functional capabilities. Great for inside the house and out.


  13. Mary McKeon

    This wheelchair fits through the cruise boat cabin doors. It’s now gone on two cruises and we have had no issues. So if you don’t want to wait for an accessible room, this chair fits through without the need for folding it up in the hallway and carrying it in.

    Mary McKeon

  14. Brett Hackman

    Got this for our seven year old. It works great and is easy to fold up. He can ride around in it easily, turns great and is perfect for inside because it’s compact

    Brett Hackman

  15. Jack

    Purchased for 8 year old with limited mobility. Great for home and outdoor use. Fits around tight corners, not too heavy to lift. My child has zero complaints. It’s been a life-changer for her


  16. Dean Hayden

    We really like this wheelchair and we’re excited to get it in. It fits our 10yr old work cerebral palsy perfectly. My only disappointment was that it is green, and I wished it was pink, but we love it.

    Dean Hayden

  17. Sandy02

    I ordered this wheelchair for my 10 year old boy till his wheelchair being made is done. This chair has been great for him to get around himself and for in school. My sons on the smaller side and I think this fits him well.


  18. ms martyr

    This wheelchair is strong, sturdy, and comfortable. It fits inside my car trunk and is easy to remove and setup for use.

    ms martyr

  19. Diana Swift

    This has made my little angel grand daughter with CP to have a better life.

    Diana Swift

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