Nasal CPAP Mask

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DJMed Type 3, nasal CPAP mask is ideal if you breathe through your nose while you sleep

Nasal CPAP masks cover your nose from the bridge to the area at the top of your lip. They deliver an indirect airflow and are a good choice if you need higher pressure. If you’re a restless sleeper you may prefer this type of sleep apnea mask.

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Rebound Silicone Cushion

  • Very soft, supple silicone mask cushion in three sizes
  • Silicone cushion seal provide dynamic stability to keep the seal comfortable and secure during the night
Adaptive Silicone Cushion

  • High wearing comfort, easy and quiet exhalation and good skin compatibility
  • The silicone cushion has an adaptive design at the nose bridge, which can be automatically adjusted according to different face shape, better relieve the pressure of the high nose and improve user experience.
Ultra Quiet Venting

  • Quiet exhalation system with diffuse flow does not disturb sleep
  • Honeycomb vent design, reducing airflow erosion intensity
Quick-release Hose Connection

  • Quick-release cord allows rapid removal of DJMed CPAP mask in an emergency
  • The limited number of parts simplifies operation, reduces the mask’s weight and relieves the strain on the environment with less material production and disposal
Soft, Lightweight Headgear

  • Lightness, the soft, supple mask cushion, adjustable headgear, an excellent fit and other clever details
  • Very resilient materials
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Therapy pressure range    4-30 cm H2O
Flowrate    22-61 LPM
Weight    99 g
Sound power level< 33±3 dBA
Sound pressure level< 25±3 dBA
Flow resistance @ 50LPM< 0.5 cm H2O
Flow resistance @ 100LPM< 1.5 cm H2O
Tube connection    22 mm
Headgear type    Crown-shaped design

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4.9 overall

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  1. James B.

    This is a replacement. It’s exactly what I ordered. Best think is that no prescription was required.

    James B.

  2. Don Nino

    This is the only Cpap mask I’ve been successful. It’s simple and easy to put on. I pair it with a cheap chin strap so my mouth doesn’t pop open.

    Don Nino

  3. RReese

    I wasn’t expecting all the choices of pillows…but now that I’ve tried them the medium seems the best for me.


  4. S. Saunders

    This is probably the most simple and best working mask I have used.

    S. Saunders

  5. Cathy G.

    easy to wear at night

    Cathy G.

  6. snikovsky

    Was a little apprehensive about switching to the nasal only mask, but after using this mask he has made the switch! It is completely silent, light-weight, and comfortable on his face. It came exactly as pictured. The fact that it came with all three sizes of nasal pillows was really great for the trying-on process.


  7. Barbara Brace

    Quick shipping and quality product

    Barbara Brace

  8. JTS

    It’s insane a couple bucks worth of plastic is $100. Unfortunately I need it. Still very good price compared to other stores.


  9. Cliff

    Exactly as expected. It is genuine product but more than half the price of ordering through doctor.


  10. Tim Clark

    It took some time to get used to this one, but it is better than my nose covering one. It’s been a good investment, now they can only do something about the long hose attached to the CPAP machine.

    Tim Clark

  11. MTaniguchi

    This nasal mask is so lightweight and low-profile that I barely notice I’m wearing it. The cushioned nasal cradle fits securely around my nose, creating an airtight seal without any irritation or soreness. The headgear is soft and stretchy, keeping the mask firmly but comfortably in place no matter what sleep position I end up in.

    Another great feature is how quiet this mask is. The air flow is smooth and quiet – no whistling or snorting sounds to drive my partner crazy at night. It’s also extremely well-built with durable silicone parts that are easy to clean and maintain.

    If you’ve been frustrated with some masks, I can’t recommend the DJMed nasal mask highly enough. It has finally allowed me to get the restful, uninterrupted sleep I need while still effectively treating my sleep apnea. An outstanding product that has improved my quality of life tremendously.


  12. Dawn

    The DJMed Type 3 Nasal CPAP Mask has been a game-changer in my sleep therapy journey. As someone who struggled with sleep apnea for years, finding a comfortable and effective CPAP mask was paramount to improving my quality of life. The DJMed mask exceeded my expectations on both fronts.

    First and foremost, the comfort level of this mask is exceptional. The cushioning around the nose is soft yet secure, providing a snug fit without causing any discomfort or pressure points. The lightweight design allows me to sleep soundly without feeling weighed down or restricted.