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Dual channel, digital electrotherapy pain relief EMS & TENS unit with USB rechargeable lithium battery.

Digital TENS Machine is an easy to use machine that offers non-invasive, natural pain relief without the use of any drugs or chemicals.

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TENS also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation delivers small electrical impulses to an individual’s nerve fibers that lie underneath his/her skin’s surface, hence blocking pain signals that are going to his/her brain via peripheral nervous system and/or spinal cord. In simple words, it is a therapy, which uses low voltage electrical current for pain relief.

Rechargeable TENS Machine operates with a small, battery powered machine, which is about the size of a pocket radio. Usually, one is supposed to connect 2 electrodes from the machine to his/her skin. Ensure you place the electrodes at pressure point or the area of pain, as it will create a circuit of electrical impulses that travel along your nerve fibers.

Rechargeable TENS Machine can be set to work on varying wavelength frequencies like a burst of electrical current or a steady flow of electrical current, depending on the intensity of electrical current required. Sometimes, it is your doctor who determines this.

Rechargeable TENS Machine is mostly used for symptomatic relief and management of chronic adjunctive treatment and intractable pain of post-traumatic or post-surgical acute pain. It is an effective method of eliminating or reducing pain; however, it is not suitable for all patients. Ensure you consult your doctor about it.

The EMS mode present is good for prevention and retardation and/or re-education of disuse atrophy.

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  1. Soffi Maks

    Bought for my daughter and it seems to help her get relief from her back pain.

    Soffi Maks

  2. Anna Shulga

    Update 10/10: It’s been about 3 weeks and this magic device help heal my shoulder. I now have another injury to use this on; my knee. I’m still using the original pads and they’re still sticky. I’m certain its because I clean my skin with rubbing alcohol before applying the pads.

    Anna Shulga

  3. M. G. Dolan

    I love this little device. It is easy to use and very helpful when you have a tough day at work

    M. G. Dolan

  4. KoiKeeper

    I believe that this is a quality product and would not hesitate to recommend it. This device is inexpensive and practical but you should expect to buy more pads than the four that come with it.


  5. Karen E.

    There’s nothing I don’t like about this product. It gives not just temporary relief but actually helps to recover.
    For yrs I’m suffering all sorts of pains and aches, as a consequence of my work. I’m a nanny, I carry, play and struggle with the kids, and not a day passes by that I don’t feel sore muscles or pinched nerve, sprains, and despite workouts nothing helped. I gave up any pills because Advil and similar medications would only mask pain, causing stomach issues.

    I was looking for a solution that doesn’t include medication. I asked my physician over the phone, but they wouldn’t share any info until I come and pay for the checkup. So I ran my own research, based on that I’m feeling lots of pain and discomfort as people having fibromyalgia. One of the articles mentioned TENS unit. I found it on Amazon and the price was very decent.

    On the first day upon arrival, I patched the most painful spots on my back and shoulders. The next day they were a bit puffy but I could move easier. But using TENS every day, the way body needs, changed the quality of my life!!! The aches are going away and do not come back. I’m not stiff, sudden move doesn’t cause pinching feelings or so.

    All I can say I wish I knew about this device before, would save me years of pain. Also, as my pain is healing, now I’m more sure I’m not suffering any serious condition, it’s just everyday muscle and body moves that eventually made me achy and stiff all the time.

    Karen E.

  6. GrumpyOldMan

    This specific tens unit may not look as fancy as some of the other touch screen devices, but it delivers true tens instead of just the EMS like some of the other devices I looked at. After just 15 minutes with guy on the knot I had it addressing was gone and I was pain free. I don’t know why I waited so long to get one, and you shouldn’t wait any longer! Get it, it feels like magic!


  7. Tara

    I have found this device very useful. I really think this is the best unit for the price.


  8. Ray Guffey

    Before learning I have cancer on my left hip bone, I tried this device to help alleviate pain. It worked temporarily on the pain. The device worked well. Use low number when setting the vibration!! Worth the money. Not for children unless paediatrician approves.

    Ray Guffey

  9. elephantwalker smith

    Received thanks

    elephantwalker smith

  10. Malin Ericson

    Thanks you!

    Malin Ericson

  11. Droid09 1963

    very happy thank you. fast delivery, highly recommended

    Droid09 1963

  12. Alexx99

    Work well


  13. Richard Neufeld

    Absolute relief!

    I have used TENS machines many times in the past, and I’ve had good machines and bad! This is definitely a GREAT machine! It is easy to use, once you read the instructions, and provides excellent relief from my chronic pain, which I’ve had for over 20 years. The rechargeable battery charges relatively quickly, and lasts well. I have nothing but positive things to say about it.

    Richard Neufeld

  14. Gardener42

    I didn’t know what to expect as my husband had one that was very old and quite large compared to this one. As I’m not that perfect with instructions I got my physio to show me how to use it. It’s very easy to use and although it only works while I’m using it and my pain comes back when I stop. It still gives me some good relief which I’ve not had for a very long time. I wis that I bought one a long time so. Very happy that I purchased this product. I would recommend anyone whose got chronic pain to give it a go. Some relief is better than no relief and for that, I’m very grateful. Super quick delivery too.


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