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Arch support, full length orthotic shoe insoles.

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DJMed Original Orthotic Shoe Insoles are a medical grade, firm but flexible support insole to address true arch problems and related conditions. They are light weight with an ergonomic heel cradle for increased stability contouring to the heels natural shape.

The top fabric of DJMed’s Original Orthotic Shoe Insoles minimise friction preventing blisters and allow the foot to stay cool and dry.

Original orthotic insoles offer relief from all day constant fatigue and the discomfort of vigorous activities like running. These are a premium DJMed orthotic product made for strong Medical grade support providing the right amount of cushioning to increase stability and reduce pain, while remaining flexible and comfortable.

SUITABLE FOR: Comfort for those suffering from flat feet, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis diabetic foot conditions and many more.

BEST FIT: Suitable for enclosed footwear such as Athletic Shoes, Work foot wear, Dress and Casual Shoes, with a slimmer fore foot area to help reduce over filling in tighter fitting shoes.

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Customer Questions

Are these meant to replace the inserts your shoes already have?

Both. They can be used as replacement or on top of insoles that are already in the shoe. It depends how tight fitting your shoe is.

My shoes is loose, bought the wrong size, can I put this into my shoes on top of the original insoles to make my shoes fit better?

Yes, good idea. I purposely bought my shoes a size larger intending to put these insoles in them. With the insoles they fit perfectly!

Can you run in these?

Yes. In fact the heel strike will be blunted more than with your original insole. Plus the higher arch feels good. They fit very nicely and snugly into the shoe. They were a little long for my shoes but there is a guide to trim them off a and it worked very well. I am completely satisfied with them. Highly recommend.

Do these relieve heel spurs?

I have soreness in bottom of my right heel. These inserts seem to relieve most of that pain.

Do these have good arch support? I have high archs and need extra support in my boots.

I have flat to medium arches so these insoles have been comfortable and supportive.

Based on 46 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Kathleen Kaden

    Almost didn’t have to trim them.

    Kathleen Kaden

  2. Louise Barry

    I have determined that the Small size works best for my foot issue.

    Louise Barry

  3. nMusker

    I have osteoarthritis at both ends of the metatarsals of both feet. I needed to move some weight from the heels and balls of my feet to the arches. This insert does this very well.


  4. Amy Doyle

    I got these the same time as I bought a pair of Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel Extra Support Insoles, and I have warn them each equal amounts, in a few different shoes. 5 months in one of the two insoles feels warn out and tired, and it is not the DJMed ones. I am impressed.

    Amy Doyle

  5. SarahHall

    Night and day difference in comfort. Little to no heel or inner ankle pain after wearing these, especially noticeable going down stairs.


  6. SamHS

    I wish I had tried these long ago. They are so supportive and feel great on your feet. It would have saved me the pain of Plantar Fasciitis. I had my Podiatrist look at these before I started using them and he thought they were good quality and would do the job of helping me to recover. Many orthotics for Planter FascIitis are only partial coverage. My doc said the full size offers better support and pain relief.


  7. junomars005

    These are a life safer if you suffer from PF. At a very reaseneble price.


  8. M. Markson

    Very light, look really good in the shoe! Good support to the arch of the foot. I use them in my running shoes and golf shoes (I walk) it has helped to eliminate the pain from Plantar Fasciitis.

    M. Markson

  9. smithjoshuathomas

    Cutting these to size was quite simple and they fit into my shoes nicely without any issues. I have plantar fasciitis, and these soles were firm yet not too firm which may cause additional pain for my condition. The most noticeable spot that relieves pain in these soles were near the arch area.


  10. N. Nguyen

    I had been told by staff in one of those “we’ll fix your foot problems” stores that I had high arches (which I doubted but went along with.) Consequently, the supports they sold me always felt like I had a rock under my foot. I tried these plantar fasciitis supports in my new walking shoes and am extremely happy. They are comfortable and provide the needed support – no aching feet at the end of the day, and no rocks under my fee. Thank you.

    N. Nguyen

  11. Helen Gray

    Surpasses expectation for price. Developed a very severe pain in my left foot that had all the telltale signs of plantar fasciitis. Added these to my day to day shoes and helped to alleviate it in about a week! Easy to trim along the lines to fit and seat well in the bottom of the shoe without any movement or wrinkling.

    Helen Gray

  12. willross002

    good deal. i purchased some similar to these at foot doctor’s office for 50 about a year ago. these were priced half that and same great quality.


  13. Levi Harris

    I just bought my second pair so I don’t have to remove from one pair of shoes to another. I bought my first pair over a year ago to deal with my plantar fasciitis on my left foot and what a difference! The material is sturdy and not flimsy. They solved the plantar fasciitis problem.

    Levi Harris

  14. vw

    Having flat feet and working in steel toe boots is a pain. The comfort and arch support is amazing. I am a big guy who wears steel toes for 10 hours a day.


  15. lucas.yan

    These orthotics are such a relief for my aching feet. I am flat footed and almost all shoes are uncomfortable for me these days. I could use another pair or two for my walking shoes.


  16. Oliver S.

    Better support than orthotic shoes!

    Oliver S.

  17. K. White

    Awesome thanx

    K. White

  18. jazzeoneajk

    I’m a waiter who works 40+ hours each week, constantly hustling on my feet. So far these have helped me with pain and discomfort. Time, of course, shall tell.


  19. Allen

    Excellent for plantar fasciitis sufferers, although actual comfort level may depend on individual foot.


  20. roger.beaumont

    Extremely happy with purchase.


  21. Michael

    Excellent arch support


  22. Ann Ecar

    Great product at a great price – the full size insert works as well as products 2 times their price. The 3/4 insert works perfectly with sandals. The shorter insert stays in place with sandals without any adhesive. Would recommend!

    Ann Ecar

  23. Michael Woods

    Comfortable with good fit

    Michael Woods

  24. Jack Williams

    I have a job that requires a lot of standing, plus I have flat feet, so by the end of the night my feet hurt. There inserts help a lot with the pain. I will add that you have to brake them in first for it to do its job.

    Jack Williams

  25. kelbel

    Just reordered another pair!


  26. Cicciarelli

    The best inserts I have found.


  27. blanchard

    These insoles are great! I’m a runner with flat feet and an overpronator. So, the trifecta. These insoles don’t work for my running shoes but gave me the support and relief for my work shoes which translated to my running shoes. I’ve countlesss brands and options but this was the first pair to ease the pain. Gone are the mornings with heal pain, gone are the other aches and pains as my body adjusted to walking differently to avoid the plantar pain. They are a little awkward when first wearing, but soon, my body adjusted and pain disappeared in a few days. I don’t know how often I will need to replace them but I’m definitely buying another pair.


  28. Carol Sanders

    I was hesitant due to low price. I walk everywhere i go, so good support is important to me and insoles wear out quickly. I was pleasantly surprised. Will it change your life or instantly cure issues? Of course not. However, definitely worth the price.

    Carol Sanders

  29. Domonic Griffiths

    I was damaging my shoes very quickly because I walk on a slant. They feel great and hopefully correct my placing in my shoes.

    Domonic Griffiths

  30. Juan M. R.

    I got these to replace my well-worn, very expensive inserts that I have used for years as they have been discontinued and the manufacturers replacements are junk…don’tcha hate it when they do that?! After less than a month and approximately 40km on them I went ahead and ordered another pair to keep from swapping out from road to trail shoes.

    Juan M. R.

  31. Roger P.

    Easy to cut to fit and they work great. I replaced the original insoles in my work boots with these.

    Roger P.

  32. Yijiao C.

    all good and fast delivery

    Yijiao C.

  33. Hollis

    I purchased these to help with my heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. They have helped immensely. They were easy to size to my shoes and made previously usuable shoes comfy. For the inexpensive price you really should give them a try.


  34. Stephen H.

    Bom! Fast delivery!

    Stephen H.

  35. Ben Walker

    Tried them with my airwalk shoes but they were uncomfortable. However when I inserted them in my waking tennis shoes, they fit perfectly after being trimmed down.

    Ben Walker

  36. Charmaine

    Many thanks for smooth transaction


  37. Mellissa K.

    Very effective orthotic and great value.

    Mellissa K.

  38. Richard H.

    So far, so good.

    Richard H.

  39. Andre Lecorchick

    I was pleased with the somewhat firm support that goes up to the arch of the foot. It actually soothes my plantar fasciitis. The inserts were a little large for the shoe but there are several lines up at the toe level that can be used as a guide to easily cut away with scissors until they fit well.

    Andre Lecorchick

  40. Troy Miskelly

    I like these very much. They trim down very easily for a personal fit and give good support.

    Troy Miskelly

  41. Sarah

    Everything met my expectations.


  42. Lia Shelton

    Fast shipping, very good value for money

    Lia Shelton

  43. gp ap

    I switched these back and forth from my work boots and my walking shoes to try them out. My heel pain went away right away. One day I got lazy and put on my walking shoes and wore them all day without the inserts. My heel pain returned with a vengeance. Ordering another pair ASAP.

    gp ap

  44. Juan Bai

    I have a heel spur and thought I would try the full length orthotics. These have helped my heel spur to go away (it does take time – few months) but they do work. I like the full length vs the short (just heal) ones as they do not slide everytime I put my shoes on. (But they do need a larget shoe)

    Juan Bai

  45. Willy

    My feet feel much better


  46. John Price

    Love these inserts! I bought a more expensive pair and was disappointed due to a lack of support. I bought this pair a week later and have had a lot of relief in my hips while running and training for a half marathon.

    John Price