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Heel and arch support orthotic shoe insoles.

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DJMed Original 3/4 Orthotic Shoe Insoles provide additional arch support and comfort for those suffering from flat feet and fallen arches to reduce overfilling in tighter fitting footwear.

The 3/4 length orthotic insoles contour the Arch to support Flat Feet & Over Pronation while offering light weight comfort and support.

The ergonomic heel cradle increases stability contouring to the heels natural shape. These premium DJMed orthotic product is designed for strong Medical grade support providing the right amount of cushioning to increase stability and reduce pain, while remaining flexible and comfortable.

BEST FIT: Suitable for enclosed footwear such as Athletic Shoes, Work foot wear, Dress and Casual Shoes, with 3/4 length to help reduce over filling in tighter fitting shoes.

SUITABLE FOR: Comfort for those suffering from flat feet, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis diabetic foot conditions and many more.

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Customer Questions

Will these stay put in women's sandals?

I would say no. Maybe the full length would. If I purchase again it will be the full length. The 3/4 are better for dress shoes because there is less room for toes in dress shoes.

Does this include two insoles or just one?

Two insoles one right one left.

Do these work well for high arches? Are they overly cushioned and bouncy?

It appeared to work on my high arch. Does not seem to be overly bouncy or to much cushion.

Can these inserts be work in walking shoes instead of dress shoes?

Yes, I wear them with dress shoes, casual dress shoes and boots, and my Nike running shoes from time to time even.

Are they soft or rigid?

They are rigid but flex when you bend them Working well for me in preventing heel pain when worn in sneakers, boots or leather dress shoes.

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  1. D. Woodcock

    These insoles work well for arch support. They also work in shoes where the full length insert doesn’t provide enough room in the toe area.

    D. Woodcock

  2. Steve B

    Stay in place in my work shoe because the shoes are more narrow in front. Slide a bit in my gym shoes. I use full length one in my gym shoes instead.

    Steve B

  3. Alan B.

    If you can’t afford custom fit orthotics, these should help you with ankle problems due to flat feet. That is based only on my personal experience. but I have custom fit orthotics, and these work about the same. I honestly can’t tell the difference.

    Alan B.

  4. Claire Sweeney

    I am a hairdresser and I am wearing these to work. I did not feel like they worked well in my running shoes because I prefer a soft sport orthodic for running. They are great for people who stand all day. I don’t have any pain in my arches when I wear these at work. I have very high arches.

    Claire Sweeney

  5. Matt M.

    Bought these to help with some painful plantar fasciitis that flares up every now and then. I have the full lengths Original in my running shoes and 3/4 in my shoes for work. The full length fit better in the sport shoe I am very happy. They give fantastic support to my very arches.

    Matt M.

  6. Sylvia

    These were suggested to me by my podiatrist. I have high arches, plantar facilitis, and my calluses were getting out of hand. My arches normally never touch my shoes when I stand/walk, but with these I have great arch support. Usually arch support hurts my arches even more but these don’t for some reason. They don’t take up a lot of space in my shoe plus I keep the same toe wiggle room because they’re 3/4 length.


  7. Steven W.

    The item was received. Excellent quality. Fast shipping. Everything is fine!

    Steven W.

  8. Abdullah L.

    Excellent product, fast delivery, very happy, will buy here again

    Abdullah L.

  9. rory.macdonald

    I refuse to buy any other shoe inserts. I’ve tried them all. These are the only pair that keeps my lower back aligned and not hurting. The only ones that relieve my foot pain.


  10. Angela E.

    I love these insoles. They really helped my foot to heal after the nerves were injured due to rockclimbing and the pain is gone now. For the first few days it may feel funny to have them in your shoe but you’ll get used to them very soon.

    Angela E.

  11. S.Knaap



  12. Lesley B.

    Thankyou, arrived on time

    Lesley B.

  13. Janice Long


    Janice Long

  14. Andreas S.

    These are great because they work with most shoes. They support my arch without making my shoes too tight. I wear them almost every day and I’ve seen a difference in how my whole body feels.

    Andreas S.

  15. Elizabeth Hamilton

    Well packaged item. As described. Quickly dispatched.

    Elizabeth Hamilton

  16. Julie Cooper

    Would buy again

    Julie Cooper

  17. jeffrey.altman

    I’m a seriously flat footed over pronated runner. I started experiencing some tendonitis from my long runs. After adding these to my shoes, no more tendonitis issues! The insert is rigid and the arch is high which is exactly what I need to correct my over pronation.


  18. dubaiToro

    I have a super high arch, so I didn’t like these. The good thing is they are cheaper than $400 i paid for custom inserts.


  19. David Gee

    Fast delivery and as described.

    David Gee

  20. Nathan B.

    Surprisingly comfortable. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like these! I didn’t think the half sole would be comfortable, but I’m glad to say I was wrong. These are really good supports, light weight, and easily fitting into shoes that couldn’t handle a full insole.

    Nathan B.