Over Toilet Aid with Soft Seat

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Over toilet frame with soft, padded seat, padded armrests, side stability cross-bracing and included optional pail.

The soft, cushioned seat gives you 40mm of plush padding that makes sitting on the toilet much gentler and more soothing. This takes pressure off sensitive areas for a more enjoyable and pain-free experience.

The supple padding conforms to your body’s shape, allowing you to relax as you take care of your personal needs.

Non-slip rubber tips on the leg posts keep the frame firmly planted in position without marring surfaces.

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Over Toilet Frame with Soft Seat – the perfect blend of comfort, stability, and convenience for your bathroom needs. Crafted with precision and designed for enhanced support, this freestanding frame surrounds your toilet, providing a reliable aid for those seeking assistance and stability during toileting.

Comfortable Soft Seat: Our frame comes equipped with a soft, padded seat that offers an extra layer of comfort. Say goodbye to uncomfortable transitions – this seat provides a cushioned surface, ensuring a pleasant experience during use.

Sturdy Support and Stability: Engineered for reliability, this over toilet frame boasts robust armrests on either side, offering secure support and stability for individuals needing assistance with sitting down or standing up. The frame’s sturdy construction ensures peace of mind and confidence during transfers.

Adjustable Height and Customization: Tailor it to your preferences! The frame’s height is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you require added elevation or prefer a lower setting, customization is at your fingertips for maximum comfort and convenience.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Simple to set up and maintain, this over toilet frame with a soft seat is designed for user-friendliness. Its easy-to-clean surface ensures hygiene and durability, while its straightforward installation process makes it accessible for immediate use.

Versatile and Functional Design: The soft seat over toilet frame is not just a functional aid but a versatile addition to any bathroom. Its thoughtful design complements various bathroom aesthetics while offering practical support and assistance.

Empower yourself or a loved one with the comfort, support, and peace of mind provided by our Over Toilet Frame with Soft Seat. Upgrade your bathroom experience today!

SKU: 40203 Category:
Seat height (top of seat)49-62 cm
Seat size41×41 cm
Total Height71-84 cm
Width between armrests51 cm
Max required footprint67×49 cm
SWL130 kg

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  1. Jasmine

    I recently had surgery and needed a lift for the toilet. This product was easy to assemble and I like that it’s not attached to my toilet. I like that you can adjust the legs up or down. Also, I feel it is very sturdy.


  2. ShopaholicMum1

    Fits very well over our toilets. It is FULLY ADJUSTABLE, very STABLE, & the seat is much COMFIER than the ones that are hard plastic. She really appreciates the cushioned seat.

    We have a kiddo who has had some medical issues & surgeries, so we need some adaptive products to make our home & bathrooms easier to be navigated for the child.

    We have a separate portable potty with a bucket for any time when she can’t make it to the bathroom due to limited mobility, & also needed a seat in the bathroom that would give more stability & safety with a frame around the seat.

    The seat can be removed easily for cleaning, & it can also be lifted upwards out of the way, if there are other males in the home, etc who need to use the potty, but don’t need the raised seat. They can swivel the seat out of the way & do their thing while standing, just like they do with just a regular toilet. That way you don’t risk getting urine on the seat & you don’t have to move the whole unit out of the way for able bodied males to be able to use it while standing.


  3. Angela

    I bought this for my mother she is 89. She fell in her bathroom and couldn’t get up . I was so happy to find this one. The price is right and my mother loves it and most important is she is safe .


  4. melissa

    Family member needed help. This was sturdy and convenient and good fit solution to maintain independence.


  5. BillieC

    Got this early so I could set up and see if it works in my space. Highly recommend you try out beforehand and get comfortable. I’m not a small individual and it holds well. Definitely worth it. Made me feel better prepared for my surgery and less anxious about this aspect.


  6. David

    Needed this in a hurry after ankle surgery. Arrived w/in 2 days; pretty easy to assemble (instructions and labels on parts don’t match up — which is confusing — but there are only a handful of pieces, so it wasn’t difficult to figure out how to put it together); once assembled, it’s simple to adjust the height. I weigh about 105kg and find it very stable. Would have been tough to get through my recovery without it!


  7. Caitlin H

    This product arrived quickly and in minimal waste packaging. This raised toilet seat is easy to put together, for the most part…

    The seat is comfortable and the product is very sturdy, doesn’t wobble. I do feel the price is a little ridiculous as there is nothing special about this raised seat. BUT, it does the job it was designed to do and it does it very well.

    Caitlin H

  8. William

    Easy to put together. Light weight but sturdy. Easy to clean


  9. P. A.

    Adjustable height and comfortable cushy seat & cushiony cover on the side bars. It feels sturdy when using

    P. A.

  10. diggerduckduck

    I got this for my mom and she loves it. It has the thickest padded seat of all those I looked at.


  11. Lisa S.

    This is a game changer! Very supportive and works great even for wide hips. I weigh 115kg and this device has allowed me to potty comfortably! Highly recommend after back surgery or limited mobility.

    Lisa S.

  12. W.Hueber

    it doesn’t wobble. comes apart easily for storage. light-weight so easy to move if needed. easy to clean.


  13. JG (QLD)

    Helped patient with broken kneecap to access toilet

    JG (QLD)

  14. Bob Mercer

    I bought this to use in bathrooms to fit over low toilet seats. It works perfectly! It can also be used as a shower seat, although I have not tried it yet. Equipment like this allow the aging process to be easier… Thanks!

    Bob Mercer