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Regain Independence in the Bathroom with the Over Toilet Frame Aid

Struggling to get on and off the toilet safely? Our Over Toilet Frame aid is here to help! This sturdy, lightweight frame provides the extra support you need for a safe and comfortable bathroom experience.

  • Increased Stability: Sturdy frame with adjustable legs ensures a secure fit for most toilets.
  • Improved Independence: Armrests make it easier to sit down and stand up, promoting independence in the bathroom.
  • Maximum Comfort: Comfortable, contoured seat with removable lid for easy cleaning.
  • Safe and Secure: Non-slip rubber feet provide excellent grip on any bathroom floor.


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An over toilet frame is a assistive device designed to provide support and stability when using the toilet. It is particularly useful for individuals with mobility issues, disabilities, or those recovering from injuries or surgeries.

Sturdy frame: The frame is made of durable aluminum, and it is designed to withstand significant weight and pressure. It usually extends over the toilet.

Height adjustability: Height-adjustable, allowing them to be customized to the user’s specific needs and toilet height. This feature ensures a comfortable and safe fit.

Increased independence: By providing support and stability, an over toilet frame can promote independence and reduce the risk of falls or accidents while using the toilet, especially for individuals with limited mobility or balance issues.

Easy installation: this over toilet frames is designed for easy installation and removed when necessary.

Over toilet frames are commonly used in homes, healthcare facilities, and other settings where individuals require additional support and safety when using the toilet. They can significantly improve accessibility, promote independence, and reduce the risk of falls or injuries.

SKU: 40201 Category:
Seat height (top of seat)54-71 cm
Seat size41×38 cm
Total Height73-90 cm
Width between armrests48 cm
Max required footprint64×55 cm
SWL130 kg

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  1. laurel

    instructions ambiguous, however is sturdy.


  2. Aussie James

    Satisfied with this toilet riser. Its construction is fairly rugged, and the seat is comfortable. Assembly was straightforward. There are two basic types of risers: the legless kind where the support handles extend outward from the riser seat itself, and the legged kind where the support handles are upward extensions of a four-footed structure. This one belongs to the latter class. This difference matters primarily because, in the case of the former style, if a heavy, mobility impaired individual is trying to seat himself while putting considerable pressure on the handles, the handles noticeably deform under the stress due to their less stable design as nothing more than a click-in part of the riser seat itself. Conversely, this model’s support handles are vertical extensions of the legs, so when a heavy individual applies pressure as he seats himself, there is 0 handle bend, given the significantly greater structural design. This may sound picky, but it’s critical.

    Aussie James

  3. XU

    After surgery doctors orders have to be followed. Wide enough to be comfortable. Always check width when you buy.


  4. A O’Donnell

    My mother in law is on the taller side. This makes getting up from the toilet a problematic affair, even with an elevated seat that they provide for her in her assisted living facility. She kept mentioning that if she only had a few more centimetres of height, this would make the difference. She disliked, understandably, having to call on staff to assist her with standing up from there. Now she can get up without serious issues, which is a hugely liberating thing for someone in assisted living

    A O’Donnell

  5. Tommy

    My mother has Alzheimer’s and is scared to bend down to use the toilet, we got this so that we could elevate the seat so she wouldn’t be as scared using it. The product is sturdy (both the seat and handrails), and can support her when she is using the toilet. It fit our toilet and has presented no issues during everyday use.


  6. Simon (VIC)

    The arm rests allow you to back up to the seat from a walker and transfer to a sitting position smoothly. Very sturdy and comfortable. Adjustable height allows feet to rest on floor taking any strain off the knee. No scary wobbling when applying more downward pressure on one arm rest vs the other. Very happy with product.

    Simon (VIC)

  7. Lynette1960

    Using this for my 90+ mother who has issues getting up from sitting position. This raised toilet seat is perfect for her. I can adjust the seat and she has no problem getting up now by herself. Sturdy too with non-slip legs.


  8. David

    I hope you never need one but if you do, this is the one. After my hip replacement operation, the hospital told me I had to have one of these. They were right. Very comfortable. You can adjust the height easily.


  9. BazH

    very sturdy and adjustable


  10. Tony Lo

    I have arthritis in my knees and this is a great help to me. Directions to put it together could be better. Easy to assemble once you figure out the little pictures, just slots together, you can adjust it to your requirements, and then put in bolts to hold it. Sturdy and makes my life easier.

    Tony Lo

  11. Ian Cameron

    Got this for my hip replacement and it has worked very well

    Ian Cameron