Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

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Affordable, multi-purpose stethoscope with excellent acoustics designed for clinical use.

The legendary design features of the Sprague have made it one of the most popular stethoscopes in history, traditionally trusted to detect faint heart sounds and murmurs.

Unique five-in-one stethoscope that eliminates the need for different stethoscopes for infants, children, and adults.

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Made to be acoustically superior and versatile, this stethoscope is suitable for doctors, pediatricians, cardiologists and medical students.

The threaded chest piece permits the use of five interchangeable fittings. Using the correct chest piece fitting permits accurate detection of low, medium and high frequency sounds indicative of a range of lung and heart conditions in infants, children and adults.

The choice of adult and pediatric diaphragms for recognition of high pitched respiratory sounds and certain heart sounds, along with three bells (adult, child and infant), for low frequency sound detection, ensure accurate detection over a wide frequency range.

Matching the diaphragm or bell to the patient’s size gives better sound location and the twin 56 cm head to chest tubes, provide clear acoustics for more exact condition diagnosis. The adjustable binaural has a choice of silicon or mushroom ear tips which come in the accessories pouch, which also contains a spare adult and child plastic diaphragm and the three bells.

VERSATILE. With its unique five-in-one design, this stethoscope can be used in a wide variety of cases, making it the most versatile stethoscope available.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL. This stethoscope is designed to be functional and durable for a long time. Together with its excellent performance, this is considered to be of superior standard.

LATEX FREE. The soft-sealing ear piece and tubing material is latex free. Along with safety, it provides a nice acoustic seal for excellent hearing and a comfortable fit.

EASY TO CLEAN. Tubing material is produced with resistance to skin oils and alcohol to enable longer tube life. Easy to clean with 70% alcohol and less likely to pick up stains.

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Chest piece Zinc steel alloy
Tube Binaural assembly
Ear tips Latex free

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  1. John

    Good quality and able to auscultate well. Can hear breath sounds and heart murmurs without difficulty. Much cheaper than Classic II.


  2. siama thomas

    I’m an EMT, and have one of these and a littman lightweight II (3 times the price) and have compared it to everything up to a cardiology 3. No stethoscope I’ve held this against apart from the cardio 3 is as good as this. Period.

    siama thomas

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