Rebotec Safe-In-Anatom-Soft, with Safety Cuff & Hinge

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Forearm crutches with anatomically shaped handle

The Rebotec Safe-In-Anatom-Soft are height adjustable forearm crutches with partially enclosed cuff and flexible hinge system. Available in a variety of colors. Sold as a pair (2pc)

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Rebotec Safe-In-Anatom-Soft forearm crutches with anatomically shaped handle.

  • Forearm cuff with hinge to improve mobility
  • 10 adjustments in height + 3 height adjustments from handle to cuff
  • Safety night light reflector facing back
  • 130 kg body weight capacity

Crutches are sold in pairs (2pc)

ADJUSTABLE: The Rebotec forearm crutches are easily adjustable and user friendly. It is built with 10 adjustments in height + 3 height adjustments from handle to cuff. The cuff is partially enclosed and has a flexible hinge system.

EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG: Rebotec products are of high quality material and exceptionally strong. With these forearm crutches in use, it can carry up to 130 kg of body weight.

STYLISH: The Rebotec Safe-In-Anatom-Soft forearm crutches are available in different colors, allowing you to choose which is suited for your taste. These crutches offer functionality and style while in use.

LIGHTWEIGHT & HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: This forearm crutches are made from Germany, and are built with strong, lightweight, aluminium alloy tube. It offers great sturdiness and stable support for the user. Durable and guaranteed to last long.

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Height from handle to cuff22 cm – 25 cm (adjustable)
Height of handle74 cm – 97 cm (adjustable)
Diameter Ø in mm:22/19
User guide Download
Country of originGermany (Design & Manufactured)


 Safe-In-Soft  Safe-In-Anatom-Soft 


 Safe-In-Soft  Safe-In-Anatom-Soft 

Customer Questions

How do I measure for forearm crutches?

Stand Upright: Stand straight, wearing your regular shoes.
Relaxed Arms: Let your arms hang naturally by your sides. Relax your shoulders.
Measure Height of Handle: Measure the distance from the floor to the top of your thumb just bellow the crease of your writs when your arms are hanging comfortably at your sides, with a slight comfortable bend in the elbow. This measurement is your ideal forearm crutch of handle height.
Adjustment: Use the measurement obtained to adjust the crutches’ height accordingly.
Test and Fine-Tune: After adjusting the crutches, test them by placing them under your arms. The handgrips should be at a comfortable level, allowing a slight bend in your elbows (around 15-30 degrees) when holding the grips. Ensure the cuffs fit comfortably around your forearms without being too tight or too loose.
Walk Around: Take a few steps with the crutches to check for comfort and stability. Make any necessary adjustments to the height or positioning if needed. Remember, forearm crutches need to be properly fitted to avoid discomfort or strain on your arms, wrists, or shoulders. If possible, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a healthcare professional or a specialist when adjusting or selecting forearm crutches to ensure they’re the right fit for your specific needs.

How to walk with forearm crutches?

1. Stand up straight with the crutches placed slightly in front of you about 6 inches from your toes. Adjust the handgrips so your elbows are bent 20-30 degrees when holding the grips.
2. Keep your wrists straight and weight evenly distributed between both crutches and your injured leg. Engage your core muscles to avoid leaning forward or back.
3. Move the crutches forward first, about 30-40cm at a time. As the crutches move forward, step forward in between them with your injured leg.
4. As you step, all of your weight should go into the crutches – do not bear weight on the injured leg.
5. Bring your good leg forward to meet the injured leg at the end of the step. Avoid moving the good leg too far past the injured one.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each step, keeping the crutches far enough apart for stability but not so far that you have to reach forward uncomfortably.

About Rebotec

REBOTEC forearm crutches quality designed and made in GERMANY

Well trained, responsible and looked after staff at REBOTEC prioritise reliability, consistency and quality control over simply high numbers and profit.
REBOTEC uniquely designs, build own tooling, manufactures and assembles out of Quakenbrück Germany. Everything is quality made in Germany.
German engineering is culturally synonymous with high quality, durable craftsmanship and sound, efficient design. Choose REBOTEC, a better quality option.
Design, tooling and production: precise build in house tooling and low manufacturing tolerances produce an exceptionally high quality product.

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4.8 overall

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  1. Robina Campbell

    The best crutches! I’ve been using the old medical type elbow crutches for years as I had no idea you could buy coloured ones. They are so comfortable and soft on the hands and quiet to use. Best thing I’ve done is getting these in go fast red!! Quick service too! Thank you.

    Robina Campbell

  2. eternalhowl

    I’m a physical therapist who recently underwent hip surgery. As a result I have to be off my leg for 3 weeks (4 more days as of writing this) and I discovered after two days of clunky, hospital-issued crutches weren’t worth my time or money. They were clunky and loud, woke up the whole family any time I walked anywhere, always managed to fall when I leaned them on something, and left my ribs raw and bruised, no matter how I adjusted them.

    I walk extremely fast, and I’ve been hard on these crutches – standing and walking for 7 hours a day so far, with a 12 minute walk to and from my car – so I’m not surprised that the tips are showing a bit of wear already. The crutches overall are steady, safe, and designed well.

    Overall a really good, inexpensive, highly reliable product.


  3. JBC.

    These crutches were light weight and really helped me get around after my surgery. I didn’t need them more than 1 month, so I can’t speak to the longevity of the product but for my uses, they were perfect.


  4. Marc

    Best crutches ever!


  5. sammylow59

    Just had knee surgery for torn acl. These crutches will work to get me through a couple of months. Pretty sturdy. Very light weight. Much more comfortable than traditional crutches.


  6. EAAlex

    Very good and happy


  7. Mel Shellz

    Better than the older style but still they are a pain to use, cant wait until I get better.

    Mel Shellz

  8. Jeanne Kane

    Very good buy. Easy to use and maneuver with. Used them 2 months before hip replacement surgery and have been using them during rehab too. Very light, yet strong and durable. I weigh 275 and have had to bear down and use these hard. Great value.

    Jeanne Kane

  9. gail andersen

    – super fast shipping
    – crutches are incredibly lightweight
    – excellent price
    – feel solid and pretty sturdy
    – nearly silent after adjusting
    – grips are squishy which I wasn’t expecting

    – again mileage may vary but I prefer the elbow angle a bit wider

    gail andersen


    Well made, light weight, look great.

    I’ve used regular underarm crutches and they just don’t cut it for long term use. I’ve used other cheaper brands of forearm crutches. But due to short arms have found them to be quite uncomfortable to use as the end sides of the cuffs rubbed on the insides of my elbows. Also they are so heavy.

    hey are made in Germany and just like a well made fancy German car. These crutches are quite the walk. Also really quite, no rattle.


  11. CodysLab

    I’m 167cm and have a labral tear in my right hip that sometimes makes me feel like I’m going to lose my balance when I walk. These wonderful forearm crutches really help me stay in balance so I can walk long distances. I recently loaned them to my 87 year old Aunt and she loved them. I don’t think I’m getting them back. Time to order another pair, I guess.


  12. jack

    good. arrived now. have not tried them yet


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