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Three wheel rollator walker with folds to very small profile with large diameter wheels, includes bag.

Convenient wheeled walker aid to improve your daily mobility. Walk around town, the mall or your home with ease using this durable rollator.

A 3 wheeled walker can be the ideal solution moderate amount of support while being the most portable and agile. Large wheels make a Rollator a superior option over a standard 3 wheeled walker, eliminating the need to lift the device and allowing you to walk with an easy, smooth gait.

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Out of stock

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EASILY NAVIGATE IN SMALL SPACES: Providing stable support, the tri-rollator is compact and lightweight for use at home or on the go. The three-wheel rollator features a front swivel wheel for greater manoeuvrability in tight spaces, crowded areas, narrow hallways and more. The 7.5” wheels are ideal for navigating both indoors and out on moderately smooth surfaces.

FOLDABLE DESIGN: Quickly collapsing for transporting in a vehicle or for convenient storage, the tri-rollator neatly folds in half. The compact rollator is also freestanding when folded for positioning beside a chair or sofa.

LIGHTWEIGHT ADJUSTABLE FRAME: Constructed with durable aluminium, the tri-rollator is exceptionally lightweight and supports up to 125 kg. Easy to assemble with no tools required, the compact rollator handlebars are also height adjustable for personal comfort.

ACCESSORY BAG: Included accessory bag holds drinks, snacks, glasses and essential items in a secure pouch. The stylish grey rollator bag easily snaps on to the frame and is removable for cleaning and long-term storage.

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Maximum width62 cm
Overall length62 cm
Unit weight5.8 kg
SWL125 kg
Handle height to ground 81 – 97 cm
 Wheel size 20 cm (8″)

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4.6 overall

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  1. lydia tinoc

    I got this Walker for my mom, to help her be more mobile and independent. She loves it, and enjoys being able to get around by herself again. It is light weight and easy to fit in to her car.

    lydia tinoc

  2. Angelo

    My mother of 92 yrs loves it. It’s stable, a nice compact size, great weight and can be placed in a car easily. I would recommend and purchase again.


  3. 1personiam

    …it is light and folds up to only ~10cm which fits behind the driver’s seat in the car. …the manoeuvrability is fantastic as well.


  4. Mary S

    It’s perfect. Stable and easy to assemble.

    Mary S

  5. John A.A.

    Really, Really, Really totally impressive walker.

    Finally had to realise that I can hardly move thanks to arthritis so I bought this and wish I had it years sooner because it is so handy for moving my crap around the house let alone for walking.

    John A.A.

  6. Joyce M.

    I have 2 other rollators/walkers that I have been using since I had fallen and broken my ankle last year and then knee replacement this year. I needed something easily maneuverer and light weight that I could put in my car and this has been perfect. I had read the other reviews and stability has not been a problem. You do need to pull out the sections that are the rear wheels all the way to give greater stability. I am very happy with this purchase and the price was much better than at the local shop.

    Joyce M.

  7. lehmann

    As expected


  8. Victoria

    It Is great my mom has dementia and was feeling pretty unstable and not trusting her balance she resisted at first glance at the walker now it’s her go to. A game changer for her.


  9. Duane Ellis

    Great features. Easy to put together. Love the light weight-I can pick it up and carry it with one hand. Stands up when closed.

    Duane Ellis

  10. Lynn Delacey

    this walker went together very easily, it is lightweight and not as bulky as the seated models. the back wheel distance is still very wide, however that is needed for stability. we zip strapped the brake cables to the frame so they hold closer to the unit. and the pouch comes in handy for transporting things from room to room

    Lynn Delacey

  11. Erik Lee

    Good price, nice wheels but very basic.

    Erik Lee

  12. c.quarmby

    I had a hip surgery and came home with crutches I could not carry a plate of food or a drinking glass while using crutches. The day I got this walker, I was rolling my water jug around to water plants, I put my small hamper on the seat and transported my laundry to the machine, and I put a plate of food on the seat and rolled it to the couch.


  13. Jennifer Lone

    Excellent product, well made, priced very competitively.

    Jennifer Lone

  14. Heli Burke

    Light, sturdy and turns on a dime.

    Heli Burke

  15. Kimberly Neall

    Fast delivery. Alot of bauble wrap on this thing when it arrived. Have to put that tighten the arms and its ready to use. So really easy.

    Kimberly Neall

  16. Subhakanta

    I wish I could rate this a 5 star because the walker itself, as far as the use of it, is great. It rolls well, it is a good height. It has the seat that folds down and the basket for carrying things. Unfortunately, my largest complaint about this rollator is that when you fold it up to take it anywhere with you, I have found no way to lock it into a folded position. But if you are using it because you have problems walking its really good for the price.


  17. Anthony C.

    I did some extensive online research before buying this product.My objectives were to find a Rollator which was substantially constructed, and also one which had oversized wheels. It is also a great value for the money spent. Highly recommended.

    Anthony C.

  18. evanrabin

    Its ok


  19. Alex Fremont

    Perfect for my needs but if you are larger then me (i am 120kg, 6′) I would suggest look for another model.

    Alex Fremont

  20. Waqas

    A little heavy for a senior to get in and out of a car, but otherwise this ‘Rollator’ works just fine for my uses. The building I live in has long, obstacle-free hallways. The rollator is perfect for walks in the thin-carpeted hallways. I’m glad I bought this product.


  21. Cherie Peters

    I got this for my Mom, and she’s been very pleased with it. I put it together for her (it’s not hard to do, it’s mostly preambled). The build quality is pretty good – the frame appears solid. She says she feels secure with it when walking or sitting – no wobbles or flexing in the frame.

    Cherie Peters