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Safety attachment indicator, vacuum attachment leavers, durable and wear-resistant engineering ABS polymer

Do you grip the walls when you shower, worried that your unsteady feet might slip out from under you? Do you avoid bathing alone because falling seems like more of a risk than it used to?

You’re not alone – thousands of adults struggle with stability in the bathroom, where wet, slippery surfaces can make even walking difficult. But now there’s a simple, easy-to-use solution: the Safety Suction Grab Rail.

Stop fearing falling and start feeling safe in the shower again. Bring home the Safety Suction Grab Rail and take back your freedom to bathe safely and independently. Order yours today!

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The Safety Suction Grab Rail is a suction-cup grab rail designed to provide extra stability and assistance in the shower, tub, or bathroom. This grab rail features a powerful suction cup that securely adheres to any smooth, flat surface like tile, glass, or fiberglass.

Exclusive Safety Attachment Indicator
The Safe-T Rail has a unique safety indicator that visually shows when the suction cup is fully secured to the wall, giving you confidence in the grab bar’s hold. The indicator window turns from red to green when proper suction power has been achieved, allowing you to shower and bathe with total peace of mind.

Installs in Seconds Without Tools
This grab rail goes up in seconds without any tools or hardware required. Just flip the easy-mount lever to adhere the industrial-strength suction cup, then lock it into place. The suction cup leaves no messy residue or damage behind when removing.

The Safe-T Rail provides the assistive support you need to prevent slips and falls for senior citizens or those with disabilities, arthritis, loss of balance, or mobility issues. Give yourself or your loved ones more confidence and security in the bathroom with the Safe-T Rail Suction Grab Rail.

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  1. William J Jr.

    This product is just the right size if you need an extra grip for balance. The power of the suction cup is much stronger than I expected it to be. There are indicators on each side showing green for good seal and red as needing adjustment. I really like this feature since it lets me know to not depend on the grip if it is red.

    William J Jr.

  2. John W.

    Super easy to install. Felt very secure when using 2 of them in the shower before and after knee surgery. Nice indicators to show if it is coming loose. Be sure to apply to the surface with some force to use the strong suction. Don’t rely oy on the fastener snap. Stays on and has a good grip for shaving and for entry/exit.

    John W.

  3. ron wm

    I was nervous about using a suction mounted bar but was amazed at the suction it had BEFORE I even locked it in place. I wiped the shower surface with alcohol before installing to make sure there was a clean connection. This is perfect for temporary use as my husband recovers from a stroke. It is great to have on hand should another need arise.

    ron wm

  4. Keith Heinemann

    I love the fact that it has a signal green or red if it is safe to support your weight. Very easy to install easy to follow directions.

    Keith Heinemann

  5. EVOKE

    Sturdiness (adds up to more confidence)
    Ease of installation
    Does not alter surface it is applied to (no screws,etc.)
    Sleek look
    Ease of cleaning.


  6. dynagirl

    They are great when traveling. Some hotels and guest houses do not have handrails. You can put them in the shower or near the toilet to assist the elderly or disabled. Works great. No slipping. Love the locking indicator. It made my mom feel safe to put her weight on it.


  7. Mel Bennett

    I bought this mostly for balance when I sit down on the shower chair or stand back up. I don’t put my full weight on it and so far it has stayed where I installed it. With the notches on the ends I am able to hook my handheld shower head so I can reach it while sitting on the shower chair. A good buy and I highly recommend it.

    Mel Bennett

  8. 1Bee

    While I’m normally wary of suction cup mounts for anything, I am so far very happy with these. We have an acrylic tub surround that we didn’t feel comfortable drilling holes into for bars, assuming we could even find the studs behind it. These were easy to install and the color indicators are reassuring. My husband sometimes has balance issues and needs knee replacement surgery so he uses them to steady his balance when getting in and out of the shower. So far they haven’t budged and seem very strong and trustworthy. I would encourage anyone considering this product to install it on recommended surfaces only, follow the instructions, and to check the colour indicators before each use.


  9. david blackley

    I’ve only had it installed for 1 day, but will update if something changes. Very easy to install. Grip is very tight. Feel safe that it won’t detached while showering. I would buy again.

    david blackley

  10. Steve Dryburgh

    Someone was thinking when they designed these. They are nice looking and easy to install. Just make sure that the surface you are adhering them to is super smooth and super clean. I doubt if they would adhere to textured ceramic tile, but shiny ceramic tile would probably be ok, and glass. It’s important to know that before using the tub or shower to check to verify that the suction is still good; red bar mean’s it’s not good, green bar means it’s good. Also, the suction will fail if the wall you adhere a bar to expands or contracts. I live in an apartment building and one of my bathroom walls is shared with my next door neighbor. When she showers the wall warms and the suction fails. So, I have learned to adhere the bar to that shower wall each time I shower and take it off when I am done. Takes just a few seconds. And, these are intended for balance issues, not for a person to lift themselves out of a tub.

    Steve Dryburgh

  11. DrG.R.Chumber

    Easy to install and stronger than smaller bars.


  12. henry

    With a clean wall and flat tile, I also used a special alcohol pad. This is now approaching 3 weeks and still up on the wall securely, I can’t answer for the others but a clean wall and perfect alignment on the flat surface, pressed into place till the green indicator appears seems fabulous. This has exceeded my expectations. At the least I would use this in a guest bathroom if you had any doubts about your own safety.


  13. D. Signorini

    Good strong grip – suction cups adhere well and stay in place. Very convenient for travel. Good assistance for balance while stepping over tub edge.

    D. Signorini

  14. MARY D.

    This is a great product. Much better than having someone drill through the Italian tile surround of the soaking tub. Also, can be removed when entertaining so the grab bar institutional look is gone.

    MARY D.

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