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Antimicrobial Properties – Latex Free – Cover I.V. & Wound Sites – Pair (2pc)

Arm skin protectors are highly recommended for use nursing aged care patients, in independent living settings, high care facilities or at home.

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Elderly people can have extremely fragile skin, often only as strong as tissue paper.

These arm protectors unlike many offer coverage and protection the the most vulnerable area, the back of the hand. As an option, some patients may prefer to have their hands completely free by simply removing their thumb from the hole.

Arm protectors are used to prevent skin tears and abrasions during day to day activities. The fabric feels very soft fitting, comfortable, snug and protective. Skin arm protectors are 100% latex free.

Wearing skin protective sleeves can reduce or eliminate traumas from friction, bumps and abrasions. Additionally to providing a layer of protection, they also provide warmth without compression.

These skin protectors have the added benefits of anti – microbial properties (Chitosan Rayon) protecting against odour causing bacteria often accompanying wounds and skin problems, fighting the growth of bacteria, moulds fungi.

  • Sold In Pairs (2pc)
  • Reduce incidence of Bruising, Abrasions & Skin tears
  • Fabric: a unique combination of Rayon, Nylon, Cotton & Spandex
  • Machine wash 38C & dry on low setting
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  1. Teresa

    These work very well. Having emphysema, I must use prednisone which makes my skin very thin and ugly bruises covered my hands and arms. Sliding these on in the morning has reduced the bruising significantly. I order another pair!


  2. Suxibo

    These gloves are the best I have found. They are soft, wash well with Woolite (hand wash and drip dry) some pilling but a clothes shaver takes care of that. I wear mine to my elbows…it would go over them but I don’t like anything snug on my upper arms. The band is snug so make sure your order large enough…mine is large and I am large…now if you are a king size guy or lady you might have to look else wear.



    Have used them many times since receiving them. No more spots or bruises from having thin skin. They fit comfortable and seem to be very durable. Think I will but another pair.


  4. C. D. Quiney

    If you have to wear them at all, this is one of the best. Thick enough to protect my arms, but in a soft comfortable fabric.

    C. D. Quiney

  5. Olivia G.

    Yea, fine

    Olivia G.

  6. Mary E Pruitt

    This product is just what I was hoping to get when I ordered it. Soft fabric with gentle elastic so it stays up but doesn’t feel like a blood pressure cuff! I thought the price was exceptional also.

    Mary E Pruitt

  7. Diane G.

    Purchased these for my elderly father who constantly has bruises and skin tears on his arms because his skin is so fragile. These skin protectors are great! Provide protection for his sensitive arms and now he doesn’t constantly have sore arms and bruised. Highly recommend.

    Diane G.

  8. VinnyO

    The DJMed Arm Skin Protector arrived as ordered. The best part is that it protects my arm from sunlight. What I like the least is that it could be a little thicker to provide more protection. Because of a medical condition my skin is really thin and bruises easily. Also the thumb hole is not very comfortable because I have a small hand. Ordered a small, would be nice if they had an extra small. All in all I would order again because of the sun protection it gives.


  9. Derrick Phipps

    Worked on my truck 1 month ago but was concerned I would tear up the skin on my arms since I’ve been on baby aspirin therapy. I decided to order the Arm Skin protectors and they worked like a charm. Not a bruise after 5 hours of engine work and reaching way into the engine compartment.

    Derrick Phipps

  10. M Rin

    My father has battled Cancer for several years and from all of the treatment the skin on his arms was very thin and susceptible to bruising/bleeding. The slightest bump and he would start bleeding. These sleeves have saved us a lot of cleanup and laundry protecting his wounds. Highly recommend! Just wish more Doctors/Nurses knew about these to recommend them a long time ago!

    M Rin

  11. Jacquelynn Sims

    These size L fit me just like I was hoping. They are slightly too long, but do not roll or pinch my upper arm. I wear them all the way to the arm pit. I am 188lbs and only 5’2″ (62″) tall. Cotton blend does not produce sweating, easy machine wash and air dry, easy to fold the hand over the wrist for hand-washing. I can wear 36-48 hours without odor or getting dirty.
    I use these for protecting my tender skin from ugly purple marks on my hands and forearms. They work!

    Jacquelynn Sims

  12. frank marquez

    I bought these because my skin is very thin and bruises and tears easily. I work retail and need extra protection for my arms.
    unfortunately for me, I’ll be ordering them again because I seemed to have lost them in a move.

    frank marquez

  13. Mzlopez

    I use these to protect my arms cuz my skin so thin. My doctor just assumed I had lymphedema. Which I do not have. If they work for what I need them for


  14. C.M.

    Works well when I bump my arm at keeping the red marks away.


  15. Jerry Bobbitt

    Excellent quality. Like the length especially. I bought for my husband. Size is true if you measure your arms accurately. Very durable. Will order from again when needed.

    Jerry Bobbitt

  16. Diane Sahaydak

    They protect my sister’s skin when she hits her arm even lightly as she passes furniture or through doors. etc. and has not had any skin tears while wearing them. Her skin is finally starting to heal and the bruises are getting lighter. They also match her skin color well and she looks much better when all her bruises and wounds are hidden. I would definitely recommend these

    Diane Sahaydak

  17. M. Mouzomenos

    Just what I was looking for. Product has just the right amount of body to protect my skin and not be too heavy.

    M. Mouzomenos

  18. Dasha Saian

    The red marks on my forearms have diminished since I received my first pair of Arm Protectors. I have already ordered and received a second pair!

    Dasha Saian

  19. Jake Gudgad

    The arm protectors are comfortable, stay up and help lessen my skin tearing.

    Jake Gudgad

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