Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Two Handed

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Aneroid sphygmomanometer consists of an inflatable cuff, a measuring unit and bulb and valve

Used to measure blood pressure, composed of an inflatable cuff to collapse and then release the artery under the cuff in a controlled manner and an aneroid manometer to measure the pressure

The simple, classic design is easy to use and has been relied upon by healthcare professionals for many years.

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This manual Two-Handed Sphygmomanometer features a black enamel gauge, rubber tubing and inflation bulb, and nylon cuff. The cuff is standard adult size and can be used for right or left arm. The sphymomanometer accurately measures patient blood pressure, providing healthcare personnel with vitally-important information about the patient’s condition.

The gauge can be removed from the cuff or hooked on for easy, versatile operation. Because the bulb and gauge are separate, two hands are required for use. This design is familiar to nearly all doctors, nurses, and assistive personnel. The Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is a patient assessment tool that is essential to every doctor’s office, acute care facility, long-term care facility, and many other settings. This sphygmomanometer is an excellent value, providing years of practical usefulness and highly-accurate patient assessment.

NON LATEX BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF: Designed to fit adult arms between 23-36cm in circumference. Made with durable nylon that secures comfortably with a high quality Velcro strip.

HIGH CONTRAST & EASY TO READ DIAL – The high contrast dial on the aluminum alloy manometer allows the use to easily read blood pressure measurements easily and accurately. The dial features a sturdy clip that attaches to clothing or belts when not in use.

END VALVE – Designed to reduce dust build up.

ZIPPERED CARRYING CASE – Easily store and transport when not in use with a secured zippered carrying case.

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  1. Miz Kitty

    I bought this for nursing school, it works great. I’m not sure how long it will last but it has lasted for four months so far and it is good for the price. I don’t really use it anymore since I passed my vitals test but I use it every once and a while to check my own blood pressure. I definitely recommend to any students who need a cheap bp cuff.

    Miz Kitty

  2. JazzRoyalty

    Basic blood pressure cuff that does the job well. I’m an paramedic and these are the ones that our ambulances are stocked with and they’re pretty durable. I’d recommend these over the metal D-ring ones so they don’t hurt the patient. Especially the older population who are a little more sensitive to pain.


  3. Miss Katonic

    Very easy to use. It has worked well for me so far.

    Miss Katonic

  4. laalaa99stl

    Purchased for daughter who is nursing school. Serves it purpose for a beginning nurse.


  5. M Kunes

    Been using it for 2 years and it stills works great

    M Kunes

  6. Keith Lee

    Use for practice, so far so good.
    I like the colour

    Keith Lee

  7. Jessie

    It seems to be of great quality. I’m actually impressed. Time will tell and I will let you know. Happy nursing.


  8. Catherine Johnson

    Very easy to use. I’m a nursing student and have preferred to use this as opposed to other blood pressure cuffs given in our classroom. It’s inexpensive, but of high quality. It even comes in a great carrying case.

    Catherine Johnson

  9. Sean A.

    Nice manual blood pressure cuff.
    Comes with a pouch to be stored in. Black in colour – clear markings to assist with placement and a loop for the gauge to be clipped to for further ease of use.
    Used it a good few times accuracy seems spot on.
    Reasonably priced for a nice quality cuff to go into my own personal kit bag.

    Sean A.

  10. 42×3

    Seems to work just fine. I have used it a few times. Seems to work just fine.


  11. Sascha Haber

    Easy to use, consistent results. I’ve had no problems thus far with this device. Good quality product.

    Sascha Haber

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