Bath Transfer Bench, Height Adjustable

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Bath chair for safe transfer to and from a bath, can be used on either the left or right-hand side of a bath

Adjustable height, ideal for the elderly, injured, ill, or pregnant. Comfortable moulded seat, Sturdy aluminum frame-durable, anti-rust and lightweight.

Transfer tub bench assists individuals while entering and exiting the bath for renewed independence.

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The DJMed bath transfer bench is a durable blow-molded bath bench with a backrest and an arm that can be added or removed without the use of tools. The back depth can be adjusted to three positions, and the transfer bench can be reversed to accommodate any bathroom.

Bath Transfer Bench Bring Stability To Your Bathing

Worried about falling, slipping, or not being quite strong enough to get in or out of the bath or shower? It’s a common concern. That’s where a tub transfer bench comes to the rescue. Helps prevent falls in the bathroom while fostering independence.

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 Seat size 67×41cm
 Seat height 46-58cm
 Total hight 61-73cm
 Max. footprint 52×76cm
 Frame Aluminium
 Seat HDPE
 Net weight 4.5kg
 SWL 110kg

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4.9 overall

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  1. peter moreira

    Easy to assemble. Sturdy.

    peter moreira

  2. JonSC

    The transfer bench was a great help . I Recently had two different foot surgeries on 1 foot, so I was down to one leg and this was such a help I was still able to bathe myself dress my foot from sitting on the bench after bathing. It was very sturdy and it has the back support when you’re showering and washing up. This purchase enabled me to stay in my home by myself with no help and take care of myself. It was a wise purchase.


  3. Stevie G.

    This is just one of those things that I needed getting in and out of the bathtub and taking a shower and even after I didn’t need it anymore I left it in there for stability just in case but just recently I’ve taking it out and put a smaller one in but I kept the big one because I know it’s gonna be just one of those things that I’m going to need later in life

    Stevie G.

  4. J Almanza

    My mom hip replacement and this bench works perfect getting in and out of tub. Her tub has a high inset, so it was to hard for her to get her leg over just yet. My dad now uses it also, just because it’s there. Great bench

    J Almanza

  5. Pikachulover6

    Enable me to take care of my personal cleansing needs by myself.


  6. Cam

    Well built, easy to out together. Very sturdy and stays put on its legs. Chair back can be placed on either side of bench. I fractured my right ankle and is currently in a splint and non weight bearing. We placed this bench in the tub and oriented it so that I could swing my left leg into tub and right leg elevated on bathtub ledge. We made a slit in plastic shower liner so we could put my right leg through it and keep it dry (we wrapped it in a kitchen garbage bag also)and keep water in the tub, not on the floor. We have a hand held shower and we ordered a shower head holder which attaches to the tile wall with a suction cup. This made it possible for me to reach shower head and be able to shower and wash my hair, all without getting my leg wet. I love this chair!


  7. Nikki C

    This shower/bathtub transfer bench offers fantastic value for the money and provides the utmost in safety.

    -Extremely sturdy.
    -Strong construction.
    -10 levels of seat height adjustment.
    -Comfortable backrest.
    -Easy to clean, but very durable plastic bench.
    -Excellent value for the money.

    -Requires assembly, takes at least 10min. No tools required though.

    I purchased this for my elderly mother-in-law and it performs exactly as advertised. It makes it exceptionally easy to get in and out of the tub/shower and is manufactured to extremely high standards. The only downside is that patience is required for assembly. Assembly is easy.

    Nikki C

  8. Rory F

    The product was everything was needed to be. It was very affordable. Easy to assemble. The shower bench was delivered in a very timely manner.

    Rory F

  9. haripradeep

    Works great in shower, you can adjust the level with two legs in shower and two outside on floor so the chair is level. Very sturdy.


  10. S. Rauscher

    I am non weight bearing due to fractured ankle. I’ve seen a variety of shower chairs and helped senior relatives use them.

    Some chairs are very flimsy or tippy. Also many falls are while getting out. So I chose this one because it was very sturdy, very stable, and I can slide over and get out “on dry land” instead of from a wet, slippery tub.

    I found the backrest and side handle unnecessary, but it might help others. For example if someone with uncertain balance was being helped to shower, they could hang onto handle. Also lean or tip back against seat back when you washed their hair. I left them on toward the inside of tub and they don’t get in the way.

    S. Rauscher

  11. Angela Morris

    This item is an essential item in my life, it allows me independence when it comes to bathing and taking care of myself. I never thought this would be something I own but I do and I’m thankful for it. Thank you

    Angela Morris

  12. vl

    As described


  13. Lauren B

    I love my chair. Has made it easy for me to shower myself in comfort. I can stay in the shower and enjoy the process without worrying I will “run out of steam” standing. I am about 160m and 70kg, perfect for me.

    Lauren B

  14. Asif Khan

    Fits well in a small bathroom. Thought this was going to be too big for bathroom here toilet is next to shower. It fit with no problems and still a little room to spare. Grandma able to sit and slide in the shower with no concerns of falling in anymore.

    Asif Khan

  15. Glen Porter

    Easy to assemble, no tools needed, just click things in to place. Worked well for my fathers shower tub after his open heart surgery. Will keep this on hand for future use after he’s back on his feet.

    Glen Porter

  16. Liang

    I’ve used several kinds over the years and this one surpasses them all with flying coulours! The others used to rust terribly from the water and I would have to replace the parts like every few months if got expensive. But this one is better. The legs still stay in place it doesn’t move around. It’s a great chair.


  17. Pawan

    works as advertised. easy assembly. legs adjust to a nice height.


  18. pauline ghilardi

    Easy to use

    pauline ghilardi

  19. Boris Yung

    It is used for someone has a problem standing very long.

    Boris Yung

  20. Andrew

    I used this shower chair for rehab for a Knee surgery. It was very safe, stable, easy to use and easy to put together.


  21. John Mathie

    My Situation: Broke my hip socket and was told not to put any weight on my right foot. When I left the hospital, they gave me an old man walker and a commode, which they told me could double up as a shower bench. Bad idea listening to the people ran by the insurance company. The commode is not made to withstand rust, fit well inside a bathtub, nor make it easy for someone to get in and out of a bathtub.

    Solution: Get a real shower bench and this one was priced right. I’ve been using it for the past 3 weeks and now I look forward to taking a shower because of its convenience. I’m 119kg.

    Overall: At my weight, I would recommend this bench for temporary use (less than 1-2 years). It doesn’t feel like it will last forever and at this price, it’s cheap enough to replace. If you are lighter, then the stress on the plastic will be minimal and may last longer. It’s definitely been a life saver for me now because I’ve regain some of my independence.

    John Mathie

  22. Paola Magn

    Sturdy and dad felt safe. But made for a standard bath.

    Paola Magn

  23. M.Melugin

    We like the adjustable legs as the floor in shower is higher than the floor outside. Stable and strong enough. Works really well in the shower also.

    Update: It created a lot of problems as the shower curtain could not be in the shower resulting in a large water spill in the bathroom. So we gave up on it, since there was no solution to the size. Switched to a simple stool.