Rebotec Safe-In-Excess Length (pair) – Tall Forearm Crutches


Tall forearm crutches with hinged forearm cuff for improved mobility.

Rebotec Safe-In-Excess Length Crutches are designed to improve your mobility, comfort, and support.

These crutches have a hinged forearm cuff with ten height adjustments, allowing you to find the most comfortable and practical height.

A safety night light reflector is also included to help improve user safety when using crutches in the dark.

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$208.99 for 2 items

Rebotec Safe-In-Excess Length – Tall Forearm Crutches are a stylish, safe and effective alternative to full-size crutches. This forearm crutch is an excellent option for individuals that require added height support or struggle with knee or back pain from long-term use of standard crutches. In addition, the crutch provides ten adjustments in height + 3 height adjustments from handle to cuff. 

  • Improve mobility
  • Adjustable
  • Extra support
  • Additional 10cm tube length

ADJUSTABLE: Easily adjustable for ideal height and comfort, allowing you to adjust the handles forward or backward on your forearm crutches to achieve your desired grip length.

ADDITIONAL LENGTH: Excess length is the solution to all possible problems. You can extend your crutches lengthways. Extra 10cm length means you can walk further, stand taller and feel safer compared to a standard crutch.

NIGHT SAFETY: Visibility is a must when using crutches at night. With this Rebotec Safe-In-Excess Length – Tall Forearm Crutches, you’ll never have to worry about going for a stroll in the dark again

STABILITY: The increased length and extra safety features allow maximum stability on various terrains.

SKU: 116.10.20 Category:
Height from handle to cuff22 cm – 25 cm (adjustable)
Height of handle85 cm – 107 cm (adjustable)
Diameter Ø in mm:22/19
User guide Download
Country of originGermany (Design & Manufactured)


About Rebotec

REBOTEC forearm crutches quality designed and made in GERMANY

Well trained, responsible and looked after staff at REBOTEC prioritise reliability, consistency and quality control over simply high numbers and profit.
REBOTEC uniquely designs, build own tooling, manufactures and assembles out of Quakenbrück Germany. Everything is quality made in Germany.
German engineering is culturally synonymous with high quality, durable craftsmanship and sound, efficient design. Choose REBOTEC, a better quality option.
Design, tooling and production: precise build in house tooling and low manufacturing tolerances produce an exceptionally high quality product.

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