DJMed Toe Bunion Pads (Set of 4)

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Soft gel toe bunion protection pads

Includes: 2 pairs (4 pieces)

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DJMed gel bunion sleeve protector pads help prevent discomfort by cushioning toe and bunions against pressure and friction from footwear. Their low profile design fits inside most shoes and adjusts itself to the contours of the fifth toe and joint.

The closed cell gel material does not absorb or breed bacteria for a sanitary healing environment. The gel bunion protectors are durable and reusable.

Bunion cover pads work best in snug fitting shoes to help prevent rotating and bunching up. Consider wearing snug fitting socks to help keep the pad in place.

Always ensure you have dried between and around your toes well before using toe spacers for a healthier bacteria-free environment.

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Customer Questions

How often should I use it? Everyday? All day, or just few hrs? Can I use with sneakers or only at home when resting?

Can be worn with any kind of footwear. You don’t feel it when on, they’re comfortable and prevent the bunions from getting worse. I use it all day when going out.

Are these reusable?

Absolutely! Just hand wash in soapy water and air dry to keep them clean.

Does it realign a hammer toe?

Not exactly. It maintains the spacing between the toes though, and it keeps my hammer toe where it belongs mostly. Additionally it protects from further aggravation to the area and makes day to day very comfortable.

How thick is the bunion pad?

It’s actually not thick at all. The gel pad is super comfortable and I don’t even notice it when I wear it. I only notice that my discomfort is a lot less.

Will this work well with heels?

I would assume that they would. However, they’re not comfortable in narrow shoes. The toe box must be big enough to accommodate the toe spacer. Otherwise they can be uncomfortable.

Based on 53 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. Jessi Nesbitt

    The gel pads worked perfectly for me. Due to a lot of tap dancing, I had quite a bit of pain.

    Jessi Nesbitt

  2. Katrina

    They helped my pain from my bunions. Thank you


  3. Seth

    Good for those with callus on big-toe


  4. heather.peterson

    I was surprised by the comfort it gives you. I have been using it for about a month, every day, during the whole day with shoes/sneakers/boots. You know you are wearing it but you don’t really feel it, which is good.


  5. Jenny D.

    Very comfortable and cushions that pressure point.

    Jenny D.

  6. Santo G.

    Works fine. Can wear in shoes and socks.

    Santo G.

  7. Christina Campbell

    Arrived on time. well packed and goods were perfect just as described. Would recommend!

    Christina Campbell

  8. Katherine Ramirez

    It is a real deal for pain relief. These bunion pads work wonders and for the price as well as being reusable and easy to use.

    Katherine Ramirez

  9. Sandra J.

    They arrived within a few days of ordering and were as described. I am using them at the moment and have found them very comfortable even with my shoes on.

    Sandra J.

  10. Jenna

    They work great and really ease the pain. Haven’t used them long enough to see if they will correct the problem but it looks promising.


  11. carolyn bailey

    The design is very unique.

    carolyn bailey

  12. Amy Henderson

    I have had bunions due to wearing high heels since the age 17. Overall, I’m liking this product. It is easy to put on and take off.

    Amy Henderson

  13. Marie Johnson

    these are great value for money so much so that I ordered more for my husband – they are so comfortable that you forget that your wearing them and they do the job they are supposed to do

    Marie Johnson

  14. Susan S.

    I got these on Friday and I started using it since I got it. It’s been 2 days and I already feel like by using this product which separates the toes has helped with my pain in my legs. I have been wearing these all day at home and even when I go out I wear it with socks and shoes. They are very comfortable. These are made of gel and according to manufacture once they get dirty just wash it with soapy water and let it air dry. I haven’t washed it yet. But so far my feet and my legs are happy 🙂

    Susan S.

  15. christine

    I love these protector pads. They saved my feet from alot of hurt from my high heels.


  16. C. Collins

    After use several days, I decide to share my shopping experience for other peoples reference. I used it for my sports shoes and found it works very well. Relief the bunion pain. Like it very much, worth to buy!

    C. Collins

  17. Jacqueline

    Unexpensive solution for a long time problem.


  18. Angela Lee

    So far these pads have worked better than anything else I have tried. Very easy to clean. I wear them with and without socks with no trouble. I intend to buy a spare pair soon. The price is very reasonable.

    Angela Lee

  19. Chris Beaver

    Great deal, thanks, comfortable.

    Chris Beaver

  20. originl_day

    Arrived quickly


  21. Wanda Martinez

    I used it for a week now. It is doing a great job. Very soft.

    Wanda Martinez

  22. Barbara Gonzalez

    It is comfy to wear it during the day and in the shoes.

    Barbara Gonzalez

  23. Jenna

    it’s work great. fast shipping.


  24. cheryl h.

    very good

    cheryl h.

  25. janice l

    Great Product at a Great Price

    janice l

  26. Frank

    I bough it for my girl friend due to she hurt by her high heel every time. She said it is soft and comfortable. Also she like it because it is washable.


  27. Hernandez

    Definitely helps


  28. Ashley M

    Really have helped my foot while running, very thin and fit into shoe

    Ashley M

  29. Denise J.

    It cushions without being bulky. It is very comfortable to wear.

    Denise J.

  30. michelle

    Perfect fit. Very comfortable. Arrived quickly.


  31. Andrea Lee

    The product was as described. It was made very well, and was comfortable to wear. It did relieve some of the pain of my shoes on the bunion.

    Andrea Lee

  32. Lorene Barnett

    I’m happy so many found these pads to be helpful, but for me, it only made the pain less. It did not fix my foot permnantly.

    Lorene Barnett

  33. I. Willis

    A bunionectomy done about 4 years ago left my toe terribly deformed and I have no control of it. My hammer toe was getting worse and worse. I was getting an awful callus on the side of my foot from the misshapen “repaired” toe. Within a day I helt better already from these. My callus is almost completely gone after a couple of weeks wearing it. My hammer toe is much, much less painful. This product is wonderful!

    I. Willis

  34. Willie Hogan

    Bunions and overlapping toes? This is a great product to help ease discomfort. Happy.

    Willie Hogan

  35. DearJane Customer

    Bought it for my wife & she uses them regularly. She’s happy with it

    DearJane Customer

  36. Sara Scott

    Comfortable to wear on foot, helping my bunion and stops shoes from rubbing, best thing I have used it really works.

    Sara Scott

  37. sherry n

    I got a small bunion & after a while of wearing regular shoes, my bunion turns red & it hurts. With this toe spacer it also covered my bunion.

    sherry n

  38. Amanda Wood

    Good bunion sleeves.

    Amanda Wood

  39. Serafino Acquarone

    Quick delivery, easy to order, nice product.

    Serafino Acquarone

  40. Brenda

    Comfortable and relieved pressure


  41. Anne68



  42. lovemynewiphone

    Exactly what I wanted. Makes my shoes so much more comfortable.


  43. Nicole M.

    For the first time in my life, I have bunion pain. I don’t know what the future holds, but this product did help a great deal.

    Nicole M.

  44. Trevor Yates

    They are just as described and pictured. My order arrived in 2 days.

    Trevor Yates

  45. theresa_taylor

    stays on your feet and feels good


  46. Maxine Hall

    good customer service

    Maxine Hall

  47. Helen Flores

    fast delivry
    good wrapping
    great product

    Helen Flores

  48. Deborah Warren

    Got it, good transacton.

    Deborah Warren

  49. Judy71

    Seem to work could wear shoes that I haven’t be able to wear for years feels great would recommend to anyone.


  50. Judy L.

    I Hate My Bunions!

    Judy L.

  51. D. Simmons

    Product was just as advertised

    D. Simmons

  52. Susie Conner


    Susie Conner

  53. jody narmon

    Good quality and good price

    jody narmon