DJMed Toe Separators With Loop (Set of 6)

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Soft gel toe separators with loop

Assists by straightening overlapping toes and corrects toe alignment. Relieves pain and discomfort between toes.

Includes: 2 small, 2 medium, 2 large.

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$80.97 for 3 items

DJMed gel toe separator with stay-in-place loop offers relief from pain and discomfort between the toes. Ideal for sore spots, blisters and corns between toes.

The stay-in-place loop ensures the spacer will not move and soft gel offers relief while aligning toes into a healthier position.

Gel toe separators offer relief from painful pressure and rubbing between the toes. Included: 6 pieces, 3 sizes for easy decision-free purchase.

COMFORTABLE: Made with high quality soft gel, this toe separator offers comfort for the user during use. It feels gentle on the skin, and users usually hardly feel that is there. It is perfect to use during sleep because it does not feel disturbing at all.

EXCELLENT FUNCTIONALITY: The toe separator, because of its soft gel and stay-in-place loop, is effective in relieving pain and discomfort between the toes. It perfectly stays in place to help in alignment and keeping space between the toes. It is secure and won’t slip off easily even when used during sleeping.

HIGH QUALITY: The gel is of high quality material, it is soft and non-irritating to the skin. It is designed to be durable and retains its high quality even for longer periods of use. It is sturdy and stable enough to keep a space between the toes for alignment and preventing sores.

EASY TO CLEAN: The soft gel material of this toe separator is easily cleaned and washable. Wash regularly to keep it clean and prevent further infections while in use.

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Customer Questions

How should I wash them? I wore one while walking barefoot around the house, and it picked up some dirt that seems to want to hang on.

Hand wash with soapy water and air dry. Make sure the are dry before wearing.

Whats in the box? Is it a pair or just one?

there are 6 in the box in 3 different sizes.

Are they durable?

I have used them almost daily with tennis shoes and socks playing tennis for the past 2 months – still in as-received condition.

Can these be worn with pointe shoes?

I guess you can.
I found that they worked better with my wider width shoes. The narrow toe shoes deformed the narrow shoe a little over time. I think the wide with shoe is better.

Can you go barefoot with them? how about swimming?

Yes I go barefoot in the house and their fine. I never swim with them on so do not know about swimming.

Can you wear these with socks and shoes?

Yes you can. It depends on the shoes as it can get a little crowded. These are really the best things I have ever do to help with my toe pain.

Will this help with my small toe getting tucked under and ending up blistered and swollen on the bottom?

Yes, It should help.

Has anyone used this to treat hammer toe involving the baby toe?

That’s not what I am using it for, but I don’t think it will help. It’s made of a soft, silicon gel and is big enough to keep toes separated and in the right direction.

Based on 42 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. alayna

    I bought toe separators for my mother because she complained about the discomfort on her toes. I haven’t hear her complaining since then, so I guess they work.


  2. Julesqui DeMichiel

    I wear them when I sleep and they are very comfortable. I feel like it works a little better than the last style I had which went on my big toe. Very happy.

    Julesqui DeMichiel

  3. Mejia

    Works exactly as I need it. Glad I have extras so if I lose one at night I can wear another until I find it.


  4. yasamaj

    Delivery super fast and communication excellent. Good product.


  5. Lindsey

    More comfy than having toes crossing and avoids surgery to fix the wandering toe.


  6. mmcconnell

    These are wonderfully comfortable and stay in place. My podiatrist had given me some made of a spongy material that needed to be taped to keep it in place. The djmed ones are so much better!


  7. ilikefamilyguy

    Comfy for sleeping.


  8. Molly Glenn

    Love these and have been wearing them all day and night. Very comfortable and easy to clean. Will definitely be ordering extra if I need them, there are a lot in the box.

    Molly Glenn

  9. Judith S.

    These were recommended to me by a friend has been using them for some time.

    Judith S.

  10. Alice Plante

    Very happy with purchase

    Alice Plante

  11. krista

    Easy to use and very comfortable. I had two broken toes and this really helps keep them from rubbing on each other.


  12. jay mullins

    I have tried toe separators without the toe loop and have found that they can tend to twist. I tried these hoping that the toe loop would help with that problem and am very satisfied with this style of toe separators. I won’t buy any other toe separators that don’t have the toe loop. I would recommend this product.

    jay mullins

  13. Aron R.

    This separator is soft & actually feels so much better. It fits into my walking shoes comfortable as you can hardly feel it there. I love this & glad they send you a pack of 6 which will last me forever!

    Aron R.

  14. Taylor

    They work well and I wear them barefoot, with slippers and in shoes.


  15. Pablo C.

    Good quality. Highly recommend .Thanks.

    Pablo C.

  16. Adan Leblanc

    For the most part I am very happy with the product function.

    Adan Leblanc

  17. Erick L. Werner

    Relief and Comfort.
    Works well. I like it because the bunion protector on other products made my shoes to tight. This straightens without the tightening.

    Erick L. Werner

  18. Ayden Frey

    It works…a bit uncomfortable until you get used to it. But, it works, is soft and after awhile – you don’t even notice it.

    Ayden Frey

  19. Eric M.

    Just what the doctor ordered as they say. So comfortable and they provide superior relief for my crossed toes. I love them.

    Eric M.

  20. Lexie Mcclain

    This is the best product for my problem so far, and I have tried many. The third toe goes under the second. This keeps them apart but if the third toe could also be lifted, it would be perfect for me. Thank you.

    Lexie Mcclain

  21. Jennifer V.

    I have been using another toe separator for some time and thought I would try something different to see if it worked better. It does! Took a little getting used to but now they are comfy. Not pain free but darn good.

    Jennifer V.

  22. Julie Butler

    very useful for to prevent further crowding by a neuroma

    Julie Butler

  23. Zaire Norton

    As a runner with bunions I’ve been trying everything to keep running with less pain/discomfort. I had others separators but they never stayed on place. These ones don’t slide out of my toes even on the long runs.

    Zaire Norton

  24. Sophie Walter

    I used the little get cushions without loops, they are good, but ban pop out when active these solve this.

    Sophie Walter

  25. olivia.english

    Several years ago I had surgery that was supposed to correct a toe that had popped out of its socket and was bending toward its neighbor toe. I’ll just say it was botched and left things worse than they started. These toe separators have been a perfect non-surgical fix.


  26. Jan F.

    My hammer toe is like a crooked piano hammer ready to strike. I need something comfortable to hold it down and push the tip away from my big toe.

    Jan F.

  27. Ali Haas

    It does the trick – separates my second toe from the big one. It was trying to turn and slide under the big toe.

    Ali Haas

  28. Kylie H.

    I have only been using them for about a week, but already I can tell that they are going to help my toe alignment.

    Kylie H.

  29. Donna Burch

    Helpful product for keeping toe separated. Keeps in place even while I’m sleeping.

    Donna Burch

  30. Cristopher J.

    I bought a lot of different products to solve the problem of hammer toe that caused an overlap of a single toe. I thought I needed to purchase a product for the hammer toe itself but in fact it was more the overlapping. This inexpensive solution solve 100% of the issue.

    Cristopher J.

  31. Adrian Stokes

    It’s soft & comfortable. 6 in a pack, different size, its a good price

    Adrian Stokes

  32. Lee Sandoval

    Toe separators are great to separate toes, when cuticle is irritated or to relieve bunion pressure. Stays on better than regular separator, and comfortable

    Lee Sandoval

  33. Genevieve

    My mom introduced me to these and they are really helpful. I wear them at night and I like how they don’t slip off.


  34. Yosef Duran

    I had foot surgery last year, and these help to separate my toes. Comfortable, and a lot less expensive than purchasing separators at the physios office.

    Yosef Duran

  35. Joy Orozco

    I wear my toe separators everyday, when I’m sleeping & when I’m home during the day. It’s soft & comfortable. I would order it again, although I hope not to lose them.

    Joy Orozco

  36. Sebastian Knox

    Really comfortable. I have big feet and my 3rd toe overlapped my 4th toe. This fits really well. Will purchase again.

    Sebastian Knox

  37. Kristian Rice

    I think this is a great product, it stays in place well

    Kristian Rice

  38. Kelly M

    My favorite thing for separating my toes from by big toe and keeping bunion at bay. I love these because they stay in place and don’t dislodge in my shoe.

    Kelly M

  39. toots

    Really works with separating my big toe from the second in command.


  40. Zaire Norton

    One of the many things that is driving me crazy about having a bunion is how the big toe feels “floppy” and no longer points in the right direction. I was trying to stuff cotton balls between my toes to raise the “floppy” feeling without success. Then I found these toe separators!

    Zaire Norton

  41. Julian Matthaei

    Unbelievably quick postage very happy

    Julian Matthaei

  42. Farly Palma

    Very fast Postage. Very happy with Transaction

    Farly Palma

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