DJMed Toe Tip Tube Protectors (Set of 5)

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Gel and fabric toe tip protectors.

Soft elastic tube sleeve with gel lining for corns, callous and blisters. Includes: 2 small, 2 medium, 1 large.

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DJMed toe tip protectors are an elastic, soft fabric lined with mineral silicone gel. Prevent and relieve corns, calluses, blisters, ingrown toe nails and other conditions caused by pressure or friction, for all day comfort.

Toe tip tube protectors act as a barrier and shock absorber, preventing toes from rubbing together. The gel interior protects the entire toe including the toe tip from discomfort caused by friction and pressure. The outer fabric is discreet, elastic and soft to touch.

Shields toes from pressure and friction of footwear, as well as many other existing conditions that may require a soft, gentle toe cover.

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Weight0.2 kg
SmallØ0.6″ x 2.8″Ø1.5cm x 7cm
MediumØ0.8″ x 2.8″Ø2cm x 7cm
LargeØ1″ x 2.8″Ø2.5cm x 7cm

Customer Questions

Can prevent the end of the toe from bumping up against the end of the shoe?

Yes, they will work really well for this. they have a fairly well cushioned tip.

Would they work to cushion the bottom of your big toes while walking? I get hotspots at the bottom of my big toes.

Yes, these should cushion the bottom of your big toes quite well.

Are they washable and reusable?

Yes they are washable and reusable. Just hand wash and air dry. Once you wash them, please just make sure that they are fully dry before reuse.

I was wondering can these be used while you are running?

I would say yes, I walk back and forth on my farm every day without any problem. I would suggest that you wear no more than 2 or 3 at a time on each foot. It will be less crowding on your shoes.

Will these work on my toe when walking in the surf wearing sandals but no socks?

I’m not sure it will stay on when soaking wet. It doesn’t slide off when dry, but I have no idea about when it’s wet.

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  1. kariJJ

    I’ve had bilateral great toe joint replacement & now my great toes are slightly shorter making my second toes more prominent & I was having a problem with these toes wanting to hit the ends of my shoes but this product helps protect my toes . Would but again . Fast sniping . A little pricey but well made .


  2. greenladybug

    I bought this to protect the end of a very sensitive toe due to an old injury. It does the trick. It’s thick, but not too thick or bulky. It turns the skin a little white, like a band-aid does on your finger, but it doesn’t feel sweaty or anything. Nice that you can cut it off to the correct length, too.


  3. Wayne B.

    At some point my toes will require surgery, but planning the details takes time. Meanwhile, these toe covers protect my mashed together toes against the real pain caused by friction.

    Wayne B.

  4. Lisa A.

    I’ve had pretty good luck with this as a corn protector on my left littlle toe, and the toe next to it, which gets rubbed a bit on the top. Good service, will be back.

    Lisa A.

  5. asana black

    Worked well when my husband stubbed his toe and needed some protection for it.

    asana black

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