Toilet Seat Lift, Electric Powered

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Powered, over toilet seat lift assists the user in sitting and standing and reduces the risks of falls and injuries

The seat is designed to go over most existing toilets, replacing the existing seat.

A simple button on the handle lowers the user into position slowly and safely. The same button can then be used to return the user to a near standing position.

The dual motors lift the user carefully, further helping to reduce the risk of falls.

An elegant design, with easy to clean materials and neutral colour scheme allows this mobility aid to fit in with many decors.


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Ultimate comfort and independence: The Electric Powered Toilet Seat Lift!

Are you or your loved ones facing challenges when using the toilet due to mobility limitations? Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to convenience with our cutting-edge Electric Powered Toilet Seat Lift. Designed to enhance your daily routine, this innovative solution redefines the way you experience comfort and independence in the bathroom.

Effortless Elevation: Tired of struggling to sit down or stand up from a low toilet seat? Our electric lift does the work for you, effortlessly raising and lowering the seat to the perfect height with just the touch of a button.

Personalised Comfort: Customize your comfort with adjustable height settings. Whether you prefer a higher seat for easy access or a lower one for a natural posture, our lift adapts to you.

Safe and Secure: Your safety is our priority. Our lift features anti-pinch technology, ensuring a smooth and gentle descent. Plus, built-in handles provide added support when transferring onto and off of the toilet.

Seamless Over Toiled Installation: Worried about complicated installations? Fret not! Our Toilet Seat Lift is designed for easy setup, fitting most standard toilets with minimal fuss.

Adaptable Design: Our lift seamlessly integrates into any bathroom décor, combining functionality with style. Its sleek design complements your space without compromising on performance.

Experience the future of bathroom comfort with the Powered Toilet Seat Lift. Reclaim your independence and rediscover the joy of using the toilet with ease. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a new level of convenience!

Don’t wait—transform your bathroom experience today. Order now and take the first step towards a more comfortable and independent lifestyle!

NOTE: Toilet seat is not included. You simply use the toilet seat you already have on your toilet.

SKU: 810200 Category:
Dimensions564mm×630mm ×707mm
Max. cistern height clearance410mm
Min. seat height415mm (excluding toilet seat height)
Lifting speed15mm/s
Width between armrests445mm
Movement trackSeat effective lifting height: 130+45mm, seat inclination angle: 0~13°
Net weight26.5kg
Standby power consumption1W
Power supply240VAC,50/60Hz
IPX RatingIPX4
Rated load1350N (135kg)

NOTE: Toilet and toilet seat are not included.

Based on 14 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Diana Murphey

    I picked this up for my parents who both have difficulty in lifting themselves up, this was a much needed addition to their home! The dignity and independence restored is well worth the money in my opinion. Very happy I found this.

    Diana Murphey

  2. James Warren

    This product has allowed my husband to stay out of depends for a little more time as he was unable to lift himself up off the tallest handicap chair we could find. He has a muscle disease called IBM.

    James Warren

  3. scott wollin

    Product is very well made and has made our lives so much better

    scott wollin

  4. Patricia

    Bought it for my 90 years old mom (79kg) with knees weakness. This toilet lift greatly help her with standing up. Inexpensive compared to other product out there. Highly recommend it.


  5. Marie Tucker

    Works very well and is a fraction of the cost of its competitors. It does not come with a seat so just need to use the one that is already on the toilet or get another from Bunnings. It’s a bit bulky so if you plan to move it often it’s not easy.

    Marie Tucker

  6. Cheryl

    Very sturdy. Works perfectly. Would buy again.


  7. Christy T

    This is an electric toilet seat lifter. I have MS and due to weak legs it was hard to get off the toilet. This product is excellent! Worth every buckaroo! Very sturdy and well made. It can very easily be moved away to clean around or in back of toilet. It basically slides in front of your toilet and over the toilet seat. I highly recommend it.

    Christy T

  8. S.Decoteau

    The unit is helpful to the user. The rising and lowering speed could be a bit faster but i guess its safer this way.


  9. Jaded122

    This works so well and exactly as advertised. This has definitely helped my Mother maintain some independence. Totally worth the price.


  10. Janet

    Easy to put on, works perfect for my mobility issues. Came just in time.


  11. susan f

    Thanks to fairly severe arthritis in her legs and shoulders, the previously easy task of getting up and down off the toilet seat was becoming more and more challenging for my mom. She has a recliner in the living room that lifts her to a standing position which has been a great help. I wondered, do they make such a thing for the bathroom? Turns out they do. This is a game changer product for her day-to-day independence. The product is indeed heavy… And the installation did take more like an hour then it did 15 minutes, but it was certainly well worth it. It’s working great and she is using it successfully, beginning with the very first time she tried. Great product for anyone in your life that needs this sort of thing.

    susan f

  12. Lisa Ann Corsos

    I am extremely happy with the purchase of this toilet lift chair. I was beginning to experience difficulty getting up from a commode because of an auto immune disorder but now I have all the confidence and security, knowing I can get app stop the list will rise up comfortably so it enables me to skin to complete getting off the seat. I am so happy I found this thing.

    Lisa Ann Corsos

  13. Debbie

    Get this now! I have MS. For those who have this monster along our journey, we know at any moment things we think are everyday actions skip, or suddenly do not work. Weak legs happen all the time… The bathroom becomes a room-of-fear. The landing areas – should you slip and fall – are literally deadly. Now, put yourself on a toilet and then discover you can not get up. Can’t lift. Can’t shimmy. Don’t want to call for help…you are on the toilet!

    This incredible device has you. It rises gently to give you back the lift needed. There are hand bars (that can also move out of the way if you ‘slide in’ from a wheelchair). Its supporting angle is kind and correctly set so you’re not plank straight.

    Much thought has gone into what is needed. My guess is the inventor(s) had a beloved person with standing issues. For me, this is a life saver. On those days or hours MS has stolen my leg-lift strength, I can still independently, safely, go into the bathroom. Thank you who ever you are that made this.

    The others I looked at cost more, were not really functional or safe looking. It took my brother 30 minutes from box-to-done, reading off the manual. . I have told everyone in my circle, my support group and friends who are aging GET THIS NOW!


  14. Lance Fowler

    This toilet lift delivers as described! What a wonderful accommodation for individuals who require help with toileting. Excellent packaging so that it arrives in perfect condition.

    Lance Fowler