Toilet Surround Frame, Adjustable

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Sturdy, free standing frame. Portable with rubber tipped feet

Toilet surround can help the mobility-impaired safely make bathroom trips with minimal assistance.

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Put safety and security first with the toilet surround frame. The Toilet Surround can help the mobility-impaired make bathroom trips with minimal assistance. The sturdy, free-standing frame is portable and durable. Designed to fit most standard toilets, the frame features a height-adjustable, powder coated steel frame.

Slip-resistant handles are ideal to assist with standing as well as sitting. The Surround frame can also be used to enter and exit showers and bathtubs and assist with mobility in the bathroom in general. The legs feature slip-proof rubber tips to prevent slippage. This product was manufactured to meet nation and international standards for mobility aids.

This product is sturdy and very easy to assemble. It’s heavy duty enough to bear the weight of standing but lightweight enough to take on trips. This is especially helpful for outings to restaurants or hotels that man not be disability friendly.

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Width50-55 cm
Height68-81 cm
Depth44 cm
SWL150 kg

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4.8 overall

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  1. Judy Appleton

    A good product but don’t lean on the handles with your elbows for too long.

    Judy Appleton

  2. AnnieOK

    This toilet safety rail is perfect for my 91 year old husband who has problems with his balance. Our upstairs bathroom toilet is really short – so it was difficult for him to to sit on as well as to get up from the toilet. This safety rail has made so much easier for him to get up and down now. It is quite sturdy. I was concerned that the toilet seat cover would not open and close because of bar in the back of the rail, but it fits and works just fine. I would highly recommend this safety rail.


  3. ill B

    I have just has a hip replacement and I find getting off the toilet difficult as I have nothing to hold onto. I bought the frame and I am still using it after 5 weeks since I had the operation as it really helps me to support myself getting off the toilet.

    ill B

  4. Swati

    Purchased because it folds down and able to adjust height.


  5. Mohamad Zarew

    Easy to set up and easy to move. Completely adjustable. Secure.

    Mohamad Zarew

  6. Matt

    Exactly what I wanted for our guest bathroom that my father-in-law uses when he visits a few times a year. We only want it up when he comes so it was important to be sturdy but easy to take out and put back. This is exactly that. It also folds very flat, about 10cm total, so it tucks away neatly in a corner of the basement when not in use.


  7. Trawallajack

    I have assist bars on my toilet at home that are semi-permanently attached to the toilet seat. I bought this so that I can take it with me on road trips and use it at destination vacation rentals. It’s very stable! I have no strength in my knees and it held up to my “large framed body” without an issue.


  8. Peter N

    Purchased this for my elderly mom. She loves the security of this rail (and I do too). This rail is so sturdy and reliable. Every time she holds on to this rail it is secure. The height can be adjusted. I would definitely recommend this toilet rail.

    Peter N

  9. Del Davies

    If you have any problems with your knees, this is something that is a life changer.

    Del Davies

  10. Chris M

    We needed a portable toilet handrail for traveling with my 85 year old mother. She does ok without a raised seat but needs something to grab onto to lift herself up. We can’t always get a disabled bathroom. This is a perfect solution! Folds flat, tubes insert and click in place with button/hole connections to adjust to appropriate height. The whole thing will fit neatly in a suitcase and will be easy to set up if needed.

    Chris M

  11. Joseph Helman

    Easy to set up. Unobtrusive. Great addition for a taller toilet when you need help getting up.

    Joseph Helman

  12. Missionman

    Have back problems and its great to be able to push your self back up with ease having this. would recommend.


  13. Elizabeth M.

    I didn’t realize or wanted to believe I really needed something like this. I’m glad I found in researching items for people having mobility and getting up issues, sometimes we just have to forget our pride and make life easier and less painful.

    Elizabeth M.

  14. P. Boyle

    I am awaiting surgery on my right hip for replacement due to severe arthritis and it was getting harder and harder to get off the pot, and embarrassing to have my husband to come in the bathroom and pull me up! This works perfect and is portable as we have a camping trailer and it fits over the toilet there as well, so when we recently went camping for seven days, I had the help I needed. Assembly was fast and easy…get investment for temporary use,

    P. Boyle

  15. Joseph H. H.

    still in my 40s my discs began compressing my lower nerves. barely can stand forced to use a walker. falling down with no way of getting up using the bathroom became a nightmare. fearful of falling over. wife bought me this I didn’t want it. she set it up I tried it it worked like a miracle. I still can’t believe I need it but I am grateful for it.

    Joseph H. H.

  16. Marie Panimdim

    Nice product. Equal to hospital grade equipment.

    Marie Panimdim

  17. xenn107

    We needed safety bars after my mother fell in the bathroom. I didn’t want the kind that are screwed under the seat as there’s already a bidet attachment there. This style is freestanding but works well for getting up and down. You just have to press equally on both sides.


  18. Samson

    Very useful to help get up and down off and on toilet. Glad I got it.


  19. aRoberts12

    This toilet safety rail has held up well, for several months, since I purchased it and not necessarily being attached to the toilet. When first becoming ill , I had a problem standing or sitting, this has been a blessing. There was no problem with assembly.