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An ideal choice for providing standing up support for your bathroom

DJMed free-standing bathroom safety bar, so you can enjoy added support and stability while using the toilet.

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A toilet surround, also known as a toilet frame or toilet safety frame, is a bathroom accessory designed to provide support and assistance to individuals with mobility issues, disabilities, or limited strength. It is typically used in conjunction with a regular toilet to make it safer and easier for people to sit down on and stand up from the toilet.

The toilet surround is placed around the toilet and usually consists of a sturdy metal or plastic frame with armrests. These armrests provide a stable surface for individuals to hold onto while lowering themselves onto the toilet seat or while rising from it. This can be especially beneficial for older adults, individuals recovering from surgery or injuries, and those with conditions such as arthritis or mobility impairments.

Toilet surrounds can provide added confidence and stability, reducing the risk of falls and making bathroom activities more manageable for people with limited mobility. It’s important to note that while a toilet surround can be a useful aid, individuals with significant mobility issues should consult with healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate solutions for their needs.

Why do I need a toilet surround frame?

You may need a toilet surround frame for several reasons, especially if you or someone you are caring for has mobility issues, disabilities, or limited strength. Here are some common reasons why a toilet surround frame could be beneficial:

  1. Mobility Assistance: If you have difficulty sitting down on or standing up from a standard toilet due to age, injury, surgery, or a medical condition, a toilet surround frame can provide the necessary support and stability. The armrests of the frame allow you to use your upper body strength to lower yourself onto the toilet seat and rise from it more easily.
  2. Fall Prevention: For individuals who are at a higher risk of falls, especially in the bathroom where surfaces can be slippery, a toilet surround frame offers an extra level of security. Holding onto the frame while using the toilet reduces the likelihood of losing balance and falling.
  3. Independence: A toilet surround frame can help you maintain your independence and dignity by allowing you to use the bathroom without constant assistance from caregivers or family members. This can have a positive impact on your self-esteem and overall well-being.
  4. Post-Surgery or Rehabilitation: After surgery or during a period of rehabilitation, you may experience temporary or ongoing mobility challenges. A toilet surround frame can facilitate your recovery process by making it easier to use the toilet while your strength and mobility gradually improve.
  5. Arthritis or Joint Pain: Conditions such as arthritis or other joint-related issues can make movements like sitting down and standing up from a low toilet seat painful and difficult. The added support from a toilet surround frame can alleviate strain on your joints.
  6. Neurological Conditions: Individuals with certain neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, may experience balance and coordination difficulties. A toilet surround frame can provide the stability needed to use the toilet safely.
  7. Elderly Care: As people age, they may become more susceptible to mobility challenges and falls. A toilet surround frame can be part of a comprehensive safety strategy to make the home environment more age-friendly.

It’s important to note that while a toilet surround frame can be a valuable aid, its suitability depends on individual needs and circumstances. If you’re considering using a toilet surround frame, it’s recommended to consult with healthcare professionals or occupational therapists. They can assess your specific situation and provide guidance on whether a toilet surround frame is the right solution for you and how to properly use it.

How do I use a toilet surround?

Using a toilet surround involves a few simple steps to ensure safety and comfort. Here’s a general guide on how to use a toilet surround frame:

Positioning: Place the toilet surround frame around the toilet bowl. Make sure it is securely positioned and stable on the floor.

Sitting Down:

  • Stand facing the toilet with your back toward the armrests of the frame.
  • Grasp the armrests for support and balance.
  • Slowly lower yourself onto the toilet seat while using the armrests for support. You can use your arm strength to control the descent.

Using the Toilet:

  • Sit on the toilet seat as you normally would.
  • Take your time to use the toilet facilities.

Standing Up:

  • To stand up, place your hands on the armrests.
  • Push down on the armrests while using your leg muscles to assist you in rising from the toilet seat. This will help you maintain stability and prevent strain.

Exiting the Frame:

  • Once you are standing, ensure you have your balance before moving away from the toilet.
  • Move away from the toilet frame and prepare to wash your hands and leave the bathroom.

Additional Tips:

  • When using the toilet surround, always use your leg muscles in conjunction with the armrests to avoid putting too much strain on your arms.
  • If you have difficulty with balance or strength, consider using a raised toilet seat in combination with the toilet surround. A raised seat can make it easier to sit down and stand up.
  • Make sure the toilet area is well-lit to help you see and navigate safely, especially during nighttime bathroom visits.
  • If you’re using the toilet surround for the first time, it might be a good idea to have someone assist you until you become comfortable with the process.

Remember, the specific steps may vary depending on the design of the toilet surround and your individual needs. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional or occupational therapist to ensure that you are using the toilet surround correctly and safely, especially if you have specific mobility challenges or conditions.

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Width68 cm
Width between armrests (inner)51 cm
Height65 cm
Depth48 cm

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  1. Ruth Neil

    Son bought one for m to use while i was visiting in Canberra. Helped me heaps. The best thing i have seen for support, other than the wall mounted rails in my unit.

    Ruth Neil

  2. Heidi Matthew

    Item was easy to assemble, no tools needed, took me 5 minutes. I no longer have to grab onto walls, sink, or tub to sit or stand while using my toilet. After assembling item, it sits on floor just in front of toilet. I roll my walker right up to it and holding both sides of it, transfer myself onto toilet. Standing up after toilet use is so much simpler. Less pain and feeling of security. This was my favourite Christmas gift to myself.

    Heidi Matthew

  3. TSemwal

    These bars are very sturdy and work great not just for the toilet. I use them for getting out of bed, getting out of chairs, etc.


  4. Gaby12

    Sturdy, well-made product. Easy to put together. No tools needed.
    Very helpful to spouse who is recovering from a brain injury.


  5. bill8by5

    We have grab bars, but the safety rails work in combination with grab bars.


  6. Fiona

    I badly fractured my right ankle and was told I’d be on “no-weight-bearing” for 2-4 months. I immediately found there were a few things I regularly do that were a noticeable challenge and one of those was getting on or off the toilet safely. This totally solved the problem. I found it easy to assemble (although I did get a part backward the first time) and very stable in use over the past month. I’ve even pulled it over to the tub to help me out to my knee scooter safely. Highly recommended.


  7. L.C.

    This product is very sturdy and works well for its intended purpose.


  8. Leslie

    My husband had surgery and could not put any weight on one foot for several months. I ordered this to use at the toilet, but we instead had permanent grab bars installed there. This was very useful, however, in helping him get into and out of his easy chair. He has good upper body strength and this provided a sturdy set of bars for him to hang onto and push against as he hoisted himself up or down. We set it in front of the recliner when he needed to transition. I was always there to make sure it didn’t move but it was very useful.


  9. Daniel Wong

    Very sturdy! Gives user a much wider area than other products making personal hygiene so much easier! Easily assembled and later, broken down to store in a closet. Very happy with this product

    Daniel Wong

  10. amy-lee

    Recently, I had an episode of a pinched nerve in my low back that caused severe right leg pain. The pain was so severe that I needed help getting off the toilet. I have a sewing/quilt room on the second

    floor and I could not go there to work on my projects because I couldn’t get off the toilet by myself. It was suggested that I look for an aide that would make me more independent again. Since my toilets

    are already the higher ones, I didn’t want a raised toilet seat. I decided to order this
    and am I ever glad that I did! Yes, you do have to be careful and make sure your weight is evenly distributed on each side when you stand, but it works well for what I needed.


  11. DanLemire

    This product is more stable than others. Would be better if you could adjust the width.


  12. smorgan

    If you are having a hip replacement surgery, make sure you get this installed well before the surgery. This was invaluable to my recovery! All of the toilets in my house have bidet seats so using a raised seat was not possible. Product was as advertised and shipping was fast


  13. Andrew

    I purchased this item for my elderly parents who need support/stability when using the toilet. The assembly was very easy and my parents feel very safe and secure when using this product to assist themselves on and off the toilet.


  14. Sam L.

    It was very easy to assemble. No tools required. Very necessary and helpful item for my wife after total knee replacement surgery.

    Sam L.

  15. kelly hulme

    This was extremely helpful after hip replacement surgery.

    kelly hulme

  16. A.Dhakal

    This product is amazing. Just had knee surgery and getting on and off the toilet is easy with this product. So easy to put together, I did it myself with no help. With this product you don’t need a toilet riser either.


  17. Tracy Crawford

    Purchased this for my husband’s upcoming hip replacement surgery. It was recommended to have this ahead of time, by his surgeon. Good to practice in advance, to get the body mechanics down. Loved that this is not attached to the toilet, so we can move it easily from one bathroom to another, when guests are coming. Very happy with the sturdiness and design.

    Tracy Crawford

  18. Ivo

    assemble was easy


  19. Nicole



  20. Marita Rein

    It works very well but it would work better if there was something to keep it from sliding on tile floors

    Marita Rein