Rebotec Quick´N Easy – Underarm Crutches – Pair

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Light aluminum, strong underarm crutches, with a comfortable, attractive design made in Germany

Stable, durable, and lightweight  tube crutches with a height adjustable pushpin base.

Equipped with a clip lock soft rubber hand-grips and cushioned armpit support for comfortable manoeuvrability.

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The upholstered rubber armpit holders ensure comfort, durability and easy maneuverability. The hand-grips are made of soft rubber for prolonged life and a comfortable and stable grip.

Designed to accommodate weights of various users up to 130kg. Crutches are sold in pairs (2pc)

EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG: Rebotec products are of high quality material and exceptionally strong. With these underarm crutches in use, it can carry up to 130 kg of body weight.

ADJUSTABLE: This Quick’ N Easy crutches are easily adjustable in height using the pushpin base and is secured with a clip lock soft rubber hand-grips. There are a selection of sizes available ranging from child to adult use and also a tall option available for those with increased in height.

LIGHTWEIGHT & HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: These underarm crutches are made from Germany, and are built with strong, lightweight, aluminium alloy tube. It offers great sturdiness and stable support for the user. Durable and guaranteed to last long.

STYLISH: The Rebotec Quick’ N Easy underarm crutches are available in different colors, allowing you to choose which is suited for your taste, along with a wide selection of sizes available from child to adult. These crutches offer functionality and style while in use.

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Height of shoulder83cm – 103cm101cm – 121cm118cm – 138cm136cm – 156cm
Height of handle48cm – 71cm58cm – 81cm68cm – 91cm75cm – 98cm
Diameter Ø19/22mm19/22mm19/22mm19/22mm
ColourBlue, Red and AquaBlue and RedBlackBlack

Customer Questions

Does these crutches work for kids? kids

Yes, just select child or your size. You should have the perfect kids size crutches.

I am a small frame female, 155cm high. Will this fit me?

Yes, select youth size for a good fit.

Is this for a pair, or one crutch?

It is for the pair.

What size replacement tip do I need for these crutches?


Is the height range calculated from the person's total height or height to the armpit?

Floor to the armpit.

About Rebotec

REBOTEC underarm crutches quality designed and made in GERMANY

Well trained, responsible and looked after staff at REBOTEC prioritise reliability, consistency and quality control over simply high numbers and profit.
REBOTEC uniquely designs, build own tooling, manufactures and assembles out of Quakenbrück Germany. Everything is quality made in Germany.
German engineering is culturally synonymous with high quality, durable craftsmanship and sound, efficient design. Choose REBOTEC, a better quality option.
Design, tooling and production: precise build in house tooling and low manufacturing tolerances produce an exceptionally high quality product.

Based on 38 reviews

4.9 overall

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  1. Douglas Watson

    Perfect crutches for recovering from ankle surgery.

    Douglas Watson

  2. melissa metcraft

    After 2 sets finally found one that is true to the measurements, great service great product at a reasonablee price.

    melissa metcraft

  3. Geoffrey Shafran

    They held up my weight nicely though, no complaints. They are also very lightweight.

    Geoffrey Shafran

  4. Benjamin Dobell

    They worked well for my son and were very light.

    Anytime someone uses crutches they should be careful to not let them hit their underarms. They should support the arms, but the body should not rest on them.

    Benjamin Dobell

  5. Dr Andrew Hill

    Great product, sturdy and exactly what I needed. Very nice crutches.

    Dr Andrew Hill

  6. melissa metcraft

    These things are sturdy, and they adjust really easy

    melissa metcraft

  7. Ramazan Yavuz

    These are great. Very sturdy with easy adjustable height adjustment. I am happy to recommend these.

    Ramazan Yavuz

  8. Craig Thomler

    These crutches have really held up great. My daughter has been on them for quite awhile over 2 months now. They still look brand new.

    Craig Thomler

  9. Ankit Agnish

    Received these crutches and was pleased with the quality. They were already assembled. They just needed adjustment to my shulder height.

    Ankit Agnish

  10. J. Cobbett

    The crutches I got are light and easy to maneuver around small spaces

    J. Cobbett

  11. Cassandra E.

    Easy to adjust.

    Cassandra E.

  12. Mr Terry Lane

    I couldn’t believe how cheap these crutches were. Quite impressnve for premium Europena brand. Same price as the normal made in china ones but so much nicer.

    Mr Terry Lane

  13. Bradley Campbell

    Made my life a lot easer

    Bradley Campbell

  14. JBC

    Good Item, just as described, decent price and fast delivery.


  15. Dr Khalid Haleem

    Solid and can fit in over head bin of airplane. I mean for the price, I can’t see how they can improve it.

    Dr Khalid Haleem

  16. Daniel Sharp

    I had surgery on my foot and needed crutches for 6-8 weeks. You can’t beat the price since the hospital wanted $17/week to rent crutches and they were used and not this nice. I got them on time and they’re exactly what I expected and needed.

    Daniel Sharp

  17. Sijan Dahal

    Great price.
    Arrived on time.

    Sijan Dahal

  18. Rebecca Langley

    Great quality for the money

    Rebecca Langley

  19. Lilin George

    These are good, quality crutches.

    Lilin George

  20. Ross Henderson

    Far exceeded our expectations. My wife had a torn miniscus, and the crutches were needed. You cannot go wrong with these! We are fully pleased with this purchase.

    Ross Henderson

  21. Shana Stair

    Delivered on time and worked as advertised. Quality was better than expected for the price.

    Shana Stair

  22. Mr Harley B.

    Good product at a good price

    Mr Harley B.

  23. Irina Shmal

    Never had crutches before, but they are just fine. Adjustable to a reasonable comfort in height and where you grab on to them.

    Irina Shmal

  24. Tony Magrathea

    Great, sturdy, easy to set up, light. I loved them. I’m heavy also and had no issues. No issues at all. Arrived very quickly.

    Tony Magrathea

  25. Trish McKie

    Just got these, they seem to be excellent. And the price was right.

    Trish McKie

  26. Stephanie Bream

    I injured the ligament in my knee and I needed to take the weight off my leg to give my injured knee time to recover. These crutches are just what i needed. I was very impressed with the quality of the product. It is very easy to adjust to your own height. It is extremely sturdy and gives you a great sense of stability.

    Stephanie Bream

  27. Michael Wilson

    If you need crutches, these will do the job.

    Michael Wilson

  28. Hans Mohle

    Love em. Easy on under arms. Easily adjustable height. Exceeded expectations

    Hans Mohle

  29. Sophie Dewis

    Very pleased. I needed these crutches post surgery. Exactly as described.

    Sophie Dewis

  30. Adriana Tellez

    Fast delivery thnak you. Just what i needed.

    Adriana Tellez

  31. Sophie Dewis

    Good quality crutches but I didn’t use them. I had a hip replacement and ended up using a walker instead. Fast shipping.

    Sophie Dewis

  32. Shell F.

    Had to pick these up after a foot injury. I had to keep weight off of it for 3 months after surgery. These held up well.

    Shell F.

  33. Christopher S.

    I have a spinal Cyst which I am awaiting surgery on. I am only using one of the crutches. The cyst creates great pain in my leg if I put weight on it. During the day when I wear shoes I adjust the crutch up. When at home and take the shoes off I adjust the crutch one setting lower. The adjustability of this crutch is a big thing to me.

    Christopher S.

  34. Glenda Piche

    Good, solid, light crutches. Also they lok great!

    Glenda Piche

  35. WHogan

    Lightweight and easy to measure to your height. Also if you do not know how to use crutches , YouTube has some awesome videos to show you how.


  36. Michelle P.

    They worked out perfectly

    Michelle P.

  37. TomT

    Fast delivery, can get around the house better now.


  38. Glenna Desch

    If in a situation where one needs crutches, buy these!

    Glenna Desch

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