8000D Patient Monitor with Touch Screen

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14″ Multi-parameter Patient Monitor with touch screen, TEMP, SpO2, NIBP, 5-lead ECG

Multi-parameter Patient Monitor 14 Touch is portable and can be used in hospital ICUs and CCUs, operating rooms, clinics, and for in-home patients.

This is the ideal monitor when patient transport is required, either within your facility or by ambulance. High cost performance ratio that provides healthcare teams adequate and accurate information they need at the patient’s bedside.

Wide screen at 14” with high resolution display. A built in long life lithium battery for convenient patient transfer and emergency power backup.

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In stock

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Clinicians need to respond swiftly to rapid changes in their patient’s condition. Having a highly reliable, versatile patient monitoring solution on hand saves precious time in determining the best course of care.

HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE: Provides quick and stable performance with high precision and accuracy in all parameters. Equipped with a long life battery that can prolong quality performance.

LIGHTWEIGHT. Coming in at 4.1 kg, this device is convenient for transport and set-up. Patient monitor is sturdy and may be used in any setting where patient monitoring is vital.

EXCELLENT DISPLAY. With a 14” screen, high resolution and large font display, there is easy visibility of parameters’ results. Excellent readability of the waveform data and numbers leads to accurate monitoring.

USER-FRIENDLY. Device is easy to use and easy to set-up, especially for those patients that are in-home monitoring. Equipped as a touch screen, users can navigate easily through the various parameters, saving time and improving patient care.

ALL AGES: Device can be used for new-borns, children and adults. Normal values of the different parameters for each age group are set, with an accompanying alarm when critical values are reached.

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Display14” colour TFT screen
AlarmThree Level: Low, medium and high
Indication: Auditory and visual
Setup: Default and custom
Silence: All alarms can be silenced
Volume: 45-85 dB @ 1 meter
Pulse RateMeasure/alarm range: 20 ~ 300bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: ± 3bpm
SpO2Measurement range: 0 ~ 100% (resolution: 1%)
Accuracy: 70% ~ 100% ± 2% (40% ~ 69% ± 3%)
NIBPMethod: Oscillometry
Measure mode: Manual, Auto, STAT
Measure interval in auto mode:
Measure period in STAT mode: 5min
Pulse rate range: 40 ~ 240bpmMeasure & alarm range: Adult

  • SYS 40 ~ 280mmHg
  • DIA 10 ~ 220mmHg
  • MEAN 20 ~ 240mmHg

Measure & alarm range: Paediatric

  • SYS 40 ~ 220mmHg
  • DIA 10 ~ 160mmHg
  • MEAN 20 ~ 170mmHg

Measure & alarm range: Neonatal

  • SYS 40 ~ 135mmHg
  • DIA 10 ~ 100mmHg
  • MEAN 20 ~ 110mmHg

Static pressure measurement

  • Range: 0 ~ 300mmHg
  • Accuracy: ± 3mmHg
  • Resolution: 1mmHg Accuracy:
  • Max. Mean Error: ± 5mmHg
  • Max. Standard Deviation: 8mmHg

Overpressure protection:

  • Adult 300mmHg
  • Paediatric 240mmHg
  • Neonatal 150mmHg
ECG5 Leads: RA, LA, LL, RL, V
Lead mode: I,II, III, AVR, AVL, AVF, V
Gain: × 1.25mm/mV,2.5mm/mV,
5.0mm/mV, 10mm/mV,
20mm/mV (error ≤ 5%)
Sweep speed: 6.25mm/s,12.5mm/s,25mm/s,
50mm/s (error ≤ ± 10%)
Bandwidth: Surgery 1 ~ 25 Hz
Monitor 0.5 ~ 40 Hz
Diagnostic 0.05 ~ 130 Hz
Sensitivity: >200 μ V P-P
CMRR: ≥ 112dB
Differential Input Impedance: >5M
ohm Electrode Offset Potential: ±300mV
Polarization Voltage: ≥ ± 500mV
Input Impedance: ≥ 5 M
Calibration Voltage: 1mV ± 5%
Temp2 channel
Measure & alarm range: 0 ~ 50 C°
Resolution: 0.1 C°
Accuracy (no sensor): ±0.1 C° (0~50 C°)
Data storageTrend diagram/table: 720h
NIBP review: 10000 events
Wave review: 12h
Alarm review: 200 alarm events
Support drug concentration titration analysis
Weight4.1 kg
PowerAC: 230V, 50Hz
DC: Built-in rechargeable battery
Battery: 11.1V 24wh Li-ion battery (2+ hours on  full charge, 5 min low battery alarm)
What is included
  • 14″ Patient Monitor with Touch Screen
  • Power cable
  • Ground cable
  • User’s Manual
  • SpO2 sensor
  • Blood pressure cuff (NIBP), adult size
  • NIBP connection tubbing
  • ECG cable
  • Temperature probe (for Temperature)


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  1. Rachel Mary Chalk

    Best monitor ever more accurate than hospital and ambulance ones having heart failure need constant monitoring would recommend to anyone needs to know

    Rachel Mary Chalk

  2. andre

    Easy to set up and easy to use. A good unit, features that you will find at double the price if not more.


  3. Dr ralph leivgt

    I am a retired physician and I volunteered to three nursing homes for monitoring atrial fibrillation. Instead of just an ekg I bought this monitor.

    Dr ralph leivgt

  4. Jeff S Hanan

    I’m an 75yo ex-MD emergency room doctor with 8 stents and two bypasses. I needed a way to monitor myself for irregular heartbeat. This was exactly what I needed! It is sufficient for the job. Best unit available for a decent price.
    Thank you!

    Jeff S Hanan

  5. James P.

    As receiving a lung transplant Jan 2020. I have to check my stats 2x daily. This machine I thought would be junk. I’m 100% wrong, and I’m the first to bitch and raise hell when company’s/ big box retailers put something in and is junk and they know it. In this case I’m 100% wrong, my expectations were meet and exceeded.

    Ps I’m not nor ever have been a spokesmen for this or any other product, just your average joe.

    James P.