Vinyl Mattress Protector Cover, Zippered

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Protect your mattress with a vinyl mattress cover. Durable PVC vinyl, hypoallergenic material, waterproof fabric.

Waterproof sheet protectors help to eliminate the worries of damaging sheets and mattresses due to night-time accidents and incidents. Waterproof sheet protectors offer a seamless all-round matrass wrap with convenient zipper closure.

Perfect for at home or in facilities where infection control is required. Easy to wipe down and clean.

Select size that is equal or larger then your matrass. PVC vinyl is not t a stretch fit material.

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Selecting The Right Fit
When measuring, note that there is no “give” in the material. The cover won’t stretch if it proves smaller than the mattress. Trying to force a mattress protector that’s too small onto your mattress will likely cause it to tear. If your measurements don’t align with ours, it’s better to opt for a larger size and tuck the excess under the mattress.

Protect Your Mattress with a Vinyl Mattress Cover
A new mattress is a big investment and the Ubio Vinyl Mattress Protector Cover is specifically designed to help you protect your investment. Our Vinyl Mattress protector encases the entire mattress protecting it from food spills, stains, bedwetting, pet accidents and more. The heavy duty vinyl mattress cover is waterproof, quiet, soft and durable.

Zippered Mattress Cover Fully Encases Your Mattress
These zippered vinyl mattress covers fully encases your mattress for ultimate protection, and stays in place underneath your regular sheet to reduce wear and tear to your mattress.

Easy Care
To clean, simply wipe the cover with a damp cloth.



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  1. antonia s

    Bought this for the kiddo’s single memory foam mattress to protect from the occasional night-time accident. Easier to install with two people, just don’t rush it. I mean it.

    We’ll see how this thing performs. I am hoping it won’t be too hot to sleep on. No noise when I laid on the bed and moved around a bit.

    The kiddo hasn’t even seemed to notice the change to his bed, so that’s a plus. He has had one accident, and I was pretty impressed when I took off the top sheet and his old (leaky and useless) mattress protector: the vinyl made all the urine soak into the bedding, not the mattress. The vinyl itself was dry as a bone and only had a slight urine smell. I wiped it down with a paper towel and some Windex, and boom – smell was gone. So much easier than busting out the steam cleaner on the mattress. I just hope this thing lasts for a good, long while.

    antonia s

  2. jenn

    This is our second zippered waterproof mattress protector and it’s night and day difference from the old one. So my kids who roll around in bed all night will not rip this one apart like they did the last one. If you have kids who wet the bed, actually if you have kids AT ALL you should get this! It’s great quality and 100% waterproof.


  3. Kristina Lewis

    The zipped function puts these on a whole other level to our previous protectors. Having toddlers transitioning out of diapers our mattresses needs full protection and the fitted sheet type kept coming undone at the ends and just want working.

    Kristina Lewis

  4. K. Smith

    Item as advertised, quick ship. Fits well, and appears to be durable.

    K. Smith

  5. Vera

    Easy to put on. No noises, very comfortable.


  6. pat

    I was looking everywhere for a bed cover. Especially one that wrapped the whole bed. This was definitely worth the money. I highly recommend it.


  7. Diane Day

    Definitely water resistant

    Diane Day

  8. regal163

    This is the real deal, people. It works as described. We’ve had several opportunities to test and it has passed every time. Worth every penny.


  9. disha singh

    Fair price, great quality, fast arrival

    disha singh

  10. Ashley

    We bought it to protect the mattress when my daughter wets the bed. I put it on and the night she went the bed. Worked perfectly. Cleaned up nicely and the mattress underneath was protected. The only down side was it is harder to put on than a regular fitted sheet because it encases the whole matrass.


  11. J.C.

    I don’t have kids, just two cats with sensitive stomachs and will need something like on this on the bed.

    Woke up to a warm feeling by my leg. My cat just peed on the bed next to me. Extremely mad and alarmed I ripped off my regular bedsheets. I was panicking that the cat pee was just soaking in while I was running around trying to get my sheets washed and rid of the cat pee smell. To my surprise I was able to soak up the remaining cat pee with a paper towel, spray it down with an enzyme spray formulated to remove cat pee. I sprayed it down twice and let it soak each time for a few minutes before wiping it off. Once that was done I unzipped the mattress protector to look at the damage. I am so happy that it didn’t soak through to my memory foam pad. It was dry and had no cat pee smell. The mattress protector did exactly what I needed it too. I am planning to buy a second one soon.