Full Backrest Cushion with Adjustable Lumbar Support

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Tall and wide viscoelastic back support cushion. Position adjustable lumbar support with Velcro pads.

Transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically correct seating. With adjustable adjustable lumbar support mold your spine into a more anatomically correct position that fits you.

With two adjustable, elastic backstraps, and convenient carry handle. 

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In stock


In stock

$129.89 for 2 items

LOWER BACK SUPPORT: Position adjustable lower-back backrest support transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically correct seating. Move adjustable lumbar support cushion up or down just were you need it.

ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT: Soft and luxurious, the engineered shape conforms to the natural spinal curvature aligning your spine and supporting correct posture; soft and durable polyurethane foam encapsulates the frame for comfortable use.

LUMBAR PAD: The removable lumbar pad provides additional comfort and lower back support by reinforcing the lumbar curve

PORTABLE SEAT CUSHION: A convenient handle makes it an ideal seat cushion for office chairs, car seat back support, and more.

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  1. William H.

    This is my third one. It works and lasts well.
    A bit pricey.

    William H.

  2. K. Jenkins

    High quality, adjustable support.
    I use this in my car, as I spend 2 hours a day commuting and my car seat is less than supportive. I like that it supports not just your lower back, but the middle of your back as well. I’m short so I would say it hits around my shoulder blades. The mini-pillow you see in the picture is great because it’s adjustable with Velcro. Sometimes I move it to my lower back, sometimes I move it to between my shoulder blades, depending on where I feel I need more support.

    K. Jenkins

  3. ChrisSanz-Agero

    The review of any back pad is highly specific to the person using it. What works for one may not work for another, not due to the pad, but rather to the person and their back problems.

    I have a fused lower spine. The pad alleviates much of the soreness when seated in my car seat, but seems a little thick, perhaps its just the shape of my seat.

    Time will tell. It may break in more over time.

    Overall, it helps my back pain while driving and is far cheaper than many alternatives.


  4. Evelyne

    I have a degenerative disc in my lower back, so I was looking for a support cushion to use when sitting. A co-worker had this backrest support cushion and she is really happy with it so I purchased the same cushion. And I really like my support cushion. I also like the option of either having the extra pillow on or taking if off.

    My job requires me to sit at a computer most of the day so I really need the support that this cushion gives me. I can really feel the difference, I wish I had this cushion a long time ago. I would tell anyone with low back pain to use this cushion.


  5. AJ

    Love it!


  6. Alison

    What a great product. Turned my crappy office chair into something I can actually sit in.


  7. Clara

    This low back support works very well. In my work I have to sit much of the day and I was developing lower back, hip, and leg pain. By the end of the first day of my using this I was already noticing a significant difference and by the third day I wasn’t experiencing any pain. Over time the discomfort still comes and goes, but it is not nearly as uncomfortable as it had been before using this back support. A very high quality product.


  8. Julie

    Recently a nagging lower back problem got progressively worse, and I knew it was time to make a few adjustments to how I sit; both at home and work. I felt a little desperate so I jumped right to one of the pricier options instead of the cheaper back supports that I’ve seen around and even tested. This item is well worth the additional money.

    Just as important as the support, it’s also very comfortable. You really forget it’s there. Because of it’s taller shape that conforms to your back, it stays in place. I can also comfortably recline all the way back on our sofa and even took a bit of a nap with it!

    I’m writing this review after about 2 weeks of regular use, and my husband and I both have decided this is a must have for anywhere that we sit regularly.


  9. Judith Odwogo

    This item is perfect for the short, petite office worker who needs to be propelled forward in the chair in order to create a 90 degree angle for the knees bend as well as to provide lumbar support adjustable at every level. The lumbar pad is velcro and the entire backrest serves as a board for it to attach to so you can literally place it wherever you like. A major plus, and a feature not always available with other brands. The 2 straps are long enough to reach around my office chair. The entire backrest is tall enough to reach the top of my chair. It actually fits really perfectly for my chair, though I imagine that is partially due to luck.

    Judith Odwogo

  10. james shepherd

    I spend a lot of hours at work, and a lot of hours at home in front of my computer. Where I work at, they are very concerned with comfort and safety (a happy employee is a productive employe… And healthy ones do not sue), so we all received one of these for work. The change was incredible! I can sit at work for many hours (taking a rest every hour), and still leave work without any kind of back discomfort. So I purchased one for home use, and it is just as good. No back pains, or discomfort, even after many hours. This is not a replacement for taking frequent breaks, and stretching, when sitting for long periods of time, but it certainly makes things more comfortable.

    The only slight downside some people may see, is that you need a pretty deep chair to use this on. If your chair is not deep enough, you may get a feeling that you are being “pushed” off your chair by this item. Other than that, I found no real issues.

    james shepherd

  11. Elta

    Helps my back ease up the pain


  12. debbado

    My wife bought me this cushion for Christmas last year and have been using it for the past year now at the office. I have back and neck issues from my time in the Army and have trouble sitting for long periods of time. Typically by lunch, my back would be screaming at me. I put this in my chair and it helps me to sit up straighter and provides lumbar support. Now I don’t have to get up as often to move and stretch my back and I don’t ache nearly as bad by quitting time. I was sceptical at first, but it’s turned out to be a pretty good buy on my wife’s part.