Warranty Review Application Form

    In addition to all rights and remedies which you may be entitled to under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and any other relevant legislation, DJMed warrants each of its products will, with normal use and service to be free from faulty parts, manufacture or workmanship. Normal use excludes commercial use. Warranty repairs do not extend the length of the warranty period.

    Limited Liabilities

    Our liability under this manufacturer’s warranty is subject to us being satisfied that a defect was caused by faulty parts, manufacture or workmanship, and was not caused or substantially contributed to by other factors or circumstances beyond our control, including (but not limited to) defective installation, maintenance or repair, product modification or alteration, any neglect, misuse, or excessive use, normal wear and tear or failure to follow manufacturer’s use or care instructions.

    Subject to the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law, DJMed excludes, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all liability in respect of loss of profit or other economic loss, direct or indirect or consequential, special, general or other damages or other expenses or costs which may include negligence.

    Please contact us with details of the problem; often these can be easily resolved through communication without the goods needing to be returned. Email support is provided to assist with any technical issues and to minimise on returns.

    Product warranty claims must be returned in the original cartons and with all original pieces, packing materials and relevant manuals and cables(if required), accompanied by a copy of the relevant invoice and RA form and number or credit will be denied. Our typical turnaround time is 3-4 weeks from the day we receive your product at our facility.

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    Important: one product unit per application.

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    Please ensure that any warranty documents are retained at time of purchase - certain manufacturers will not cover warranties without these documents being returned to them. A number of suppliers require the warranty item/claim to be made directly to them rather than through DearJan.com.au. In these instances you will be advised by our customer service team when a claim is made, to return the item directly to the Australian distributor/manufacturer.

    I understand that all items returned during warranty period will be at the customer's expense, return postal costs will be advised at the time of authorisation of the return. A copy of the RA Authority Return Form with Dynamic Supplies’ official RA number must accompany all returns or no credit will be issued. DO NOT RETURN GOODS WITHOUT AN RA NUMBER.

    I understand that in no event shall DJMed Pty Ltd be liable, or in any way responsible, for any damages or defects in the goods which were caused by repairs or attempted repairs performed by anyone other than DJMed or an authorised service provider. This warranty does not apply to any appearance of the supplied goods nor to any supplied goods the exterior to which has been damaged or defaced, which has been subjected to misuse, abnormal service or handling, or which has been modified or altered in design or construction. In addition, the warranty coverage does not apply to defects caused by the supplied goods being subjected to the following; unauthorised modifications or connections, unauthorised opening or repair, repair by use of unauthorised parts, accident, improper care, maintenance and unintended commercial, force majeure, or other acts beyond the reasonable control of DJMed Pty Ltd.

    I understand that in the event your product is not found to be defective or ineligible for return credit for it will be returned to you promptly with signature required service.