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Looking For Tier 1, Australian Dropship Suppliers?

DJM offers dropshipping services to local Australian merchants would like to dropship within Australia from an Austrlian warehouse. So if you’ve been looking for an established supplier for medical, health, aged care and allied health product for your dropshipping business, you’ve come to the right place.

Apply For Your Wholesale Drop Ship Account with DearJane Medical

DJM offers dropshipping services to merchants selling on their own websites, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Trademe, and many more online. We also support a number of very successful partners with offline sales channels.

DJM dropshipping service has no minimum order volume requirements. With fulfillment on demand you do not hold large volume of stock. Essentially we carry all your costs and risk. You get low prices even on small quantities and we take care of logistics, warehousing and delivery.  All you have to do is sell and pocket the difference between wholesale and retail price.

All wholesale dropship account applications are reviewed and approved manually, please allow 5 business days for your review and account setup if approved.

How does wholesale drop shipping work?

  • You collect an order from your customer on your website or in person.
  • Wholesale dropship customers may copy our products specifications and images for the purposes of marketing the products on their website or eBay store. We strongly recommend you write your own product description for your listings.
  • You collect payment from your customer.
  • You place a drop ship order at DearJane Medical with your customer shipping address and only pay our wholesale discount price and pocket the difference.
  • We ship your order to your customer and notify you via email. No communication takes place between us and your customer at any time.

Apply For Your Wholesale Account

  • Complete application form telling us a little about your sales channel.
  • Applications are reviewed manually for industry fit or experience and capacity to make consistent sales.
  • Once your account has been setup, list our products of your choice.
  • Start selling!

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