Cardiology Stethoscope, Single Head

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Exceptional ultra-sharp acoustics in a single head cardiology stethoscope

When looking for a high quality, single head cardiology model stethoscope, look no further. Cardiology Stethoscope outperforms more expensive models and brands.

Cardiology stethoscope was designed to provide top-class medical diagnostics, but for a more affordable price tag.

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Cardiology stethoscope provides an equal standard of quality for a lower price. The Cardiology Stethoscope has a non-chill ring to help ensure patient comfort as well, helping to guarantee a more comfortable and higher quality standard of treatment for both patient and practitioner.

The Cardiology Stethoscope uses a high acoustic, traditional bell and diaphragm design that is combined into a single head chest piece. Without requiring any adjustments or changes, either the bell or diaphragm type piece can be used. Apply with light pressure to listen to bell-type low frequency responses and apply firm pressure to produce diaphragm-type high frequency responses.

This convenience and flexibility is achieved by a rubber gasket engineered into the chest piece that alters the scope of the chest piece to allow for multi-frequency responses. Despite the flexibility and adaptability of this stethoscope, it still achieves exceptionally high acoustics to ensure and guarantee precise information for clear and accurate medical diagnostics. From the first time you use this extraordinary instrument, you will be impressed with its quality engineering and distinctive design.

HIGH PERFORMANCE. The Cardiology stethoscope provides high quality sound conduction, in an affordable price. Reliable and effective use for cardiac patients.

COMFORTABLE. With a non-chill ring, soft-sealing ear piece and flexible tubing, this stethoscope provides comfort and ease of use for the practitioner and the patient.

LATEX FREE. The soft-sealing ear piece and tubing material is latex free. Along with safety, it provides a nice acoustic seal for excellent hearing and a comfortable fit.

EASY TO CLEAN. Tubing material is produced with resistance to skin oils and alcohol to enable longer tube life. Easy to clean with 70% alcohol and less likely to pick up stains.

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Chest piece  Zinc steel alloy
Tube  Binaural assembly
Ear tips  Latex free

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  1. Channdra

    Surprisingly Great. I have to say, I am very impressed by this stethoscope. I purchased this as a spare, but at this price will be buying more. I have always used a Littmann for auscultation of the heart and lungs, but I was astounded to find the acoustics on this were so good.

    The head is heavy, like most cardiology scopes. I find it slipping down towards the direction of the head when I wear it around my neck. The tube is thicker than the Littmann, but that’s no big deal.


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